Spotlight John Derian

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No, I'm not stalling, I'm researching, kinda.  After spending a good hour on deVOL's instagram page (here) and subsequently their website, I then shifted to John Derian's site after getting a look at the AD article on his NY apartment (here).  Thought I'd share this gorgeous shoot (by Stephen Kent Johnson).  I cannot get enough of the look.  It's so inspiring for these Nashville projects I am working on.

 A little more eye candy for a Sunday am ....

Yep, my new love of bringing back the wood cabinet in the kitchen that doesn't feel like just a kitchen!

Read the story about these doors... amazing.

Tin ceiling, view, comfortable and casual.

Art grouping done right.

I have a feeling these walls are Farrow & Ball's Mouse's Back.. one of my favorites.

Overflowing with a magical feel, this artist, shop owner and author surrounds himself with his beloved antiques over there in the East Village near his shop.  I can see a metal pressed ceiling and exposed pipes.  Vintage fabrics also play a big part (and available on his website).  Loving the oversized arrangement bringing in a breath of Spring.

We met once in NYC at a show.  Nicest man . . .

photos by Stephen Kent Johnson

To see the full AD article click here !

With my annual trip to NYC coming up in May,  I am looking forward to visiting his West Village shop at 18 Christopher Street, while I usually frequent his 1st shop on 2nd Street in the East Village , we'll be staying on the West side and taking a stroll to this nearly gem is on the agenda for sure.

In an article recently by Wendy Goodman (and more photos by Stephen Kent Johnson) she writes about this early 19th century Federal style building, a mere 500 square foot  "jewel box."  One thing I really want to see is the wallpaper in the back room, she describes, with an applied sun bleach paint job.  With my latest obsession to bring the mural back, (stay tuned for that), any inspiration will keep my thoughts in motion.

Take a look at this special place, and for all you white loving china clients.. tell me know and I'll shop for you.

I have picked up a few pieces on past trips for the Little Cabin in the Woods.  Each piece reminds me of my trips to one of my favorite cities in the world.

Not to mention I went a little crazy one year stocking up on Christmas ornaments.

A furniture collaboration with Cisco Brother, you can get the look (here).

Excited to get back to NY and hopefully John will save one of these fabulous cups for me, to have a new memory from a trip with my girl Kate.

Happy day.

Spotlight deVOL Kitchens

Happy Sunday !

I'm spending a few days up in the woods working on 3 new projects.  I just focus better up here.  One of these new projects is for the step mom of my fab Nashville client.  While being there last week, overnight, I met with them both.  In one project we are continuing by coming up with a plan for a master bedroom and adjoining sitting room.  The other is a plan for remodeling a kitchen, sun room, and various other spots in the house to bring up to date.  I'm excited for both !  Their styles are eclectic, collected, art filled with a bit of a British flair in that each piece has history and charm - everything I love.

I finished the design for the master bedroom and lounge and it's on to a kitchen and sun room makeover.  When I was in the house one thing popped in my head .. this kitchen ... the colors and overall feel are perfect... Created by deVOL , this is the Peckham Rye Kitchen.  

Their thoughts on this design . . . .

If luxe and bohemian can be used together, then it is the perfect description for the Peckham Rye Classic Kitchen. A crazy mix of beautiful bespoke cupboards, ugly marble, collections of stunning art and pottery, this kitchen is already making a stir with our customers and the media. The paint on the cupboards is a cross between emerald and racing green, a great contrast to the deVOL brass door furniture, it is quite a change from the soft muted colours our customers usually choose, but it creates a fabulously dramatic and atmospheric kitchen.
What makes this kitchen extra special is the personal touches, the fun bits that you add when all the necessities are sorted. If you start with a really beautiful run of cupboards, then you can add your own style. Many of our customers buy big old cupboards, tables and eclectic items, they just make a room feel more individual and interesting. A really lovely floor is about as important as the kitchen, but then so are the little details - we love the bird plates, made in France, and the slightly faded pale pink sofa. The customers were lucky enough to have antique collectors in the family, hence the amazing art work. This kitchen shows just how diverse our Classic English Kitchen can look and if you want to be a little different, you can be.

Who is deVOL?  Well.. a renowned design manufacturer of bespoke kitchen, interiors and bathrooms, all designed and built inEngland... that's all.

Started in 1989 by two design grads, Philip de Vries and Paul O'Leary (deVOL).  After years of renovating furniture for clients they set up a shop and showroom to showcase their freestanding kitchen furniture.   It is this that I am most drawn to.  The combination of pieces creating an eclectic feel of warmth and age (say goodbye to the typical, and maybe it's my fantasy of living in an old farmhouse in England.. out maybe outside of NYC.. yes they exists, I grew up in one with a barn).

Read more here and see their fabulous 16th century historic mill "Cotes Mill"  turned showroom outside Loughborough.  With 4 floors of showrooms filled with vintage furniture, kitchen styles and home wares.  On 12 acres filled with meadows and wildlife.. need I say more.

Take a look at just a few glorious images from their site... they are much, much more than a kitchen cabinet company !

Adore the finger hole "knob" and vertical washed slats, not to mention the island on brass wheels.

I think I am in my Parisian apartment.

photography by ingredients LDN (here)

A little more eye candy for you on a Sunday morning . . . Enjoy.

Ok, back to work... thanks for the inspiration deVOL .. and can't wait to see your new showroom in NYC when I head up in May !