My Brother Was Right . . .

Hey There . . .

About 7 years ago I was flipping through one of my favorite magazines, ripping pages out to save in various "idea" binders I was keeping of all my favorite things.  I remember my brother, who has been in the printing side of the publishing business forever, said to me . . .  "print magazines are heading in the on-line direction ya know, you won't be ripping out for much longer."  I didn't laugh at him, because I knew he was right, but I was bummed. The idea of not sitting, and flipping and ripping made me so sad.  I still like the glossy feel of Veranda, Elle Decor, House Beautiful and the like, but much like the rest of us, the on-line versions are a lot easier to carry around (on my 4.5 lb macbook air). Don't get me wrong those publications still cover my coffee table and always will !!!

But we all know things have changed and changed a lot . . . with Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram especially, being able to pull your favorite magazines on-line and "pin" the pages you want to remember into a file that never fades, get wrinkled or gets lost in some file somewhere.  I love the editorials, I learn a lot - good and bad, but the phone and lap top accessibility of all the "pretty pictures," when you are stuck on a train or waiting for a meeting is pretty nice.

Here's a list of 4 on-line magazines I look at regularly . . .

   I'll give you a little run down on them as well.  Be sure and check them out over this "down-time" of year !!!  I've included a peek at my favorite articles in the current issues . . . 

Michelle Adams

Beyond excited about Domino.  Have always loved it and glad it's back !

Lonny, too is on the top of my list.  Interesting that Michelle Adams is with Domino now.  It's no wonder I love the two so much !

Coco & Kelley's editor Cassandra Lavalle recently had her digs in shoot for this issue, great space and loved the inside look at her work space.

Loved this artist profile on Rachel Castle.  Prompted me to check out her site and ponder a piece or two.

Check them out, if you haven't recently.

Peachy . .

Hi There . . 

When I am pulling together a look for a room and certain color combinations, I don't really believe there are any rules, but some color tones just look better together.  Like peach and teal.  Love the combination but without the grounding of black of grey it doesn't work for me.  I fell in love with Jamie Drake's creation at the Designer Visions Holiday Showhouse in yesterday's post.  When pulling images I looked back into my "peach" file-o-color-ideas.  These images, gathered from pinterest, instagram, and various other cyber files of mine are perfect examples of how to make this combination work . . . just pretty and wanted to share . . . enjoy.

Soft or bold, don't rule out peach!  


December 26th . . My Favorite Day of the Year !

Hey There . . .

The days leading up to Christmas are madness work wise, Christmas Day . . a little crazy, but today is my favorite of the year.

A whole lot of nothing !  That's what's on the agenda today.  I say nothing, but I mean nothing that involves running around, or "attending to."  Today, on this only real "free to do whatever I want" day,  the house has been unwrapped and dismantle of all things Christmas, Marta and George have filled the air with the welcoming scent of PineSol and it's quite.  We are just laying low playing with our favorite Christmas toys and new puppy.   Being that I need to get it in gear tomorrow with cleaning up my bomb of an office, closing out files, starting to tackle an arm-length check list of to-do's, and writing  the next story for Urban Home - today I want to just read, rest, eat may last carb for a while, and get inspired.  

I have a stack of magazines I want to catch up on hoping to find a few more ideas for new projects I am working on.  I also love to check out a few of the images now out there of the doings in NYC.  Just recently the doors open on two of my favorite multiple designer showcases.  The "Designer Visions" and the "Holiday House."  The doors are closed now, but the images will make you feel like you were there (well sort of, wish I could have gone this year)

The Designer Visions, especially the design of Jamie Drake's team really caught my eye.  They chose the use the exact same colors I am working on for this new project (Betsy Reid's dining room in it's peach and black glory, with adjacent rooms in teal).  Seeing these gorgeous images for House Beautiful solidified the color combination choice I am trying to pull off.

The Designer Visions.  Hearst Magazines (which include my top 3 - Elle Decor, House Beautiful and Veranda) for the seventh year in a row, teamed with high-end designers to create three separate apartments centered around a muse.  This year Alessanra Branca, Jamie Drake and Carlos Aparicio transformed three separate apartments in Walker Tower.  One of New York City's latest building renovations.  Located in Chelsea this deco dream, was the perfect place to showcase my favorite design by Jamie Drake. 

