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One of my all time favorite blogs ... Oh Happy Day is a go-to for me for DIY projects and overall inspiration.  Written by event planner Jordan Ferney it features daily party ideas, projects, interior design, wedding ideas as well a just beautiful photography work.  San Francisco based Jordan has been featured in Sunset Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, The Knot as well as Anthology Magazine.  Online features include Elle, Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge and Decor8 just to name a few.  She and her team are simply amazing and their images are perfection . . .

Take a look at a few ideas I pulled from her blog to create your own something special for the kid's but you better get on it !!

via Oh Happy Day

My kid . . had to be a Mad Scientist !!

Happy Halloween !

Hot off the Press !

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The latest Urban Home . . and it's one of my favorites !  Check out the cover . .  then check out more pictures I took 
here . . . Gorgeous house !!  

. . . and one of my favorite installs in Florida with the Richardson's

Really pretty issue !!


Install of the Day . . Art Meet Design

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A little while back Mekenzie posted beautiful images from  Hidell Brooks Gallery, the owners and some of their featured artists, it's still one of my favorite galleries in town.  Since then Rebecca Brooks has become one of my favorite friends.  I started working on her bungalow in Chantilly with the intention of adding a little wall paper and a tweak here and there - I have to say it grew a bit as did our friendship in the process, both of which has made me very happy.

A bungalow, that it is, full of character and showcasing her two of her loves - amazing art and a big dog named Dixie!  So how do you fill every corner with art and mix that with great design touches?  I am here to say it can be done and it was time.  The beige walls and murky colors didn't match her personality and wasn't doing the art any favors.

It was my job to bring in color and pattern that wouldn't fight  the beauty hanging on it and have fun in the process, we did both.  Everything I did started around a rug I spotted in the Dining Room . . . I loved it and especially loved the colors.

Luckily she had some great furniture throughout the house that we didn't have to replace (except maybe that bed in your master - right Rebecca!  I think I actually said "it's awful"  out loud - which I usually think in my head but try not to let it creep out) .

Neutral creams and dark wood side pieces.  A large piece by Chris Hayman was the focal point of the living room which tied beautifully with the rug in the nearby dining room.  The existing rug and Chris Hayman -  my inspirations -  Let the games begin . . .

Take a look the details of our  (dare I say... ) finished product . . .

It's come a long way from murky . . .

" For months I had been following Beth's blog with Lucy & Co. and couldn't believe her designs.  Week after week she would post her current install and I had the same reaction every time….LOVE IT!!!!

Finally this past July I called Beth up and asked if she would help me "tweak" my house.  Sweet Beth said of course she would help and  would stop by on her way home.  I think she was shell shocked at how beige my entire home was….or should I just be honest and say ugly.  Besides the fabulous art I have, nothing and I mean nothing worked.  The first meeting was hysterical in hindsight.  By the time we got through each room on onto the bedroom  I think she was overwhelmed at what the heck was she going to do.  She hadn't said much until this last room…and with Beth's classic humor, she ran her hand across my dresser like someone does to test for dust….I, being mortified that my house was ugly & dirty said "is it dusty?" and she said "No, it's awful"!!!!  How much more honesty can you get than that!!  

So after the initial walk through her amazing design literally started spinning in her head that night. I had never worked with a designer for myself…. and boy, was I in for a ride!!  Beth really can see the entire job by the end and not the beginning.  Us mortals are totally confused by this entire process and will bug her endlessly about such trivial details like when, how, what color, how many, where etc.  And all along she will patiently say….Just wait, you will see.  Well several months later and a lot of laughing together I saw today what she saw back in July.

In my deranged mind I thought I could stop at some new paint colors and a couple of pillows to liven up my small home.  Well, 12 pillows, 3 lamps, 8 light fixtures, wall paper, curtains,  2 rugs,  2 end tables, a throw and of course some paint…..I have my final "tweaked "home…LOVE IT!!!!"

Thank you Beth!!!!  
(now seriously cut me off)


An Outside Oasis. . . Part Two.

