The Stylish Bookcase . .

Howdy . . .

Having recently been to markets I have seen all sorts of clever and new ideas.  So looking forward to incorporating new things into upcoming installs.  We designers do get bored of the same ole thing and want to have each project we do be fresh and unique.

I love this .  .  and what took so long to think of it !

There's a talent to accessorizing bookcases . . they can make such an impact if done correctly !

My tips for a stylish bookcase . . .

One .   The key is in the layering.  From front to back adding elements of various heights.  Don't forget you can move the shelves around . . .  taking some out, or moving to tighten them up.

Two .  Mix in similar colors to include the spines of your books (and please save the paperbacks for shelves with doors - not so pretty).  Try books  horizontally with a piece of pottery or a frame on top.  You can use your horizontal books as "bookends" for your vertical ones.

Three.  Similar frames and keep them large.  You should keep those frames in similar styles and color.  Now this is all me, but I like either all back and white or all color photos, not mixed together.  I also like to be able to see those photographs at a distance, save the small pictures for a coffee table book or album.

Four.  Mix in art, propped or hung on the back wall.

Five.  Paint or paper the back of your bookcase for a contrast.

Six.  Add a lamp or two but please hide those cords.

Bookcases can be such a statement !

Don't Forget Your 5th Wall !

Hey There . . .

When I was at the Kips Bay Designer House one of my favorite things were the custom hide rugs I found in three of the rooms.  Gorgeous !  I have always  loved the texture of hides and these rugs are truly amazing works of art.

Take a look at the patterns and colors available from Kyle Bunting - pretty spectacular !


Just A Day in the City . .

And lastly . . . 

We didn't have a lot of time on this trip, and hate to say it did rain a bit, but we had one gorgeous day to  run around.  Bree, Mekenzie and I were just happy to be there.  When Mekenzie and I looked at our pictures from the trip it was funny how many of the same things we saw !  Thought we'd share . . .

View from our rooms at the Ace Hotel.
Loved staying at the Ace this trip . . very cool

The Met's Punk:  Chaos to Couture exhibit splashed over into the windows at Bergdorf's, as usual, spectacular 

an afternoon in the park . . .

and . . a fun new find Jung Lee, across from the Ace.  So new the site isn't up yet, but will be

photos by Mekenzie France and moi

ICFF Manhattan 2013

Hi All . . .

The main reason for our trip to the big city was the ICFF Spring show.  This is a small show filled with the newest and most unique accessories, wall papers, and furnishings.  I go every year and this year, was no exception.  I always come across something special.  Take a look at a few new finds.

These are custom door pulls (with a really big lady lamp in-between that's just cool)

Outdoor furniture finds

Vases and accessories

Love the snake leg side table and always see the house - o - corrugated cardboard.  

This was my favorite find.  LOVE this new wall paper introduction... 

Newest from Phillip Jeffries

Acoustic wall panels . . . fun

More interesting and unique outdoor furniture

Just funny

Stopped to see my vendor Eskayel and show off a few pictures of resent installs where I have used their papers

photos by Mekenzie France