Install of the Day !

Hi There !

Dream client.  It's been a pleasure working on this home with this amazing client since 2015.  We did a huge install back then while they were on Summer vacation, yep.  They left town so we could do our thing while they were gone (see that post here and amazing images here).  But why such a dream?  Trust .. no. 1 and with that come a delightful design, and a perfect install.  This one was no exception.  While a lot smaller than the big install of 2015, we were in and out in about 2 hours.  Done.  Well thought out and with all the details prior of course.  This room we tweaked back then, but this couple decided they wanted new doors and more light coming though this space !  Yay... so while they were moving on that I begged to have the entire fireplace place wall reworked. 

Where did we start?  This sofa.  A Market find.  Had to have it.  Loved the pattern.  It worked well with what we had done prior.  It was fresh and light.  Comfort wise - pretty great too.

Flanking the old fireplace were two short wood cabinets with overhanging bookcases and the fireplace itself was you typical wood mantle type.  We took all that out.

Enter the new concrete tile fireplace, very sleek and simple and two new free standing, custom made cabinets.  I love working with Jacob of 2dash1.  He is so detail oriented and well, we just get each other.    He created these side cabinets and floating shelves for us.  With new Addison Weeks hardware and very simple styling, the look is clean and simple.

Enter the rug.  I have to admit I paused a bit on layering this pattern with the sofa, but it ended up perfect.  Atop a new coffee table with brass detail.

Simple pillows in the same color tones, yet another pattern, but it all worked.

These new doors were a game changer in this space.  The light is amazing now.

Just behind is the kitchen, nothing fancy but a new island with new top and a huge vintage dough bowl.  

Step through those big, new doors a new outdoor space.  

Such a pretty view from inside as well.

photos by Mekenzie Loli

I just love all the new intros to this house just as much as I love these clients !

Thanks all !!


Big Doings Coming Down the Pike in 2020

Hi There !

I can't believe it's 2020.  I can remember not too long ago thinking about my girls turning 16 and 21 and that year is here.  What happened !  To celebrate those two big milestones I have been planning a summer trip back over to Europe, Ireland / London / Paris.  The planning part is one of my favorite things to do.  I'm a planner, the hotels, the side trips, cools restaurants and as many must sees as I can discover.   This past year was so busy we didn't really go anywhere big so really looking forward to making the trip this year ! I have been really fortunate to be able to travel with my girls and show them the world a bit.   My parents moved us to Ireland when I was a teen and while there we traveled as much as we could so my biggest goal as a Mom was to be able to do the same for my kids.  So... the planning I love.

Planning, planning, planning is something I do on daily basis.  All these homes I am working on are in my head daily and I would be lying if I said I shut it down at night.  I think about all the details on each and everyone one constantly.

This biggest one is coming up in February.   A new build on Radcliffe,  here in Charlotte.  Cannot wait. Having pretty much "free-rein" on the design so I am loving everything!  We are painting this week which always means the end is in sight.  Long time client with a lot of trust.  Lately I have been obsessing over the details, art and accessories mainly.  The big stuff is done and easy.. it's all the little things that really pull it together.  (see earlier post here on some of the details)

Stay tuned !

Two other projects will go into motion around the same time.  We are finalizing the design at the moment but it's game on shortly !

The first is a gorgeous house in the Foxcroft neighborhood.  Wide open with lots of winding hallways, and interesting spaces all designed in a U shape overlooking a fabulous pool.  

One of my favorite spots is right at the front entry.  You step up into the dining room and then can wander back towards a sitting room and master and to the right a large kitchen, scullery and family room.  The goal for this dining room, a table that seats 10-12.  I started with a large 72" square with matching chairs on the sides, bench on the back and different chairs on the front.  We are working with Josh now to come up with a table top shape that keeps you from feeling too far across from each other daily, my client's request after reviewing these boards.

Also plan to create a similar but different chandelier that wanders, visually across the space and table.  We created this one not too long ago and I always like to change it up for each client.

Love the mixture of styles !

And need some good art for the niche visible right when you enter !  Pondering all that.

Have a powder room to work on as well.  Created 3 designs . . . all very different in feel.

The first having a fabulous wall paper, keeping the current sink and sconce.

The second option introduces a killer Walker Zanger Tile.

And the third option is a cement tile and more organic, casual elements.

Just off the dining room is a sitting room that I would never leave.  Cozy and close to the master bedroom.

The goal here is a comfortable chaise, interesting paper and simple desk.  

While the master bedroom might wait until phase 2, I did a design anyway.  Ok so I just did these pendants in a recent install, I FELL IN LOVE with them and wanted them to have an encore.  With floating side chest and a long upholstered headboard I am really digging the clean look.

Ron Royals, a photographer I adore showed this piece of art at last market.. really want to use !

With a love of Scandinavian furniture we are playing with the breakfast area using black and simple.  Starting off with this, but I am sure we will end up with a black table. 

The scullery needs some love.  A new tile back splash and floating shelves.

Lastly the back family room... needing everything. Rug, sofas, chairs.  Playing with all the options I chose for this room will be fun as we do tend to love the same things !

Another project in the works as well is just across the street from the Radcliff project.  How convenient !  Older house needing interior face lift for sure.

I love that they want a little punch in the foyer with this fan favorite F. Schumacher wall paper.

We are going with a dark charcoal in the dining room but brightening it up with art and curtains, a light stone top table and chairs... Love this space.

The front living room will repurpose some of their current pieces with new additions.

Now the kitchen... good layout and bones but need to deal with the kitchen cabinets.  

There are three ways to go with kitchen cabinets.  (1) Replace (2) Spray the right way (3) Brush.  Waiting for the quote to come in from Fine Grit on painting them the correct way !

Love owner (and her crew's) work.  Katie is a perfectionist and if you want you cabinets to come to life, she's the one to do it.

With a great entrance to the back porch we are placing a small banquette and round table just under the window for a little breakfast area.

The master, as well as our other project will be a phase 2 project, but worked on the look.  I tend to get into it !

So one big install coming up in February and two others in between.  Starting off the year with some good looking projects !