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I'm back with the images of Friday's install at the Freeman's!  What a day it was.  Weather was perfect and it went of without a hitch ! Everyone was on time, nothing got damaged, everything fit and I scooped up enough accessories to finish off the room with every detail.  I love days like this.  Empty room at 1:00 pictures being taken by 3:00 - presto!!!  

Take a look at the finished product.

So. . .  a few details about the room . . .

I wanted to bring the outdoors in but in a funky kind of way - not woodsy-literal.  Light and airy was the goal.  We contained all the "stuff in a cleverly hidden wall of "doors" surrounding the TV.  Inside those doors is an abundance of storage, TV and electronic equipment, games and more stuff, all neatly hidden. Beautiful job by The Salin's Group.   I had a large leather sectional custom made to fit the whole family with a few interesting pillows.  I am a big fan of the tight back - large sofa back cushions eventually get smashed down and disheveled when dogs and kids are involved.  This one is a beauty !  I am using this vendor quite often now and they have been amazing to work with.  I will have a new piece shortly in my showroom for a closer look!  Available in leather, fabric, nails or no nails - well made and extremely comfortable!

I chose the light fixture, coffee table and custom sofa console to bring the natural wood elements in, but mixed in a little glass, chrome, slate, iron and a slick bubble chair to mix it all up.  The nubby rug resembles river rock and with the slight blue cast, it brings in the side pool bathroom with it's touches of blue.

Accessories again are key.  A few rustic mirrors, well placed art and larger sculptures help balance the large pieces of furniture I chose.  Dinky accessories wouldn't have worked in this space.

My client arrived home at 3:00 to the finished product which I love.   If you have worked with me you know, I hold everything hostage until everything is ready.  A big reveal is the best part, and the full vision shines!  Everyone was happy, including the 4 legged members.

Down this secluded drive just off Providence Road, is a little bit of Heaven!

photography by Mekenzie France

Thanks again to Thomas of the The Salins Group and his team, Mekenzie for the great images and my favorite vendors for their beautiful pieces.

Let me know if there is anything you see that is a must have and I will be happy to source for you!



An Oasis in the City . . . Part One.

Hey There . . .

When my client's Scott and Melanie Freeman called me to get involved with their garage renovation, new exterior guest suite and overall exterior haven I knew I wanted to create something "rustic chic."  Their property is hidden down a driveway with a large pond.   You would never know it's right off Providence Road.  It's an amazing escape and so secluded. The garage was just that - a garage, on the back of the house with a lead in to the main hallway of the house and just off the pool area.  The plan - a family room for their growing family.  The new garage would then be built and located in the back with a new guest suite above it - a perfect on site get-a-way for the kids and visiting family.  This entire project also included new landscaping to tie in their existing pool are.

The project started with exterior plans by Legacy Landscaping and interior plans by The Salins Group. Adriana Herrera of Cucina Design Studio jumped in on the bath, cabinet and tile selection.

Take a look at the plans for the new exterior.

I was hoping Ben Collins of the Salins Group would be pulled in as General Contractor - my number one choice.  I know Ben by his work with several other clients and he always brings something new and creative to the mix.  His project manager Thomas was on it and great to work with, making my job easy.

image via Chris of The Scout Guide

I checked in not too long ago - cars were gone, sheet rock was up and ready, the big built in was almost done.  I couldn't wait to see it painted.

I came up with a plan . . . to mix leather, wood, the look of hand sketched paper, lucite and metal, all the makings of rustic chic.

Take a look at my "inspiration."

Tomorrow we are installing !  Stay tuned for the finished product . . .

Mid Century Salvage

meet scott and darra (owners) and robert (custom refinisher) of mid century salvage! when i heard they are having a sale this weekend, i had to go see. ($100 off $300 or more..yay!) this place rocks. i must go back asap. they travel all over the place to find these great pieces. check 'em out!

(my headshot by scott stallings, all other photography by mekenzie france)

so there are a few of my favorite things. i regret posting some of these because i'm sure they'll be gone before i can go back!
you can go check out their sale at 5807 hwy 74 in indian trail (don't let the address scare you. it only took me 20 minutes to get there from elizabeth!) happy shopping! 

passez une bonne journée!