Install of the Day !

Hey There  . . .

It hasn't been that long ago that I Maggie and I had our first meeting with Ashley Seshul.  Hickory girl with the cutest house on a beautiful corner lot.  We loved the meandering yard with it's paths and walkways, water feature and patio.  The interior wandered as well which I loved.   I am a big fan of older houses with smaller, cozy rooms and this house had all of that.    Ashley needed help with her basement.  I would like to call it first floor, because it's not your typical basement.  This space walks out to a gorgeous patio and yard.  The entertaining hub of this house.  The Seshul's created a floor plan for gathering, TV watching, sitting by the fire with a nice glass of wine and overall just hanging out.   It has a beautiful, small kitchen as well.  We joked with Ashley about just moving down there and never coming up.

This space needed a little coordinated style though, and Derby weekend was our deadline.  We decided to work with her large stone fireplace, stained concrete floors and existing chocolate brown sofa as oppose to changing any of that out.  It allowed a bigger budget for fabrics, wall papers, accessories and new key pieces of special furniture.  I love that she was game more than one wall paper.   With several different zones, we could do that as long as they all related to each other.  Take a look at all the patterns, textures and materials we chose to incorporate.

The stone fireplace was never a big favorite of Ashley's but I embraced it in this design, by neutralizing all the walls, trim and doors around it.  We painted everything a light grey, yet chose to change the white built in in wine cabinet a deep teal, so it seemed more like a unique piece rather than it matching all the kitchen cabinets opposite it.  Maggie found this one special fabric for two new fireplace ottomans which pulled everything together !

The fabrics each had different textures, but also all related.

This space now is much more coordinated, with zones for different "activities."  Art played a major roll in the space as well.  We pulled all our colors from the one piece she had over the sofa, yet we added four additional pieces, three of which Keith created for me !

I really aimed to mix up the furniture in this eclectic space.  I found these amazing chairs and table base at Slate Interiors here in Charlotte.  I had the chairs recovered in a dark teal croc and the table top was created for me by Chris Havey - he's so good.

The table and chairs were a much better size and feel from the previous square she had which was just too large for the space.  We dropped three pendant lights over the space and added a large art piece.  Painting the storage room door the same as the wall simply made it "go away" as oppose to the bright what trim color it was that just made that corner too visually busy.

I love the wine cabinet now.  Rather that typical white, it's now a dark teal, much more interesting !

Her existing brown barrel chairs now sit on a new grey hide with a vintage chrome accent table I was hoarding, but gave up for Ashley, as I loved her so much.

Creating two new pieces of art was in the plan as well.  Keith used mixed media for these two pieces. Silver leaf, wax and even packing tape !  Love the large scale and simple, modern abstract lines !

art by keith keim

We had fun in the back hallway, mixing a horizontal stripe down the hall and a vertical stripe in the bath !

Another piece I was hoarding, but it was perfect for the space.  The mint lucite frame was the exact color in the ottoman fabric so I let it go as well.  Luckily I'm married to the artist and have ordered myself another !

art by keith keim

art by keith keim

This entire space opens up to a patio to die for.  I am sure this coming Derby Day, their guests will wander around and enjoy a day with the Seshuls !

all photos by mekenzie france

It was such fun Ashley, and looking forward to heading upstairs for a tweak or two.

Stay tuned.


Big News - at The Blvd. Interiors Marketplace

Hey There !

Exciting news to share.  Lucy and Company and Blvd. in Greensboro, N. C are getting together!    My long-time friend, Charlotte designer Anne Taylor . . .

 " has created a unique space housing a collection of more than 30 established merchants, interior designers, and artists from across the state who specialize in products for home interiors.  Dedicated to great design in all of its forms and styles, Blvd is a new and easy way to discover a diverse selection of inspired ideas and merchandise all in one beautiful location in Downtown Greensboro.  Blvd is about finding inspiration in great design and beautiful things.  Come and visit their corner in downtown Greensboro, and you will be sure to find that special something that inspires you.

When you visit Blvd, you'll see that each individual space is a separate boutique.  Together they create a neighborhood of diverse styles and products from which to choose.  Whether you're looking for a piece of original art, fine linens, chandeliers, lamps, buffets, upholstery, bedside tables, pocketbooks - or a designer to put it all together for you - Blvd. Interiors Marketplace is your source. It's the perfect place to shop in if you need to pick up a quick and affordable hostess gift or if you want to locate an "investment piece" that you've been looking for."

