Install of the Day . . . Part Deux.

Hey !

I don't do "theme" rooms, kids outgrown them and they can be, well, pretty cheesy.  I will, however, incorporate pieces of a theme, and that's just what I did with Kate's room.   I have a 9 year old who's a hopeless romantic.  She loves candles, she loves pretty music, she's artistic, she love beautiful things and finds them in the oddest places.  She notices everything.  We can be walking and she will point out the shape of a leaf or exact hue of the sky.  I love that quality about her.  She loves  a magical setting. She will spend hours outside, but will "dress" every time we go out, even for a cheese burger.  So I wanted to create something beautiful and woodsy at the same time, but the story starts here . . .

A while back, I wanted to know what all the talk was about when it came to the Twilight Saga and I watch the first movie one kid-less weekend.  I will admit I got sucked in and watch all 5 of them on the same day.  Lucy thought I was a big loser, Kate was a different story.  After I watched that wedding scene, I have to say, it was beautiful.  I let Kate watch it along with some of the other parts showing all the  gorgeous scenery  (and who are we kidding, we both pretty much decided Taylor Lautner was easy on the eyes, too).  

So when I moved her in Lucy's old room I knew right away I wanted to bring in the feel of her new found obsession.  I already had the tree wall paper !  I flipped the bed around, found a new, yet vintage side table and twiggy, yet elegant lamp.  But I need a whimsical kid factor in this somewhat sophisticated room so I thought about our favorite scene - the wedding.   I wanted  the look of those pretty flowers dripping down from the sky.  I played around with some ideas on how, but will have to hand it to West Elm.  I walked in there recently and saw they had strung paper leaves on twine from the ceiling.  That was how I was going to do it.

I take zero credit for actually creating them.  Carson Duffy (my part-time help) and her architect Dad, Don (Charlotte's best) cut some 100 leaves and strung them up for me !!! They were perfect . . . Thanks so so much guys!!  

Take a look at what just a few "theme type" details can do.  Kate was in on the room swap, but had no idea I would tweak hers.  Who would have thought paper leaves strung from the ceiling would make a kid so happy!

I also found, at Slate, the perfect pillows - soft yes . . . and  the look of moss !

Jumped on this twiggy lamp as well.

 . . . and what is a Christmas surprise without something funny . . . like a life-size cardboard cutout  . . hilarious.

Unfamiliar with the wedding scene . . . here's my inspiration.

I have two happy kids and a sore back.  But TOTALLY worth it.

I love surprises . . .