Install of the Day !

Hey There !

The light and airy feeling I saw in Petros Koublis's photography reminded me of a recent install Maggie pulled off for our client's the Little's.  We have been so slammed as of late, even writing on the blog was something we both had to back-burn  - running around, installing, designing and a little sleep trumped posting.  But have a little time now that most of the full house designs I have been working on are now down to just one to finish, so thought I'd play catch up while Bobby Flay is taking about the best brine for your turkey !

Maggie has been working with Cheryl for a while now.  It started with her master (here) and lead to the front entry, kitchen and this family room.  Such a conducive color scheme, soothing and pulled together !  

Take a look at the details !


Maggie did a great job with an odd entry.  Entering from the left of this image you face a center fireplace with two cut thru's.  Centering a sofa on that fireplace would have blocked your traffic flow.  By adding a two sided love seat, you create both a conversation area to the back and another in front of the fire if you like !


photos by Mekenzie Loli

Great job Maggie and Mekenzie !

Artist Spotlight: Petros Koublis

Happy Sunday !

I am actually home.. and home ALL day.. wow.  It has been months and months of doing something work related every day and while I did answer a few emails and spent about an hour moving more documents from our old remote server to google docs (reluctantly I might add - it has been a chore we have had to deal with as of late.. updating all the computers - UGH).  I decided I needed a brain break.  I made my Thanksgiving Menu from all the wonderful things I pinned and put in my Pinterest file vowing that this year I would make something different, created a grocery list - then sent Keith, Kate and Lucy all to the grocery store.  I then clean out and organized my entire fridge, pulling out the new Food Saver and having a big ole time with that thing.  Now I sit, for a few to relax a bit. While watching back to back Food Network challenges, I just spend time on the website of Petros Koublis, photographer.  Wow.  Beautiful.  I have been on the hunt for a horse image.  I love horses. While I don't have one, ride one or even fantasize about moving out to the ranch and disconnecting with horses, a garden and several dogs (ok maybe I do)  I love a good horse movie, they always make me cry a bit.  Seabiscuit and The Horse Whisper being two of my favorites.   So when I came across these images by Petros I really paused.  He reached out to me and I throughly enjoyed all of his work. Not only did I fall in love with several of the horses, the landscapes and still images are all so beautiful as well.

Take a look and enjoy.  

He is a New York and Athens based photographer. His relationship with photography started in 2000, after having dedicated some years in painting. Since then he has been developing his style through a constant personal exploration. His work has been presented in exhibitions, and frequently published on major Art & Design platforms and magazines all over the world. He has been taking over photographic assignments both in the United States and Europe.