Install of the Day !

Hey There . . .

My client Barbara Peterson is one busy working woman!  Her job with Ebay has her traveling  a lot and when home her work space fills the front - former, living room.  It needed some "pretty" as it's the first thing you see when you walk in the door.  We got together not too long ago to talk about just how to create a space filled with color and comfortable pieces, yet be a space she could work from.  Barb's existing colors I felt didn't suited her personality.  She fun, vibrant and one of the first things she showed me that she loved, were the painting she had done of her puppies.  Using the teal and green, I went in a more eye popping direction for her space.  Funny enough, she came to our meeting wearing just those colors.  Score.  While working on the back of the house and exterior porch, I knew at some point all new colors and style would come into play so I created design boards for this office and the adjacent dining room (and while I was at it did a family room design to show her how it could look when they were ready).  The colors and look will soon bleed throughout the home.

But first off, we needed to get her work space organized and comfortable.  This room will set the tone for the entire home.  Take a look at what we installed yesterday !

 A vintage teal chair and simple ceramic stoop

 A comfortable sofa with the splash of color in the pillows.  A new custom ottoman large enough for paperwork and lap top when wanting to move from desk to sofa.

 I found this great sideboard at Slate to perfectly accommodate her files in a pretty way.  The doors side to the side and the depth is enough to hold file boxes.  She found this piece of art she loved.  With it's reds, oranges and pinks, it keeps the space from being too "color coordinated." And the mid-century style lamps tie back to the look of the sofa.

Now take a look at what you'll see when you want in the front door!

We added a wall paper splash on the focal wall as you enter the room, but kept the other walls a solid pale gray so when she incorporates her large push pin work board behind the desk it won't seem to busy.

I love all the mixture of textures and furniture styles.  Very eclectic, just like Barb.  The wall paper, the ceramic stoop, the marble top teal desk, the pop of a rose covered file box and pillow, the metal second side stoop and the upholstered - nail studded ottoman.

My color inspiration . . .

Now Barb can get some work done in a space that is visually energizing not draining with drab file cabinets and dull office furniture !!!

I love seeing the design board come to life !

Take a peek at the dining room (and potential future family room) we are tackling after Christmas.  The wall paper alone brings it all together at the front of the house !

Great to see Barb so happy yesterday !!!!