Install of the Day !

Hey Ho . . 

One of our least complicated installs this month was the teen room of Emma Malak.  Sweetest girl ever.  Emma needed an update.  We all wanted purple, but not an abundance of it, just touches here and there.   With the exception of a few things to keep:  the side chests and framed sentimental baby clothes,  we had a clean slate to work with.  Maggie and I working together on this creating a few different directions for Emma to choose from.  Take a look . . . it was all about narrowing down the wall paper and rug.

Option One.

Option Two.

Option Three.

Option Three was our winner.  The rug gave us a fit being back ordered forever, so we changed that and it actually was a happy problem.  Love our other option.  Take a look at the finished product.

We chose this grey on grey graphic accent paper, painting the two side walls a pale grey.  The added purple stripe behind the desk accented the big mirror and Emma's framed baby clothes.  A new upholstered bed and cornices have lasting power in pale grey as well.  New, easy to function blinds in a warmer color keep the room from being too light.

Love this paper !

Also found the perfect art piece to compliment the rug.

A new tufted lavender chair and pouf and chandelier add a bit of elegance.

One of my favorite last minute ideas was adding cork to the back of all the doors.  We then painted it the deep lavender.  Emma can not only hang her favorite magazine pics, but also her jewelery.

The baby clothes could seem too sweet for this more grown up space, but we all felt they worked perfectly when paired with the strong graphic stripe.

A big two day hustle to paint, paper and deliver all the furniture, while Emma was away for a few days was so worth it when I saw her surprised face coming in the room !!!!

all photos by mekenzie loli

I love a big surprise !!!


Where did June go ??

Hey All . . .

June, is it really over?  I knew it would be one of our craziest months ever and it was.  After receiving a message from follower Sara, simply saying " I miss your blog posts :( " I decided on this cool (finally) Sunday morning to give you a glimpse into a truly insane month.  It was all I could do to wash my hair.  I need a pedicure and I've started drinking to shut off my brain (as well as be able to take in all the mouth gaping moments while watching this season's Bachelorette.   I have been slack on the blogging front and it's something I do love to do to recap the fun things we've created, seen and did during the week.  This post is about the month, so all-over-the-place, I am amazed we actually pulled it off.

School got out first of all which is always nuts, but to make it a little more insane we had not one but four installs, two of which where full homes.  In the middle of that all I ran to DC to start Phase 2 with my awesome, "game for anything" clients the Besant's, also met and started working with two new clients wanting full house designs.  It has been a wild, month.  I love all the new projects installed and designed.  Mekenzie got married this month as well.  She looked gorgeous and Maggie and I crossed our fingers that she would love the design we did for her reception.. big surprise and luckily that all went well . . . the 6 foot "faux" living walls we made didn't fall down.  I have missed her not being with us on the day of these big installs to shoot all the magic, but will head back over to shoot when she comes down from the honeymoon clouds.  She married Paul Loli and Tampa based photographer Monika Gauthier posted these images on her blog - pretty wedding !

As our gift to her, Maggie and I created two six-foot "faux" living walls to hang as a back drop flanking a photo I blew up of the happy couple, doctored up by Keith.  We also set all the tables with copper and cream bottles surrounded by votive and succulents.  It was beautiful and I cannot wait to see all the moments Monika captured.  Here's a few of my instagram shots . . .

Running between the wedding reception prep room at the office and Rebecca Drendel's home filled my first two weeks.  The Drendel install was something I had been looking forward to for a while.  I was let loose on every detail in the design of this first floor and I took advantage of that while they were out of town for a week !  We painted everything, papered several rooms, delivered furniture galore and placed numerous art pieces to really complete the look. Photographer  Dustin Peck came in to shoot this entire install on the last day before they arrived home.  It's not often I have a full house with all the bells and whistles and while fresh I really wanted to shoot it.  It was fascinating to watch him work, not to mention so relaxed and fun to be around.  I took a few shots over his shoulder, but cannot wait to see all the images he captured soon !  (stay tuned)

