Install of the Day !

Hi There !

Black and white was another request and made an appearance recently in this project Maggie designed and installed last week for the Allen's.  I love these neutrals and these spaces certainly tie together with such an ease to the eye !

From the foyer back there is a sense of calm - take a look !

This open and airy living space mixes pattern perfectly with the two neutral sofas and graphic chairs all on top of a gorgeous Stark rug.  For a real sense of casual comfort, this white wood coffee table and accessories.

I particularly love the sofa pillows !!

Pull that sofa off the walls and add a custom upholstered cornice to dress up blinds !

The bathroom, too has a coordinating black and white look with killer ceiling paper, drop pendant and strong black walls.  With all the white it can handle it for sure !

On to the dining room and here we have Harlequin's Sumi paper.  We have used this paper in a few different colors and applications and still love !!  We make it a goal to never duplicate a room, so each application is different !

Simple accessories showcase the paper and don't clutter the space !

And warm woods contrast the cool colors.

photos by mekenzie loli

Great job Maggie !  So pulled together.

Install of the Week !

Hi There !

So excited to share my install in Coral Gables which finally, finally happened not too long ago.  It was a year in the making - who knew getting permits and all the work done would be such a challenge for my client Lindsay Heitman?!  But I was hoping after I finished all that pain and annoyance would melt away.  So, we blew off the dust on all the pieces we have been storing here in Charlotte, loaded up and flew down to meet the truck for several days of installing in the Gables a few weeks ago.  Maggie and I always have fun on those out of town jobs, trying to stay somewhere nice and indulging in a good spa trip at the end of the install.  The trip was fun of adventure, as usual, visiting crabs and all.

I was down there several days, and on the last photographer Dustin Peck flew in to meet me and we spent a day shooting this complete gut job and install !  Take a look at the gorgeous shots !

The entry foyer certainly sets the tone for this black and white main living area with a good dose of metallic.  All very dramatic !

I particularly love this Zoffany wall paper, complimenting the black trim and killer detailed door.  Directly in your view from the front door  a horn console table and two art pieces by Keith J Keim in a much lighter color to really pop off the black.

From the foyer you turn into the main, open living space. White walls with grey washed tile floors.  White leather sofa and gorgeous chaise in a black to white ombre fabric.

The accent wall of paper in this room bleeds into the dining room and is the focal point.  Love all of Lindsay Cowles paper's, but this one in particular!

I really wanted pattern on pattern in this space.  The roman shades are flanked with ombre curtains, a sofa shag rug and the white leather is paired with a grey velvet and ombre velvet.  Clustered coffee tables as oppose to one and grouping of mirrors finish it off.

This open space continues into the dining area and kitchen, color is cohesive and mixed metals keep it interesting.  I have loved stag horn ferns for a while now and Lindsay's awesome contractor  Raymond help so much on this install actually cutting this one for me and mounting.

A quick spin around and the long last, and reason for the hold up ... kitchen.  Apparently Lindsay's cabinet contractors screwed up and didn't carry the cabinets to the ceiling.  She fixed that for sure and voila the correct cabinets - all gorgeous !  Sticking backsplash and all the bells and whistles in this space.

Lucite counter stools, gorgeous pendants and a little juju on the long white wall.

The small bar area just off the kitchen and just as dramatic.

I love the master as well.  Lindsay saw my wall paper at home and had to have it.  We can't get enough of this paper and have used in several different application.  The barn door is covered with a eye-catching tryptic in like colors and we chose two different light fixtures, one swing arm, one table lamp to mix it up a bit.

The master bath, all Lindsay.  She did such a great job picking tile and fixtures.  I definitely have bathroom envy.

The guest bath is yet another example of Lindsay's great choices in fixtures, tile and hardware !

With two daughters I loved creating magical spaces for each.  Vivian's accent wall is covered in the prettiest Eskayel paper !

Etsy is a great place for accessories.  I chose a wall hanging for a bit of a boho vibe.

The kid's bath has a touch of paper as well and sleek, clean fixtures.

Down the hall is the back TV room.  Just off the pool this space will be used daily for sure.

art by Keith J Keim

Printed grasscloth on two opposing walls by another favorite, Detroit Wallcovering in a black and white graphic.

And can't forget Lucia's room, a little girl with a space to last her into those tween years.

photos by Dustin Peck

Happy to get it done for Lindsay !!!