Not Your Typical Portrait . . .

i recently photographed the kiddos of beth's client megan klein. they were so much fun! many giggles. they even suggested some poses. 

but this one was my idea... they politely obliged...

right before they all jumped...

all photography by mekenzie france

passez une bonne journée!


The End to a Great Weekend !

Hey All . . .

I have been MIA for a few days for one main reason, with the exception of a food-filled Thursday with all the trimmings, I have been so so busy at the office redecorating, re-arranging and reorganizing.  Now that may not sound like a restful Thanksgiving Weekend, but I actually kind of loved it.  It was quite, and I had the place to myself along with the painters and carpenters, looking to keep busy.  The studio is breathing fresh life, new looks, new things, new office space . . I cannot wait to give you a look-see - stay tuned, I am more than half way there! Mekenzie will be moving her studio in next week as well, and we will be creating all sorts of great new things.  With a few new events I will be hosting there and an interested publication - the space needed a face lift !  2013 will be the best ever.   

I came home today at the end of day three of all-day grunt work, took a nap and wandered down the street with the husband and kids to see the live nativity.  Only in my neighborhood do they pull out the real camel !  

Just wanted to share the cuteness !

Yes, that would be his hump. . moving so fast, could hardly catch him !

Hope every one's Thanksgiving was grand.


Baby Surprise !

Hi There!

To kick off my little - bitty break for Thanksgiving I meet up with some neighborhood friends to celebrate their new baby-to-come.  I loved the idea of this party.  It was reveal night at the Wine Palette. Shaun and Erin, my new friends, are a husband / wife team who have joined me at Lucy and Company with their upholstery and carpentry skills and have been great to work with!  I wanted to be there to see the surprise when they opened the ultrasound envelope !

At the Wine Palette here in Charlotte you can paint a little and drink a little.  I knew it was time for a cocktail, but slap a brush in my hand with a drink and you have quite the combination.   The idea was for all their friends and family to help create a piece of art for the future nursery!

Shaun, looking stunned at the news he's having a son !

Nine of us took brush in hand and each painted a square in the overall art piece for the nursery.  A large tree grouping with soft bubble like leaves.  I love the thought and idea they chose.  

So of course when I got home after a long week I starting playing around with a nursery idea or two, as the Atkinson's  are coming down to the showroom on Friday with their family to see what we can create !  Yeah I know - it sounds like more work, but not really,  I love it . . playing around with design boards while watching a movie with the kids calms me down and I am more than happy to help those two!

With the style of their house, a cutesy - theme room is not their look or personality.  I would go graphic overall.  With the new tree painting and tree shelf Erin loves, I would mix in strong and multiple patterns.  Maybe a cornice covered in an old rug, a pouf rather than matching ottoman.  A small metal top table.  Mixing all wood types and contrasting wainscoting to lighten it all up.

Option Two . . . something a little brighter ? 

With this direction, I would paint the wainscoting one shade darker than the walls and find that one killer fabric for the window.  Fill the room with interesting finds old and new, a real eclectic mix.

. . .  Let's see what they think!

Now it's the back deck I go to take a whiff of the "smoke'n" turkey that Keith has going !

Happy Thanksgiving !


Install of the Day !

Hey There . . .

This was a big install.  Yesterday I was over at Jen Dyer's, installing their sunporch, family room and dining room.   I have a grand plan for the first floor and it made my day to see these rooms come together in time and on schedule for the holidays. I did a post on their Colonial Williamsburg style home at the end of August when I completed the front living room ... ready to see  the rest of the first floor ? ! 

Take a look at the sun porch.  Jen and I agree it's our favorite room. . . so pretty !

A long narrow room with tons of big windows letting the light flow in !  Karen and Amy did such a beautiful job with our window treatments.  This fabric (available at Lucy and Company) blended the gold and blues front the front of the house to the back.  We recovered her existing sofa and two chairs, added two new chandeliers, a breakfast table with her chairs and a new vinyl upholstered bench.  If you haven't been Campbell's Nursery, you must. The owner,  Jessie saved the perfect Figgle Fig tree for my install today.  The room was screaming for live green !  These trees are easy to care for, tall and impressive.  Please keep the greenery live people.

Accessories completed the room.  They always do and pull off a finished and complete look !

Could you not just hang in this room all afternoon !  Love how it turned out. 

 If you read the back story, this entire project and it's colors all started in the dining room with a rug.  I was to work around that and the colors in that rug are filtered throughout the entire first floor.
Reds, blues and golds, perfect for this style home and works with their traditional style.  Take a look at the finished dining room.  A large, very traditional space with timeless pieces.  I love that Jen let me edge it up a bit with the mirror over the mantle ! 

All dressed up for Thanksgiving.

Take a look back to the front living room I completed over the summer.  

The front living room opens into the new den (and further into the new sun porch).  The Dyer's painted this family room gold prior to pulling me in to help.  I wanted it all to tie back to the dining room rug and think we pulled it off in a bright, fresh way.

In the family room I kept the red club chairs and worked around those with a new blue sectional.  This tight back is layered with occasional pillows pulling in the reds, blues and golds.

I hung an original piece by Marcy Gregg over the fireplace.  Visually that piece complements both this room and the sunporch just through the french doors.

(all photos by beth keim)
So when coming up with a plan for your entire downstairs that opens from one room to another, really think your furniture and colors as a whole.  Now I created these design boards to help my client visualize and was lucky enough to have such a trusting client who let me just go with all the accessories and finishing touches to complete the look !  I tweak and change things a bit in the moment but I have a plan I follow and these boards help.

So happy it all came together in time to enjoy with company coming in !


Blogshop Atlanta

greetings from a travel weary photographer! beth recently went to blogshop in nyc. she loved it so much, she sent me! this weekend i went to atlanta for blogshop: a two day mind-racking, head-slapping, "why didn't i know this for the past ten years?!" photoshop bootcamp for bloggers. let's just say it was fantastic! a phoblographer's dream class in a dream setting...

big studio atlanta: where blogshop was held. photos courtesy of big studio atlanta
Bri and Angela, teachers of blogshop, gettin' comfy on lunch break
what a space for class!
angela photographing our headshots, one of my classmates hard at work
perfect light in big studio atlanta
i love everything in this building!
what blogshop is complete without a smilebooth?!
play, work, what's the difference?!
angela, bri and i after day 2. whew! 

(photography by mekenzie france)

many many thanks to angela and bri for sharing their talent, spreading their knowledge and giving me all those new wrinkles in my brain this past weekend! it was a blast!

check out angela and bri's amazing work at: 


passez une bonne journée!