Not Your Typical Portrait . . .

i recently photographed the kiddos of beth's client megan klein. they were so much fun! many giggles. they even suggested some poses. 

but this one was my idea... they politely obliged...

right before they all jumped...

all photography by mekenzie france

passez une bonne journée!


Blogshop Atlanta

greetings from a travel weary photographer! beth recently went to blogshop in nyc. she loved it so much, she sent me! this weekend i went to atlanta for blogshop: a two day mind-racking, head-slapping, "why didn't i know this for the past ten years?!" photoshop bootcamp for bloggers. let's just say it was fantastic! a phoblographer's dream class in a dream setting...

big studio atlanta: where blogshop was held. photos courtesy of big studio atlanta
Bri and Angela, teachers of blogshop, gettin' comfy on lunch break
what a space for class!
angela photographing our headshots, one of my classmates hard at work
perfect light in big studio atlanta
i love everything in this building!
what blogshop is complete without a smilebooth?!
play, work, what's the difference?!
angela, bri and i after day 2. whew! 

(photography by mekenzie france)

many many thanks to angela and bri for sharing their talent, spreading their knowledge and giving me all those new wrinkles in my brain this past weekend! it was a blast!

check out angela and bri's amazing work at: 


passez une bonne journée!


Spotlight: Diane Hughes

Hi There . . .

Diane Hughes and I go way back . .  11 years I think.  Diane photographed my wedding.  I recently went by her place for a new headshot and to take a look at some new things she was doing- it was a fun afternoon . . 

She has such a thoughtful eye and creative nature.   She creates mixed media photography that reflects her passion for nature.  The physical power and symbolic wisdom of "Trees" have become an enduring source of inspiration in her photographic work.  She is drawn to the strength, rawness, textures, shape and human-like depth of older trees.  She uses the core image in black and white and then obscures the image with organic materials such as tea, dirt, raw vegetable juice and oils and vinegars with the goal of creating colors and textures.  She aims to explore new materials and modes of creating texture.  Her portraits, are uniquely captivating, expressive and revealing.  

Recently we got together to take a few new head shots.   I love this image she managed to capture !

all images by Diane Hughes

Diane Hughes received a BFA in Graphic Design from Southampton College in New York.  She has exhibited her work in North Carolina and New York and has had her photography published in Great Unknowns: An Exquisite Collection of Black and White Photography.

Diane Hughes
2008 Club Road
Charlotte, NC  28203

Feel Good Accessories

Hi There . . 

I love the bohemian look.  I love mixing in mis-matched things in my living space.  I have this hippie side to me.  In the process of re-decorating our offices, we have just received a few items to filter in.

These pillows, throws, trays and bowls I find gorgeous !  All hand made and unique - I wanted to give you a preview . . 

All available at www.lucyandcompany.com

photos by mekenzie france

All perfect for that finishing touch !


Getting Holiday Ready . . . and New Digs !

Hey . .

Get a jump on the Christmas cards this year . . . Mekenzie is scheduling photo shoots for the season.  Yesterday she spend time with my clients the Strouds and got some beautiful shots !

To schedule your shoot, give us a call at 704.342.6655 or you can contact Mekenzie directly here.

Come January she will be moving her studio inside Lucy and Company !  I am so excited to have her in the building !  As we re-decorate, re-arrange, move around, and bring in new ideas and designs, we will be creating a space for scheduled shoots!  So happy to have her in-house.

Soon to be located at:

1009 East Boulevard
Charlotte. North Carolina  28203



Road Trip to Nashville ... Part 2

Hi. . .

While in Nashville we headed over to the Franklin neighborhood to have lunch and check out the local shops and sights.  We came across Haven  - Sanctuary of Style and were immediately drawn in.  This boutique was not only beautifully designed . . . t was filled with unique finds.  Owner Claudia Robertson Fowler combines her talent as a stylist with her history in fashion merchandising to create a space you don't want to leave !

Her philosophy behind Haven  "to blend the best of what I loved ... into one inspiring boutique."

Take a look at the images Mekenzie captured . . .

photos by Mekenzie France

Take note of the designers represented at Haven . . . and next time you are in Nashville,
it should be on your must see list !

What a fun couple of days . . now it's back to Charlotte to install all those Thanksgiving jobs !

Happy Monday