Our space is designed and formulated from where I got my start and reminiscent of our signature look from our early days.  Colorful, whimsical, with just the right amount of punch.  I began designing  high end kid's rooms back in 1999 with a very recognizable look and feel (so I am told)  While, still designing and loving to do these fun and funky spaces -  15 years later I am more called upon for grown up spaces and bigger projects.  The look and feel of these fun and colorful spaces will always be my signature and filling a space with just that will not only remind me of my beginnings, but showcase the latest finds and colors.  

I have worked with Stray Dog Designs for as long as I can remember, and being able to offer cash and carry (as well as the ability to order a quick piece or two and have them shipped quickly and directly to your home) will give you that instant gratification of a quick purchase.  We will be offering lamps both table and floor, chandeliers, and their ever eye catching accessories.  For additional walk-away items, I have a collection of fun, splashy pillows Trina Turk style- perfect for the summer season, as well as affordable and easy flat weave rugs in smaller sizes for layering. 

All of these items for this season will be in a thought out, coordinated color palette of blues and greens, cool tones with a punch.  Keep paying the Blvd a visit and you will see the palette change with the seasons and with the introduction of new fabrics and new inventory.

Initially I am focusing on my love of navy, teal and kelly green.  The paper back drop is a brand new intro from one of my favorite vendors, (available at Lucy and Company) take a look . . . I created a design board for myself and love the overall look.

Maggie Yackel, my design assistant, and Bree Daberko, my coordinator extraordinaire  - two I have come to rely on endlessly, will be setting up, constantly shopping for and taking care of custom orders from the Blvd to your door.

Take a look at our new and splashy space at the Blvd Greensboro !

To make it even easier for you long distance clients, we are creating a pinterest page for the Blvd with pricing and available colors which can be ordered and shipped quickly !

Happy Shopping !


Install of the Day !

Hey There . . .

Shari needed to freshen up her family room and kitchen.  With the new look we created for the TV room (here), dining room (here), and guest room (here) - coordinating the heart of the house had to be done !  It's funny, each year we tackle a project just before the Wells Fargo Championship.  With their home backing up to the course, there are a lot of goings on around and end April is always my deadline.  We, or should I say Maggie, did the install the other day, I just showed up to see the pretty.  A traditional home, yet slowing becoming transitional with each room we complete.  This space is open to the kitchen and flows onto the back porch.  Used daily by this family of 4 and 2 big dogs.  The goal was to bring in fresher pieces with family friendly fabrics and tie the colors to the rest of the spaces we've completed.  

I drew my inspiration from two things, a beautiful green glass collection Shari had showcased in the space, and the adjoining TV room.  When I started my re-do's I focused on robins egg blues and creams but when it came to the TV room I added kelly green to  that palette.  This space focuses on the greens and creams.  So fresh greens were the direction that drove this design - bringing that golf grass in . . .Take a look at what I came up with.

And Sweet Al is here to show off the finished product ! 

all photos by mekenzie france

Happy Saturday !!!


Install of the Day!


I have known and worked with Becky Guenther for years, maybe 10.  We have done all 11 spaces in her home top to bottom,  as well as the front porch . . . It's funny though, after such a long time, styles change, new things come out and we all need to freshen up!  We tweaked her kitchen not to long ago and this week we did a re-design of her family room, the time had come.  While I may not be "known for" subtle, somewhat traditional designs, it's not to be said I can't and don't enjoy working in that style.

Both Becky and Jed were quite traditional in their tastes when we first met, but over the years I have pushed them a bit and with this room re-do I am seeing a slight transitional look come through.  We have lost the reds and tans and moved towards the taupes with an introduction of a teal blue.  Take a look at our latest install !

The tie back to my favorite detail in the kitchen, now looks even better.
I created these pantry doors using upholstered insets with nail heads and two vintage pulls I was holding on to for just the right job.

Another detail I love in the kitchen is the addition of these oyster shell pendants.

And a new banquet around a 50" round table.

The "formal" living room is filled with unique pieces against a textured grass cloth.

I love the small bench we added for this dead wall space.

And this gorgeous mirror screen fills another dead corner next to the fireplace.

The feather pillow was a hard sell at first, not it's a fan favorite !

The dining room was one of the first rooms I did.  Working around the existing chandelier and sideboard, we added a blue glazed ceiling, rug, and new upholstered chairs and accessories.

all photos by mekenzie france

Well Becky, love your new den!  Looking forward to that master bedroom re-do!