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Hi All. . .

Friday at last . . long week, fun week . . . new clients, fun new projects upcoming . . .  can't wait to share.  But for now - just some pretty pictures of some pretty new things we have to offer at Lucy and Company - take a look.

See anything you like !

Happy Weekend


New Introductiions at Lucy and Company

Hey. . 

I am loving the new fabrics and papers we received last week !  Arriving from the U.K. reasonably priced with an enduring appeal.  The collection is an eclectic mix of printed fabrics, embroideries and jacquards with coordinating plains and complementary wallpapers inspired in part by mid-century archive documents.

Take a look and give us a call or email if you want to come by and see in person!

Take a look at a new design plan I am working on for a new client . . . cause I love the dragonflies so so much !

Good Home Summer 2012

Also working in the wall paper for a Big City out-of-town client !  So excited . . . .

Love when I find something new !


Spotlight: Miranda Lakes

Hi All . . .

I LOVE the images Mekenzie captured at Hidell Brooks in her post earlier today.  It's my favorite gallery in town (and I am thrilled to be working with Rebecca on her house. . . stay tuned for that).  Another artist they represent is Miranda Lake.   Wanted to give you all a look at her amazing work.

Her pieces are a combination of digital printing and encaustic collage.

hidell brooks gallery
1910 south blvd
suite 130
charlotte . nc  28203

katherine hidell thomas 
rebecca brooks


tues-friday 10-5
saturday 10-3

So gorgeous !!!

Hidell Brooks Gallery

yesterday i paid a visit to the hidell brooks gallery here in Charlotte at 1910 south boulevard .  i met with the owners rebecca brooks and katharine hidell, and i quickly noticed how much fun they are! these women know how to run a gallery and enjoy doing so. i had a great time chatting with them while photographing my favorite pieces...

chris hayman

arless day

katherine ace

jacob cooley

selena beaudry

background: jacob cooley, foreground: johan hayaman

page laughlin

right: johan hayaman 

all photography by mekenzie france

katharine hidell and rebecca brooks focus on exhibiting pieces from established american artists who are not often shown in the region. rookie and veteran collectors alike, you will be assisted with expertise. their services include consultation and installation of the perfect piece. their current exhibit, arless day, is running until october 27th.  for a listing of all represented artists, visit their site
at www.hidellbrooks.com. Enjoy!

passez une bonne journée!


Another Layer . . . Another Tweak !

Hey All.

Every time I see a wall paper go up I get excited.  I love how much it changes a space, and the papers these days are truly amazing !  Back again with another wall paper tweak to complete a space.

Not too long ago I wrote about my client Constance Blevins, a post entitled "Chaotic Color Meet Dog Lover" (here).  She's not afraid of color and layering patterns and she loves her dogs !   We added another layer recently that I think makes the foyer and sets the tone of the house.  She clearly has a "look" with all the strong colors and patterns, and it works only because it is continued throughout the entire space.

I love this paper and using the black and white color way was perfect with the tone of the house.  The white background of the paper makes the art, furniture and accessories stand out, the whimsy of the "push-pin ribbon" is in keeping as well.  Take a look ! 

The entry foyer is connected to two side hallways filled with artwork.  We kept it white for a true gallery look but there was a lonely nook under the stairs.  It was a little blah for Blevins Look.  Enter a red patent leather, quilted paper and my favorite - this black and white grasscloth on the slope ceiling.

I embellished it a bit further with ribbon and nail heads along the seams for an even more custom look.  It's a nice tie back to the nearby foyer in it's "push pin" look, yet unique and tactile.

A strong white ceramic lamp with black shade and vintage grey side chair, both simple yet interesting in shape and allow your focus to stay on the walls.

Strong black and white is, without doubt, a look.  When used throughout a space can be dramatic and striking - remember this from a week ago (I was priming you . . )

Constance uses it throughout her space mixing in equally saturated colors.

“ We love the foyer so much we are eating in the dining room (and it’s not Thanksgiving or Christmas) so we can look at it !!!!! 

And this is where it all started .  . a custom rug we created for her lake room !

Whenever I get a call for something she's been pondering, I get to live out my color and pattern fantasy and I know it will be anything but dull.

Video Making In NYC !

Happy Tuesday . . .

Just saw D E S I G N L O V E F E S T and Bri's post of the NY blogshop class I was so happy to attend.  Learning a few video tricks and tips was amazing !!!

We went on the roof top for our class photo and a few instagram shots ! . . the view was amazing.   It was such a good time being around such creative people in my favorite city.

all photos by the women of blogshop

I have been playing with my new skills - stay tuned for the debut (I try to be a perfectionist . .  and it's taking a while . . maybe I should get Lucy to help me . . . something about a 13 year old computer savvy brain . . it's clicking with her faster than it is with me) !!

Want a fun weekend learning some new skills . . . sign up !