Install of the Day !

Hey there . . . 

Wrapping up my posting of favorite installations and getting ready for 2023.  Did not want to leave out this fun room !  A sunroom make over mixing pattern on pattern for a bright an airy get away at home !

We don't just do full houses or complete new builds.  I often get called upon to transform a room or two or to freshen up, or simply a color consult.  It can be a nice break to create a little space and watch it all come together.

Sometimes the smallest of changes are the biggest !

We started with a little update to the foyer with art and benches - simple.  

The biggest change was this room.  New wallpaper, painted ceiling, new furniture pillows, art and rug  - well all of it.

I love this space.  It's cheery.  The patterns are great together.  I particularly love the black, white and yellow combo.  I have it myself and it's always been a favorite.  This rug has always been a good one.  You can absolutely mix your patterns.. go for it. !

Is this not the coolest side table.

all photos by mekenzie loli

So I took a few instagram shots along the way . . . remember to follow us here !

Perfect switch plate matching, and a close up of one of my favorite chairs.

We also installed a few things in the living room while we were at it . . .

Style up the kitchen and welcomed . . . at the time Kade !  He's been around now for a while and I don't know what I'd do without him !

Just a little post I didn't leave out !

Install of the Day !

 Hi There !

One of the last of the 2022 installs was the home of a young couple who bit the bullet and pulled the trigger on a home in need of a big renovation but in the perfect neighborhood (and close to my office so I loved that) !  A lot of the homes near Latta Park here in Charlotte are brick bungalows, built in the 30's and 40's  and renovated in maybe the 90's, this was one of them.  Amazing bones and character.  I love older homes with plaster walls, I have one so I know how they work !  Most don't have a huge open floor plan, but  renovated at some point and pushed out the back.  This home had a larger than normal back area, but with a very dated kitchen.  That was our biggest part of the project, but it then bleed throughout the entire house !

They loved color and pattern so we incorporated just that while keeping the kitchen light and simple.

Take a look as I walk you though !

The curve at the front door we all thought was perfect for a little pop of paper and I got really lucky with the area rug, perfect size and color pulled from the other rooms.  

Just to your right the dining room.  I love a dark dining room so I got my way with that popping it with this amazing piece of art by Wendy Westlake through Shain Gallery.  Along with the art, the white custom dining table by one of my favorite artists Josh Utsey !  How fun is the Stark rug custom cut to fit - the name "Hippie Beads" did it for me.

It's a beautiful room, fun and casual enough for everyday dining. 

As you walk down the hall you enter the biggest part of the renovation.  The family room and kitchen. All white with all new cabinets and appliances as well as all new furniture.

Comfort, kid friendly fabrics and interesting elements was the name of the game.  I also kept it very bright and white with pops of colors pulled from the other rooms.

This art piece, again from Shain, by Bethany Mabee was the perfect choice !!! I adore it.

Wander through the kitchen with me.  We gutted everything and shifted everything, except maybe the sink!  Flat panel door style mixed with what I call a french shaker (smaller raised detail as oppose to the larger shaker edges).  We mixed painted and a stain in a grey-ish color over white oak so it tied into all the colors yet stood out from the newly refinished floors in a light, natural color.  These floors were all red oak so doing a type of pickling was what had to be done so they didn't turn pink !

We chose a stacked molding on top of the taller pieces and killed the curved crown molding thought the entire space.  The counter top ran up the wall with a small ledge for a few pretty things.

Love how all this turned out .. big shout out to Impact Design for all the cabinet work, Bird Hardware for the pulls and plumbing and their contractor David for making it all happen.

They weren't afraid of wall paper so we added a touch just off the kitchen in this very small little back entry .. but kept it simple.  Had the pleasure of meeting Lori Paranjape (Nashville designer) who created this fun line of paper (here).

Circling back to the front of the house we pulled a deep teal grasscloth paper to pull all the colors together and completely re-did their fireplace with this new modern cast one.  That surround changed the entire look.  Keeping their existing sofa and chairs drove the colors mixed with new ones and it all worked !

I scored styling their new side cabinet, so I am told.  Filled simple with like, yet unique pieces all in white all to pop off the black.  Less is more here but pay attention to the sizes. 

A new chandelier finished off this space !

all photos by mekenzie loli

A long Covid process but worth it all in the end, many thanks as well to the King's and their gorgeous red headed babies !

Install of the Day !

Happy Weekend!

I am spending today looking back at 2022's work and focusing on what's coming up in 2023.  Some fabulous new projects on the books big and small.  But wanted to pause for a minute to reflect.  It's funny, when an install finally happens, I never stop to just look and go wow, it tuned out just as I hoped it would before moving on to the next project.  The past couple of years these new builds have taken so long with the effects of Covid still screwing up our supply chains.  If I hear the word "backordered" one more time I'm gonna lose it.  Things frankly took forever !  

