A Pillow or Two Can Make All the Difference !

Hey There . . .

I loved my quickie install today . .  at Rebecca Drendel's.  She's awesome.  Just tweaked her living space a bit.  She had the basics, sofa, rug, chairs and a fab built in we installed at the beginning of the year.  Keith also did a large piece of art not too long ago for over the sofa.  We needed pillows and I wanted to add a new floor lamp.

Sent her a quick design board for a visual on how it could look . . .

She let me have my way today.  I brought over the gorgeous pillows I found to brighten the tan sofa and add that splash of color which really brought Keith's piece to life.  The new floor lamp was just something I had to put in the room, and she loved it !  Hers was fine, just a little small and too traditional with the fab new built in we added.

All of these are available in other color ways !

I love how the look is complete now.

Thanks Rebecca !!

Brighten Up !!

Hi Blog lovers . . .

While in NY recently I spent some time in the Osborne and Little Showroom at the D&D Building on the East Side.  What drew me in was this front room !  I took this picture to keep on my phone to remind me of a relatively new collection I was shown by my rep Molly not too long ago.    I love this collection . . . and wanted to share . . .

When she came by I fell in love with the particular pattern !

Could you not just live in this room !

photo credit - Osborne and Little

Take a look at a few coordinating fabrics I would throw in . . .

This is another group of fabrics and papers in the collection . . . how pretty together !

I recently worked on a design board for a client using the entire collection . . .

Light, airy, just clean and crisp . . .
Give me a call or email and I will be happy to source for you, or create a room full !

Ode to Eames . . .

Hey there . . .

I have been working on a lot of boy's rooms lately and in an effort to come up with a quirky, out-of-the-box side chair, I came across this DYI project and it catch my attention . . .

Collect those old skateboard, find a cheap base, get some vinyl, call your upholster - Done - and aren't you cool !

Remind of you anything ? !


Houzz Guest Post !!

Hi Everyone.  . .

I am a fan of Houzz . . aren't you?!   If you are unfamiliar, check it out.  Their site is filled with inspiring images and ideas to add to that design file in your head. . .

I was contacted about featuring a room or two of mine on their site (July 18).. thanks guys ! My guest post today, with Becky, is all about Tailored Bohemian  . . my look of choice ! Loving her thoughts and images and wanted to share . . . .

Hello everyone! My name is Becky and I'm a contributor at Houzz, a home design site focused on helping design professionals and homeowners manage the remodeling and decorating process. Thanks so much to Beth for having me!

Beth asked me to pull a few pictures that had a bohemian feel but were also tailored. I really like this idea, as sometimes one's "bohemian" room can tend to become a messy hodgepodge of stuff. Now more than ever, people are expressing their individual style via unique objects that fall under "bohemian," yet they are integrating them into thoughtful, pulled-together rooms. The key is in composition, balance and editing. Here's a peek at three rooms that have reigned in bohemia while maintaining a unique look.

While this beach house is typical shingled Nantucket on the outside, Workshop/apd, Jonathan Adler, and Parisian designers Jean-Marie Massaud and Daniel Pouzet created a unique and stimulating interior by carefully collecting and composing an eclectic mix of styles. The bright colors, bold textures and exotic pieces bring in the bohemian look, yet thanks to a thoughtful eye — or rather, eyes — the room remains tailored. Every piece serves a functional purpose, so the wild mix-and-match look still feels clean in this open-concept living area.

Sometimes Tilton Fenwick's gorgeous designs remind me of Grey Gardens in reverse; I can envision this scrumptious bedroom crumbling around two eccentric Edies 50 years from now with their unique stylish flair still shining through peeling wallpaper and stuffing coming out of the chaise longue.

While the mix of patterns, textures and eras gives this room bohemian flair, the straight lines (rug, mantel, frames) and lack of clutter keep things tailored.

Thom Filicia has a way of mixing styles and including a hint of bohemia. This somewhat sparse bedroom is full of character thanks to very careful curation. The nightstand has funky midcentury style (check out those spiky brass legs!), the pottery has a retro-northern California feel and the white metal anglepoise lamp adds some interesting futuristic style. Filicia keeps everything tailored by using a crisp white hotel-style duvet and strictly limiting the number of objects in the room.

Find more inspiration from New York architects and designers and more design professionals at Houzz.

Thanks Becky,  Lily, Vanessa and the Houzz team !


Blue Ridge Chic . . .

Howdy.. .

All this mountain talk got me thinking about Mountain Chic !

Ok, so I will never be this tall or look this good in my mountain gear . .  I am talking about the look, the interior look, mountain chic.  For me the look is rustic, a bit vintage, a bit modern, a bit quirky.