Leaving Maggie at Drendel's to place all the furniture with the movers, I ran down the road to meet a different set of delivery men at my own parent's new place !  My mom and dad are majorly downsizing.  Having lived in about 13 homes during their 50 years together, this 800 square foot apartment is filled with all new . . . loved helping create a clean, new, simple look for them and it was a joy to do what I do and surprise my mom . . . (shoot to come)

We also started gearing up for the Vaughn install.  Needing to tear out all the floors and face lift the kitchen, it's now painted and papered and cannot wait to see all the furniture come in on Wednesday !  (stay tuned for that too . . . Mekenzie, come on home)

Bree and Maggie were over at the Greir's one of those weeks as well, installing their master bedroom.  It's all a blur . . . with their master bathroom being gutted and all the good subs in Charlotte being slammed, we are finishing up that space this week to shoot.

When that first Friday rolled around we needed a break, split early and took a breather just roaming the halls of the Silver and Suede Exhibit at The Mint.  I had a nice little flash back to my moment at Studio 54.  Check it out this show before it's gone !

Hum, let's see . . . there's McNamara, that project was also underway simultaneously . .  with a summer house on the lake in Denver, NC we tackled a complete new look for the master bedroom and entire first floor re-do with a kitchen ripe out, living space, two bathrooms, a bunk room and the outdoor space . . . The counter tops in the kitchen just went in and we are wrapping that up next week as well.

I was in Denver, and Maggie was in Dilworth installing two more spaces at the Edgerton's - her kid's rooms.  Thrilled for her - Charlotte Home + Garden published her first big install.  It came out in June as well.  So, so happy to have her as my right hand !  Working on a post on those kid's spaces, stay tuned !

With Mekenzie gone, we haven't been able to shoot our "City - Log Cabin" install.  The killer doors I designed just went in and Mekenzie if you are reading this (on the beach with a fruity drink in hand) get your lens out and I'll see you Tuesday !

I was asked to come up to DC to start Phase 2 for my clients the Besant's.  Even with this crazy month in the works I jumped on it - mainly to stay the night at the W to get some sleep !

We are planning out their basement, a.k.a. man cave !  Designed it along with room service and a movie I won't even admit to have watched !  It was delightful.

Coming back I headed back to Denver to see more kitchen and bunk room progress . .  it looks so awesome out there.  I also finished all the design work for a big, big meeting I have tomorrow morning.   Entire home in South Charlotte I am really stoked about.  Here's a peak . . . hope she loves as much as I do.  Living, dining, master, office, pool space, game room, boy's rooms, daughter's room.  I really love all this !

Not having a minute to breath and to make it just a little more ridiculous, I decided to tear apart my own kitchen. Insane I know.  The plan, a few months back, was to move.  I found the perfect place but lost it in a matter of a day to a pesky, straight cash buyer that swooped in and snatched it from me.  Not wanting to be one of those homeless sorts that sold their home in 24 hours for over asking and then having no place to live, we decided to stay put.  I have a great house, I was just bored and wanted a more modern, clean, simplistic look.  More ways to "de-clutter" my brain.  So I called in some of my favorite people and we just took out a wall between my kitchen and dining room and ripped up all the floors for a uniform look in a new stain color front of house to the back.  Every piece of furniture I have on the first floor was hauled out.

One of my inspiration images . . .

I had the fixtures in the newly designed dining room all figured out until I saw this piece at Josh Utsey's studio just this past Friday . . . sold - therefore changing the dining table . . . stay tuned, I am selling off most of my previous things !!!

Being that I was in the kitchen frame of mind, finishing the design boards for another client on her new kitchen design wasn't that time consuming.  Bay window banquette, table, lighting and changing all those brown cabinets to white . . . The challenge will be convincing her this is the perfect paper.

And last but not least . . . a new project in St. Pete, Fla . . . whole house to complete.
I'm most excited to fly down there in a week to get my game plan on !!  Luckily I have some great things to work with !!

So that was my June, pour another glass I say, but it's only lunch time . ..

Happy Sunday !