Install of the Day !

Hey !

Out of town installs have their share of challenges, but this one went off without a hitch (thanks to Bree).  Everything arrived on time, no damage, and our delivery men . . . were awesome.  Having just gotten home from California, it was nice to just jump a plane to DC and meet the drivers, no drama !

Not too long ago Eve Besant contacted me to help with her first floor - paint colors, dining room, kitchen, breakfast room, family room, home office, with phase two to include living room and master.  I was up for it and with her excitement I couldn't help but want to pull it off as fast as I could.

Deciding to mix a little business with pleasure, I brought Keith along for this install, being that it was our Anniversary and his big 40th birthday, we went up a day before and stayed a day after.  Having not been in D.C. since my 8th grade field trip, I did a little planning.  The W was a must stay, with it's killer decor, and proximity to all the my must sees.  Flew up early for a day in the city and dinner in the Adams Morgan neighborhood to celebrate two milestones.  Cool hotel, with a great view of the Memorial and a block or two from the White House !

As usual, I loved the lobby design.  Modern, fresh, and with a funky spin on history.  Check out a few details.

We had the most amazing dinner at Mintwood Place in the Adams Morgan part of town.

. . . and walked around a bit.

Also our first day, hit a few of the sights.  It was just nice to relax for a day and stroll around.

So Wednesday morning we met our delivery guys at the house to get rolling on the install.  We had several rooms to pull together.

Eve, and her husband Greg started their design plan with paint and a sofa for their family room.  When we first met, I learned she was an avid Houzz follower and fell in love with the color I painted my own living room, Ben Moore #727 Calypso Blue.  She actually started there.  Color changes everything, but really should be done last.  My challenge was to incorporate that color, with their  brown sofa and carry a theme throughout the house.  I started in the back room by filtering in a rug, lamps, pillows and two new chairs.  I worked my way forward to the entry dining room (and future plans for the living room) then tied in the kitchen and breakfast room.  The main color theme peacock blue.  About a month ago, I flew up to measure everything and we decided to include the home office as part of this install.  I quickly learned she was not afraid, and loved mixing in wall papers - so we did !

Take a look at all the wallpaper, fabric and rug patterns we mixed together.

This entry rug was a last minute find that combined all her existing furniture, her new furniture, windows, wall paper and paint colors.

Now when you enter the home the dining room to the right has new peacock grass cloth on the walls, gorgeous window treatments, an over sized chandelier, large dining table and new chairs.  A large area rug (odd size) was pulled in.  You have to either have it made of find a great carpet to cut and bind when you have an odd size... but it's most important to have adequate space off the chairs and around the room.  With this young family, this distressed dining table is perfect for big gatherings without worrying about scratching or damage !

Traveling back into the peacock painted family room with carmel sofa.  We added new pillows, curtains, rug, chairs, console, and lamps.  Ruby watched and enjoyed all the fluffing.

I love this new Harlequin fabric, we decided to run horizontally on the windows.  The crisp white brightened the deep walls and added softness.

Eve's space now looks more pulled together with the new rug, pillows, console table with new lamps and two new deep occasional chairs.

Lots of art in saturated colors did the trick.

Two different window treatments, panels in the family room and a roman in the kitchen.

The kitchen space adjoins the family room.  We brightened the walls with a fresh coat of white paint, but carried the teal floral onto the windows.

We added a wall gallery as well as a new dining table, bench and chairs.

It was such a fun couple of days in D.C.  Having time to accomplish the install and have a few days together just enjoying the city !

Looking forward to phase 2, and this time around Mekenzie you must go!  My photography doesn't do this space justice!!!

Happy Friday.


Install of the Day, Part No.2

Hey . . 

Ok yes, still on plane and completely restless.  So I forgot to add Lori's Powder Room to the last post. We overhauled this tiny space as well when we were working on the home office.  Decided to take out the existing vanity and have this made.  Thank you Chris Havey, love it !  Added new wall paper and new sconces . . .

Just a tweak or two can really transform a space.  The top of this vanity was pretty, it was just the base that wasn't thrilling either of us.  Chris made this very simple cabinet, with a detailed foot.  WE then added molding in a gold leaf - that's what takes it from simple to something a little special.

Take a look !

Loving a pretty powder room.

Install of the Day !

Hola . . 

Maggie and I are on US Air at this very moment heading to La Jolla, CA to meet with a new client.  I thought, with 4 hours to kill  I'd post the pics Mekenzie shot this morning.  We are also working on another job all while seated here in seats 12b and c.  Long flight, we are getting a ton done !

Back to the post . . . . So it all started with my client wanting to turn her front, unused living room, into a home office . . . That turned into  - face lifting the whole downstairs to put on the market . . . Then that turned into - purchasing nicer things that would work in a new house . . . Then that turn into  - we're staying now. (check out my earlier post here with all the design boards and plans to come).

We just completed the original "job" and will soon complete the family room, kitchen and dining room, but I thought I'd give you a look so far. 

We found this beautiful tryptic not too long about at market.  We decided to flank the wall with the same sconces I recently did for another client in silver.  Love the gold version equally !

I love all the pattern and color Lori was game for in this office / lounge I created and Bree and Maggie installed or me the other day.   Lori loves a little purple and I loved mixing it with a blue/grey and a splash of yellow.  This grass cloth gave the room a ton of texture and warmed as did the windows and rug.  Take a look at the finished project Mekenzie shot for me today !

A new wood and metal bookcase, and stacked horn lamp.

This new harlequin fabric is high on my favorite list at the moment.

New desk and sideboard to store printer, cable and Internet.

Gorgeous piece by Windy O'Connor I found at Hidell Brooks.  

Maddie seemed pleased, or just wanted us out. . .

all photos by Mekenzie France

Just killed an hour...  now what . . . I get so anxious . . .just want to land and have a cocktail on our balcony overlooking the beach !!!

Happy Friday !