Inspired by Culture and Color, Upcoming Install !

 Hi There . .

Influenced by different cultures and incorporating pieces with an ethnic vibe not only give a space a collected feel, it adds so much interest and uniqueness.   Trending at the moment - tribal, a little dose from Africa.  Moroccan touches are filtering in rooms as well, along with treasures from India.  I am in love with the eclectic look with a feeling of history and travel.

I have a new couple who asked for help with their master bedroom.  Half of this duo hails from India. She wanted her culture present in this space.   A large room with high ceilings and, at the moment, beige walls with a pretty bed,  great bookcase and a teal sofa.  Also in the space, a rug I needed to work around.  The colors - mint, peach, teal, and a touch of rust.

It was fun working on this design board, infusing the culture of my client with touches of India and Morocco.   I worked on an eclectic space loaded with pattern and texture to compliment the rug and have the Indian feel my client so wanted.

Take a look at the pieces I needed to incorporate in my plan.

I started on the bed wall.  A large king size upholstered bed with wood trim resting on this oushak rug.  In this space I created several focal points, each wall in fact, as oppose to just the bed wall.  I brought in a wall paper with a large scale, gold medallion pattern.  In my mind, and without full knowledge of Indian culture and heritage, it's shapes and detail reminded me of the amazing carved art piece my client owns.  I am seeing a lot of precious metal incorporated in the culture, so the gold tones brought that in.  Two matching bedside tables with jewel like knobs and gold corner detail.  The lamps, more modern in shape to bring in the teal of her existing sofa.

The bedding, an off white Moroccan Wedding Blanket and dark peach velvet pillows mixed with an embroidered pillow with the perfect combination of teal, mint, taupe and cream to coordinate with the rug.

The window wall is also a focal point.  My client's sofa purchase needed to be incorporated.   

I plan on painting the remaining three walls the field color of the accent wall paper, yet punch up the entire room with a mint, gloss ceiling and these dramatic window treatments, pillows, lighting and side table.

Opposite the bed, another focal wall.  This tall and wide Henredon etagere fills the wall but lacks accessorizing.  My goal here is to bring in pieces my client has collected, and well as a few new ones creating one large "art wall" of beautiful sculptures, art and textiles.  Flanking the bookcase, two framed "torans" in a more vibrant mint stitched on peach burlap.  

I love all the detail on this wall.

The last wall in the room, to the right of the bed, a grouping of Priya's collected art.

Another thing I love about this space is it's own "foyer."  It's the perfect small space to include in the design and give it it's own beautiful look.  Incorporating another wall paper in the same tans and gold, yet with a large pattern floral.  Over top, a carved piece of art in my client's collection and two gold mirror which will introduce you to the feel on the wall paper you are walking in to.

The floor isn't neglected either.  A more modern rug in mint and taupe defines the space and a bench along the wall with a new cushion in a velvet tribal pattern.

After I created all these boards, we met and for the most part all was good !  We decided to go with my back up option of wall paper for the space behind the bed.  This paper did change what we wanted to do on the windows.  Take a look at how one paper can really change a look.

This fabric, new from Zoffany is simply gorgeous and Pyria fell in love with it.  It worked perfectly with the area rug and wall papers.

It was not only a fun and collaborative meeting with Pyria the other day, I learned a thing or two more about her culture.  My framed toran idea on the bookcase wall . . . well apparently they are sold on every corner and about a $1.00 - so we ditched them !

Cannot wait to install later this month !