Install of the Day !

Happy Saturday !

Wrapping up this past week . . . a project I starting working on late summer (see my first post here).  Rena Yang contacted me to help with their second home here in Charlotte.  The Yang Family, owners of Z Wovens in China, come to High Point market several times a year and were really tired of staying in a hotel.  I was thrilled to help them transform this home and bring it more up to date, creating a comfortable and relaxing place to stay when traveling such a long way !   The previous owner, one very tall Robert Parish, was a bit stuck in the 80's and when we got the keys the first thing I did was call Chris Havey, of 1st Class Remodeling to help with the kitchen challenge.

With our initial phase finished in time for their fall visit,  this time they will come back to updated bathrooms and more styling details in the main rooms.

We wanted to use their fabrics on the key pieces of furniture so I made a trip to High Point to their showroom to get the ball rolling.  I quickly decided on a color scheme mixing whites, pale greys and pops of teal and yellow.  This one fabric was my main inspiration . . . mixed with a grey for the sofa.  A mere 2 weeks later they had made it and it was on its way from Shanghai.

With just one initial meeting and a few emails it was game on.  I started at the front door and worked my way through with the design plan.

Let me give you a walk through, pictures tell it all !

The entry area has a very open floor plan into the living area.  This dead space under the stairs was the perfect place to add a sitting area.  I mixed a pair of modern, 3 legged white leather chairs with a more vintage teal rug to anchor that space,  the perfect mix media art by Jan Swanson, a tall floor screen and floor lamp finish off the vignette.   We painted not only the railing, but the steps leading upstairs to create a little more contrasting drama.

Art in this space was key for me and I stopped by Slate Interiors and got really lucky.  These two pieces by Libby Barksdale were the perfect size, color and style for these tall walls.

The open living space needed something dramatic.  Chris installed this amazing floor to ceiling Calacata Silver tile shooting up the fireplace.  My go to Porcelanosa didn't disappoint with their 12 x 35 inch tiles.   Clean, modern and the focal point of the wall.  We also took out the dated side built ins and I worked with Chris to create a more modern look for the built ins.

We added accessories and art on Friday before the shoot and these finishing touches made the room !

Large Mixed Media Art by Keith Keim and fab modern hand-cut city maps by Karen O'Leary (who can create custom piece of your city) are layered on the bookcase.

Art by Charlotte Zweber Chavis

Take a closer look of her work . . . I love all the texture and rich color.

With the dining room I had the opportunity to add pattern to the walls.  We chose a slightly more traditional paper, but mixed it with more modern elements.  The large sideboard and window bench have those modern lines and paired with a new, custom 72" dining table speak to each other perfectly.

But this fixture is one of my favorite pieces.  Stunning.  

I didn't neglect a long side wall leading to the kitchen.  These small, metal bowls hung in a random design add just the needed pop.

The kitchen needed the most work.  Dated, drab, worn and in need of all new appliances.

I brought the black and white back into the kitchen with the back splash, but chose to keep all the other elements white, stainless and clean.

New bamboo blinds on the first floor add just the right about of texture, privacy and uniform look for this modern space.

Another custom dining table paired with T back upholstered chairs.

Chris did such a great job refacing all these cabinets and completely designing and building this new island.  I wanted it large and long and he delivered with it's gas cook top, stone counter top, gorgeous new vent and seating for 4.  I supplied the back splash from Porcelanosa and new lighting fixtures.  What a transformation !

Kinda jealous and want this kitchen !

photos by mekenzie france

Have to say . . . it's come a long way, wonder what Mr. Parsish would think.

Early next week we plan to hit it again with some decorative painting upstairs and a few more details in the guest rooms.

Finishing up an amazing wall paper in the web bar (if it would ever come off back order) and more tile work in the home office, stay tuned !

Such a fun day.

Install of the Day !

Hey There . . .

We also installed Betsy Reid's main living space this week.  I loved working with Betsy and looking forward to heading back out to help her with a little Christmas decorating.  Betsy first learned of us when visiting the March of Dimes Designer House I did, and then came to see my house on the home tour last Spring.   I think she learned I wasn't afraid of color and mixing all sorts of styles.  The eclectic combination of modern, vintage, classic, graphic and organic you'd say is my thing and I know is hers as well !

Take a look at her before shot.  After meeting Betsy and seeing images of some of the pieces in her home she had collected, I knew right away that this builder-beige room was killing her and I wanted to help right away !

The first and main thing she wanted was to replace was her sofa . .  I wanted to give her one similar to mine and I wanted to add a big splash of color . . she was game.

We finished up yesterday  and with Mekenzie in toe took these shots . .  Take a look at the finished product.

photos by mekenzie france

Phase no. 2 . . . taking the new cool grey from the living space into the halls and kitchen and transforming the open concept dining room.  Of course my wheels were spinning when I designed the living space, with thoughts for the dining room as our next project.  

I want to paint her wainscotings a deep peach and add a wall paper chair rail up.  This amazing peacock pattern, which I have done in the black version is such a stunning paper.  The colors are perfect with the combination I used in the family room.  

Being a collector of all things good, I want to paint her mid century dining table black to ground this room and keep it from looking too light and pastel.

I also want to add to long parson style console tables on each side wall with large lamps in a dark color to again ground the room.

She has an amazing photo she took on a trip, similar to this one.  Don't be afraid to layer art on a busy paper !

Looking forward to our Christmas styling and dining room tweaking . . . stay tuned.


Install of the Day !

Hi All . . 

Finished an install the other day at the Erickson's.  Recently I was asked to help Kristine with some details in her dining room and a Master Bedroom overall.    I took a drive out to the lake and came up with a game plan . . . Take a look at the before shots.  

Her dining room was pretty much finished, we added two upholstered hostess chairs, new grass cloth wall paper and I worked to re-style her built ins to give them a little more interest.  Her master was just a little on the beige-blah side, it definitely needed a some color!

In the Master, we started with the bed, a king upholstered with a tall headboard to bring the high ceiling down a bit.  Kristine's colors, in the house, are a soft blue with doses of red, I took that as my color scheme when picking fabrics and accessories.  The carpet left and new hardwoods came in, what a difference.

I wanted to layer textiles.  We recovered her existing chairs with a leather back and fabric front, added a floral curtain fabric and mixed in mirrored side tables with a cream dresser.  With her existing tall boy dresser in wood staying, my goal was to not load up the room with more wood pieces, but give it an eclectic mix of finishes.

Carefully placed accessories add style and just the finishing touch the space needed.

Love the lines of this new dresser.

Now the room pops with color, yet is a little more stylish . . 

Take a look at the re-vamped wall cabinet in her dining room.  What once was a typical white shelf is now painted a silver/green/blue which compliments the new blue grass cloth we added to the walls.  I upholstered the back of the bookcase wall with a graphic pattern fabric, shifted the shelves around and added a lamp.  The doors now have a center glass knob with mirrored back for a little glam.

I think this Brit is happy with the colors and style. 

As we were packing up I noticed this piece right by the front door.  Loved learning with was painted by none other than Prince Charles - how cool is that!

photos by mekenzie france

One down pre-Thanksgiving, four more to wrap up before the turkey comes out and the family shows up, it's crunch time!  Stay tuned for more.