A quick blurb about the Walker Tower . . . designed and built in 1929 by Ralph Thomas Walker  (hence the name).  The New York Times hailed him as the "architect of the century" in 1957.  He shaped the NYC skyline in the 20's.   Art Deco style in it's glory now converted into ultra-high-end apartments.  Residents include Mike Thorne (who basically discover the Sex Pistols) just handed over $10M for his 3 bedroom and Cameron Diaz got a deal for hers, just $9M.  Apparently one multi-million dollar apartment isn't enough her.  Having recently renovated her West Village pad with Kelly Weastler (featured in Elle Decor - see below).  I think she just wanted another place to decorate!

photo by Andriy Prokopenko 10/21/13

So back to Jamie's muse - the fictional granddaughter of 1902-'s celeb Josephine Baker.  I am loving every bit of this apartment.

The foyer sets the tone for this deco beauty.  The paper reminds me of the building facade.  The gold accents and the gloss black trim detail.  It's strong, sharp and the perfect introduction for more to come.

From that strong entry, the black trim detail is contrasted with this peach, used in just the perfect way as not to look too pastel and, for lack of a better word, wussy.  I know - never claim to be a writer - I love this combination.  I love the details.  Check out the clever bookcases . . . and the combination of furniture, patterns and textures.  The walls I will guarantee are venetian plaster polished to a gloss finish to compliment the marble surround.  Using the same color in a solid fabric on the windows not only keep this strong color sophisticated, it shows off the amazing view.  Kudos Jamie Drake - I love this space, so 1920's in a 2013 way.

It's gorgeous.  Down the hallway the bedroom diverts to a black and teal.

When I came up with Betsy's family room this past fall I wanted to mix this great graphic teal paper with a large bottle green leather chesterfield sofa.  I love the color combination, and when thinking of her upcoming dining room I wanted to mix in the peach.  Nina Campbell's Peacock wall paper is a favorite of mine and having used it in the black version for a recent dining room, I wanted to create another look in different colors.

Having recently installed the family room.  I was so happy with the 3 color combination of peachy-orange, teal and grey.

Cannot wait to get this going !

So back to my magazine reading . . . . Remember this . . October's Elle Decor feature.  Cameron Diaz wisely chose Kelly Wearstler to create this dream of a space.  Loving the peach in this space as well.

photo by William Abranowicz

Kelly Weastler mixed in the bottle green as well in this palate.  It's a great deep hue keeping the peaches from being too soft.  So warm and inviting.

The Holiday House is another high-end-designer extravaganza.  Raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness, this six-year event was founded by Iris Dankner, a sixteen-year survivor.  The rooms in this designer home were styled to various holidays.  Some twenty-eight designers participate and pull out all the glamour.  The Upper East Side's Academy Mansion came alive during this holiday season's fundraiser for some five weeks.  Take a look inside . . .

photo by John Lyle

My favorite look for this year, a design by Cullman & Kravis.  This Madison Avenue firm is celebrating 30 years in the business.  I love all the details in this space - Major amounts of texture and whimsy.  When you let a design team loose to create at will amazing is what you will absolutely see !  An amped up peach . .  ok so it's orange.  I love it and what to give you a look.

 Love the romans mixed with the long dramatic panels, the wall panels filled with grass cloth, the amazing art and sculptures, the metallic ceiling treatment.

Good (and large) art is KEY !  Am I right Rebecca Brooks !!  The pieces in this room make it.  I can't even image this space without it.

photos by Rikki Snyder

My second runner up for favorite is this very simple, yet dramatic space by Franklin Eighth of Manhattan.

photos by Rikki Snyder

Always eye candy to be had in Designer Show Houses !

Last year Tobi Failey created this beauty using peach, black and white.  It has stayed with me for a whole year . . . some amazing designs will do that.  Creating something this beautiful and getting it right the first time is the goal for a lasting space !

Well that was fun.