Install of the Day !

Hi All !

Wrapped up Regina and Tommy Wagoner yesterday as well.  Now you know . . .  all of this installing is only possible with the help of a great crew.  Bree and Maggie both were one place ahead of me and we tag teamed each other all day, Mekenzie was following me with camera in hand, and Betsy stayed at the office holding down the fort. . . Takes a ton of organizing and they are all so great and I appreciate each and every one !

Love this bonus room and love that it's started a slippery slope at the Wagoner's (I face lifted their son's room and guest while there, couldn't help myself)  The big, empty, toy filled bonus room... what to do with it... give it some style I say and stash all those toys in big (pretty) bins behind a floating sectional ! (right Tommy?)

This is a TV watching, gaming , computer playing hang out for all.  The toys are there, but stashed and it's now a comfortable room for the entire family to hang out in - away from the main family room.

When Regina contacted my a while back (I call her my facebook stalker) I was happy to help create a space with color and fun.  Her husband Tommy and I became fast texting friend and this install went off so quickly and without a glitch.   Take a look at the finished product !

I started with this new wall paper from Harlequin, one of my favorite vendors.  It's geometric cubes add just the right amount of pattern and style to this space when used as an accent on just one side.  This is a great way to give a big room some intimacy, and a bit of drama.  I pulled the grey-blue from the paper and painted the remaining walls with that, knowing I would load it with art.

I chose to use a mix of furniture all with a bit of an industrial vibe.  The wire and wood side shelf, the metal side table and floor lamp and an indestructible wood coffee table.   The sectional is large and I had more than one person tell me it wouldn't fit . . I beg to differ... more is more !

Absolutely loving this leather chair !!!

Details include a hammered metal side table and shaggy rug.

. . . and amazing new light !

The pillows and TV pieces both have a worn look which I love.

As with all, I create these design boards to give a visual !

photos by mekenzie france

Came a long way . .  

Pleasure guys and looking forward to finishing your guest and son's room tweaking !

Week almost over . . . and when am I going to do that Christmas shopping???