Install of the Day !


Ok, so Maggie has been on a roll as of late !  I am loving all her recent installations.  We are in year four with her joining Lucy & Co and she is definitely growing as a designer, really building her client base and developing her style.  This office project (and subsequent nursery and little boy's room) turned out just perfect.  I love that she chose paper for the ceiling as oppose to the walls.. why you say? Offices in general can be a little visually "busy" with all that pesky work stuff, so calming down your walls in a neutral can maintain the calm.  But we all want a pretty "home" office, so why not the ceiling !  This paper, another beauty by Lindsay Cowles.  Adding some beautiful lighting and storage with DOORS is a must.  Rounding out the perfect choices - the Stark area rug, love that took... Great job Mags.

This space is T I N Y and she worked it perfectly.  Love.

all photos by mekenzie loli