Spotlight: Miranda Lakes

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I LOVE the images Mekenzie captured at Hidell Brooks in her post earlier today.  It's my favorite gallery in town (and I am thrilled to be working with Rebecca on her house. . . stay tuned for that).  Another artist they represent is Miranda Lake.   Wanted to give you all a look at her amazing work.

Her pieces are a combination of digital printing and encaustic collage.

hidell brooks gallery
1910 south blvd
suite 130
charlotte . nc  28203

katherine hidell thomas 
rebecca brooks


tues-friday 10-5
saturday 10-3

So gorgeous !!!


Video Making In NYC !

Happy Tuesday . . .

Just saw D E S I G N L O V E F E S T and Bri's post of the NY blogshop class I was so happy to attend.  Learning a few video tricks and tips was amazing !!!

We went on the roof top for our class photo and a few instagram shots ! . . the view was amazing.   It was such a good time being around such creative people in my favorite city.

all photos by the women of blogshop

I have been playing with my new skills - stay tuned for the debut (I try to be a perfectionist . .  and it's taking a while . . maybe I should get Lucy to help me . . . something about a 13 year old computer savvy brain . . it's clicking with her faster than it is with me) !!

Want a fun weekend learning some new skills . . . sign up !


Hot off the Cyber Press . . .

Hey There. . .

Delighted to be in current issue of Ivy & Piper !  Co-Founder and Editor's Melanie Parker and Elizabeth Raptis lay out such a pretty magazine filled with ideas and must haves.

Take a closer look at the whole Sept / Oct. Issue of Ivy & Piper here

They featured one of my favorite projects - Alex Heffe's room here in Charlotte !  Take a look.


New from Studio Bon . . .

Hey There. . .

I love Studio Bon textiles.  I love when I see a new collection introduced.  I love blue.  I am so excited to see Bonnee Sharpe's new collection.  Available at www.lucyandcompany.com.

I have Bonnee Sharpe to thank for my cornices . . . and she lived out my (occasional) dream of creating her own textile designs when she couldn't find what she was looking for.  What started as a side project became a full blown business after leaving her full-time design job in 2007.

Bonnee not only inherited her grandmother's name, but artistic eye.  Always wanted to create, which I can relate to !  She moved from Dallas to New York City in the 90's to write for an ad agency, but found the visual arts were calling her name.  She took photography and painting classes and later formal design training  in Los Angeles.  To fill a need for a specific look, pattern and texture, she began developing artwork for patterns.  With the artistic talent and entrepreneurial drive, she knew it was what she was meant to do.  Personally designed and hand-painted, it's a quickly expanding line !

photo by Terri Glanger

Take a look at other patterns (in my chosen color way for this post) available from Studio Bon.  We have all the samples, so please call and come by for a closer look !

Sidewalk Inspiration Part Deux . .

Hey There . . .

Get out and walk around . .  If you are an Urban Dweller, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.  Just outside your door you can be visually stimulated at every turn, if your eyes are wide open.  I wanted to be inspired by the color Red . . . on a Red kick as of late.  There isn't much a pop of Red doesn't work with.  While I was in the Big City and on the way home from my meeting with a new NYC client . . . can't wait for that) , I focused on the color Red.

I was in Soho and realized I was on Wooster Street.  Dwell's Flagship Studio in on Wooster, and pretty it is.  I was instantly drawn to a collection of artwork displayed right when you entered.  I love the pops of red, and for those of you who want a big grouping on your big wall . . . this is how it should be done - take note.

But anyway . . . looking for color, pattern and textures combinations for your interior spaces?  This is how I play with ideas . . .

Red and Turquoise are a great color combination, if combined with the anchoring color of black.

images I took at Trina Turk' retail location and Liora Manne's studio

images compliments of Trina Turk's Fall 2012 online collection

A subway stop or two back uptown, and I came across a few more inspirational visions.  While trying to be incognito with my shot of this couple . .  I loved her mix of the red patent leather bag paired with her over dyed black and white shorts, mixed with the simple black T and nubby sweater (which I sure was a combination she just threw together without any thought) Got me thinking about some fabrics and papers we offer . . and how to mix all the textures, colors and patterns in a den maybe?!

Love the bike seat on the red bike . .  love the lettering in gold. . that could be my metal color of choice.

The Coach Store window showcased this great black / gold / dash of red bag . .  and just looking down along the sidewalk I noticed polka dots mixed with pattern trellis work . . hum. . .

Get inspired out there . . .

I love finding inspiration everywhere . . . the creative types think this way I reckon . .  

Take a look at Kravet's latest add in September's Elle Decor . . perfect example !

So keep your eyes wide open today . . . Happy Sunday . . .


Dressing Up . . . for a Night Out . .

Hey There !

Couldn't resist a re-post . . . came across these amazing images taking during the 2012 Venice Biennale.  "Some Pigeons are More Equal than Others" by artists Julian Charriere and Julius Von Bismarck.

The duo collaborated to dye the birds in an effort to change people's perception of them being considered "flying rats."  Without harming the feather critters, Charriere and Bismarck spray-painted them on a conveyor belt-like mechanism on a Copenhagen rooftop believing they would become "less offensive" and in turn, more accepted by those traveling the venetian piazzas!  What do you think ?

I am a big fan of grey, but adorning a jewel tone jacket for a night out on the Square would make me feel "fancy."

photo compliments of Designboom

Photoshop Love Fest !

Hi Everyone . . .

Funnest few days in NYC . . . came up to attend BlogShop. I have been following DesignLoveFest  for a while now and I love Bri's style.  Beautifully laid out, designed and photographed.  I wanted to learn a few tricks of the trade, so I attended a 3 day crash course.  Along with her Blogshop partner Angela Kohler, amazing photographer and LA based filmmaker and director, our group of 25 were treated to a beautiful space, fun atmosphere and the immense knowledge of two inspirational women.   I have to say, I was so impressed with how they organized it all and shared the tips they have perfected and branded into their look in a non-pressure, creative and inspiring way.   They were just as fun easy to be around as they seem in the "virtual" world.

Meet Angela and Bri . . .

photo by beth keim

photo by beth keim

photo by beth keim

Bri just posted some of their images from the class . . . 

photos by angela and bri

Great time . . . my head is exploding with new information . . . and funnest of all
learned a bit about a technique Angela has mastered in a big way . .  stop-motion.  Check out her site and here and it might ring a bell.  She's amazing.  

Angela.. thanks for your patience - and I be proud . . I changed to forever, made it a gif. and successfully downloaded. . . it's a start !

Happy weekend.