This project was one of my favorites though in that my client's were amazing, the house was amazing and their style was very much mine own, so it was a thrill to install every detail.  It was a close drive from my mountain house in Brevard, NC so gave me an excuse to stay up there more often to check in on the progress.

I was thrilled to also be included in QC's end of summer issue !  Take a look . . . 

See Full Issue (here)

This job was a crazy one, but a good one.   It was a labor of love that's for sure and big shout out and thanks to my Charlotte subs who jumped in and saved the day (I'll leave it at that !). 

Located on the top of a mountain at Lake Toxaway, just shy of 3 hours from Charlotte.. an amazing get-a-way for sure.  You'd find it hard to drag me off that mountain now that it's done.

It was a renovation.  The kitchen and back decks were all bumped out.  In the main living room we relocated the stairs from blocking your view when you wanted in to opening it up for a clear shot to the back porch and breathtaking view !

Everything was refinished, painted, papered and furnished from the entirely new kitchen, mudroom and laundry to all the bedrooms and main living spaces... 

Take a look !

New cedar roof and new paint color BM Iron Mountain.

We carried that color in a stain version inside the entry.  I wanted a semi-transparent stain to let the wood grain show through.  New lighting and mainly a wide open view to outside.

Keeping the original fireplace, we added all new furniture.  A great mix of Sherrill and a few other local vendors.  With the mantle so tall I didn't want a TV installed up so high you had to crane you neck so we decided to rest it on an easel !  Love this so much I want one myself.  A striking piece of art by Ron Royals flanks the other side.  Comfortable leather and boucle in this bright and airy space ! 

Take a look at this amazing banister and spiral stairs !  Your traditional staircase would have killed most of the floor space in the family room so we went spiral.  Thanks to 2dash1 the vision came to life.

I loved pulling all the accessories and details for this project.  Wanted to mix unique finds for sure.  

Art by Ron Royals

As you round the corner into the newly bumped out kitchen the light is amazing.  All new cabinets (by Jacob Wolfe), tile (by Palmetto Tile) , and furnishing with a rustic yet sophisticated vibe.

Decided to do all wood stained cabinets, both a natural stain and a black stain. The counter top is amazing.  Thanks to Eli Orling !

From the kitchen to the back hallway to a small coffee bar and powder room.

A back stairwell boasts a beautiful piece of art I had commissioned by Annaliese of Stone & Strap using all leather pieces.  I took a picture of the deck during the renovation and she created this.  Love Love.

The powder room is papered with a wood grain paper by one of my favorites - Phillip Jeffries, with a new floating cabinet and pretty brass details. 

Even the laundry area is visually yummy... with a straight counter over the washer dryer.  Bright and light filled.  Custom cabinets all by Jacob Wolfe.

The master bedroom on the first floor was all updated with new paint and new furnishings. But look at all these fabulous new windows and doors, transformed everything.   The pendant lights keep the side tables clear and are such a pretty visual.

The bath area was all gutted and renovated as well.  New cabinets, pendant lights and really pretty tiled shower, mixing a distress black and white tile with a little brass strip.

Another art grouping I loved mixing in.. these by Gina Cochran for the perfect little pop down the hallway.

Downstairs "basement" .. not your typical basement .. all new now ! The runner made it, thanks Stark Carpet !

Keeping the original fireplace of course, new windows and all new furniture ..  gorgeous and comfortable furniture by Sherrill.

The bump out of the kitchen included this bump out underneath.  Pool area and bunks.

One of the two bathroom is the basement are a timeless black and white tile.  

And one of the three bedrooms, this one in the basement just next to the lower TV room, perfect for all the kids - "send them downstairs !"

The second floor guest rooms were more for the grown ups.  These two guest rooms have a landing overlooking the family room which joins them with a large dining table, perfect for a large group or a smaller set of puzzle enthusiasts.  Thanks to Jacob for this table as well as the cabinets. 

The first guest room is filled with a custom plaid grasscloth.  I am a huge plaid fan, it can be very rustic but with all the elements we filtered in it's more modern.  A Sherrill king size bed and two yummy velvet chairs pair with a gorgeous inlay side table.

The second bedroom, designed for the family's teen daughter but not so young that it cannot be a guest as well.  We used the last of one of my favorite wall papers (why did they have to disco this killer paper ?!).  A great black grasscloth gives the overall space some serious depth. 

Serious napping room !

all photos by mekenzie loli

All I can say is that it was a dream job ! Thanks to all !!