I am working on a new project for my clients Scott and Melanie Freeman (and their three girls), not actually in the mountains, but on a beautiful piece of property set back off the road, pond and all, here in Charlotte.   We are working on their new family room. . .

Aiming to combine rustic with the clean, edgy look of modern.  It can be done and here's how I plan on achieving this look, with the help of The Salin's Group.  Ben and his team are on board to transform the structural space, raise the roof, add the beams, floors and built ins.  My job is to add the details to finish the space.  Ben Collins is one of my favorite general contractors here in Charlotte.  One of his projects, which I posted on May 20th "Great Style on Colville Road" was perfection.  This time around, he is working with the look of the current home focusing on the family room addition (formerly the garage), an exterior living space, and a new garage apartment.  Rustic Chic for sure.

Take a look at the design board . . 

I started with the "rock bed" rug.  A mix of different shades of grey - nubby and soft.  Over top of a wide plank dark wood floor, the cool grey tones will pop and create a clean, sharp - yet "rustic" look.  Layering in a dark, distressed leather sectional (with a more modern arm style) and iron and stone end table and "tree-stump" center coffee table.  I love the whimsy of the leather bench with deep legs.  And yes, planning to toss in a lucite bubble chair and "tree" wall paper in black and white for a little whimsy.

And this is a must !

Installing later this summer, to include an exterior lounge area, stay tuned for the finished product!

I checked out my inspiration files and came across this Elle Decor article I saved. .  The Peak of Rustic Chic.  The entire look I find warm, clean, sleek yet cozy.  I found this, of course, after I starting working on my thoughts for the Freeman project, but seeing this space, it confirmed in my mind I was going in the right direction.

Take a look.

This is my favorite.  The horizontal planking instantly changes the look from cottage to more modern.  Don't be afraid of the dark tones either.  With the right lighting and pop colors, there is nothing to fear.  The set up is similar to what we are trying to achieve at the Freeman's.  The TV wall in the design Ben is working on is actually hidden storage for an even cleaner, clutter free look.

Take a look at the ceiling in this exterior space.  Love it.
I love that this article also showed these great bunk built ins.  In the garage apartment, we are incorporation our own as well . . .

Great article !
Photography by Miguel Fiores-Vianna for Elle Decor

Another inspiration article I found is the work of Architect D. Stanley Dixon and Designer Nancy Warren in the North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains.  Featured in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Located in Cashiers, it's a perfect example of a sophisticated mountain retreat.  Again, I love the grey tones.  These colors blend in so nicely with the scenery.

The horizontal planking . . . love it.

And check out the bit of check fabric in the pantry.  Typical mountain . .  perfect.

Photography by Emily J. Followill 

Get your rustic chic on. .


Oh . . to be a kid again . . .

Hey there . . .

Summer isn't summer without doing those memorable, familiar things you did as a kid.  The family trips to those places close to your heart.  The sights and smells that calm you and make you want to just turn it all off for a bit . . . I felt that way yesterday.  Dropped off my 8 year old for her first of what I am sure will be years to come of summer bliss ... camp.  I went to Rockbrook, and so did my mom.  "In the Heart of the Wooded Mountains" and it is.  Old school.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, has changed, that's what is so special about it.  The old wood cabins - smelling a bit mildewed, the green dining hall chairs, the mountain laurel everywhere, the creeks winding around the rock steps up to "Deeducky" (a.k.a the bathroom), stacked canoes and the archery bullseye.  I was killing me to leave . . . and I don't mean her, I mean leave. . . I wanted to stay myself.   She's the kind of kid that will eat it all up and love every minute, wondering why I didn't sign her up for a month (maybe next year).

There is something special about the mountains.  We stayed in Brevard the night before the drop off (of course she wanted to be early to get that top bunk!) Brevard is that kind of mountain town where everything slows down.  Main Street is filled with galleries, sofa shops, and oddities, the White Squirrel Festival and Brevard College.

 The Sunset Motel was my choice for something close and quirky to stay.  A classic "roadside" motel, newly saved and renovated back to it's 50's glory.  It was filled with new campers coming in for the drop off and people just wanting to get away to hike the mountains.  With a drive thru fried chicken joint across the street, and walking distance to real milkshakes and pickled green tomatoes who could ask for anything more.

Had the day to visit DuPont State Park.  If you haven't been, it's worth the trip.  Home to Hooker Falls, Triple Falls and High Falls (and for you Hunger Game fans - it was filmed there -  Lucy was into that)  Take a look at the pretty sights . .

In the morning the drop off was made . . . one happy girl!

Have fun my little camper . . you are made for this . . .

Unlike some . . . taken from the NY Times . .  (so funny)
See you in two weeks !