Install of the Day !

Hi !!

While installing Jill Pleune's family room not too long ago with it's crazy -  fun faux boxwood walls, we went ahead and papered her dining room in anticipation for this install.  It was the first this week.  Just prior to the Wagoner's bonus room and Avason's family room we ran over to Jill's and installed the chairs, lighting, windows, rug, art, and a gorgeous lamp atop her existing sideboard.  The room really came together with all these amazing new additions just in time for Christmas . . .

Take a look . . 

Jill's current dining table is now much more dramatic with the re-upholstered dining chairs in a soft, pattern teal velvet.  I yanked her sideboard out of the living room and think it's perfect in its new home.

Jill has been nothing but fun these entire projects and I cannot wait to continue into the foyer, living room and master.  She's one that is game and I love that we have the kind of relationship where I can just go over there and put a room together for a nice surprise to come home to.

The paper and rug were my key pieces in this space.  Both played off the living room we just finished.  Using black and white with touches of teal and gold in that space for just accents, in this space I used it as the main focal point in the busy, glamorous paper... love !

Keith did a big black and white art piece for me. With busy paper, you can do art !!!  I chose something in stark contrast style wise, but mellow in colors.

Used a big, fabulous jewelry box on the sideboard, tray out - great for small serving pieces, we just love the look  . .  The chandelier - dreamy, and the simple seagrass graphic rug - perfect.

What's next !!  We are moving room by room and creating a cohesive but room-unique look, the best part - reading Jill's text messages when she gets home !

Think the look from room to room is coming all together - you?

What a fun week, seeing all these different spaces come together for all these great clients !!!

Stay tuned . . few more to finish up.