fun in fort laudy and miami!

when the work was done this past weekend in florida, beth, keith, bree and i were ready to party! we enjoyed the views from our awesome balconies, the pool, the beach, then headed to dinner in south beach and did some sight seeing! check out the photographs i took, some with my grown-up girl camera; some with my phone... 
the amazing view from our balcony at the w in fort lauderdale
beth and keith wave from their balcony above
you must check out their site!! amazing vintage feel to the rooms at the pelican
enjoying a nice lunch at the eclectic red dog cantina
livin large on the 17th floor balcony!
another view from the balcony at the w
stardust hotel and the marlin hotel

breakwater and the versace house, once the most expensive home in the u.s., just sold for 41.5 million in an auction

the pretty lights downstairs at the w and a beautiful plane ride back home!

thanks beth for another great trip! when can we go back?!

passez une bonne journée!


Install of the Day !

Hi All . . .

Lindsay Mateo came by my studio, wanting help with her nursery.  She was in town on a business trip. After meeting and realizing her energy and enthusiasm would turn this project into one that would be memorable I was more than excited to get it started.  One thing lead to another and we decided to tackle her main living space as well as her nursery.   Her baby shower was about 6 weeks away so it was game on.  She and Emil purchased their Florida home for it's oasis of a back yard, but the inside needed some major work.  Now complete with new off white marble tile floors, new bathrooms, kitchen, and lighting it was time to give it a little style.

Last Wednesday I was prepared.  Even with a last minute drive to High Point to pick up 2 chairs that didn't ship by their deadline, and a lot of running around town, the truck was packed and flights were booked.  We were ready for a smooth trip.  Keith even agreed to drive all the goods down to give us a day together at the end of the weekend.  It was looking good.  So when we missed out flight, and the truck broke down,  I was slightly concerned . . . hum . . .   But let me tell you, all that prep really helped when we pulled in the night before her party and in 6 hours, had it all party ready.

Mekenzie, Bree, Keith and I whipped through that place adding layer upon layer watching the space come to life with unique pieces and a touch of our pop color . . . teal . . A HUGE thank you goes out to each of them for busting it, everyone pulled together and unpacked, placed, hung curtains, carried in 1000 lb cabinets, shifted, rolled out and strung up.

Let me give you a tour.  Mekenzie shot the space early the next morning, before the party decor came out and then we shot it again to include all the party loot Lindsay had meticulously collected (I thought I was detail oriented)

When you enter the front door, a large, upholstered mirror I had made is to your left, setting the tone as well as an over sized piece of art.

With all the doors, and the long, narrow space, we floated everything in the center, grounded by a new rug.  I chose all white and an oatmeal color for the goods, with just a drop of teal to brighten.

Keith's new art piece became the focal point of the room, and was the big hit.

We painted the back of her existing cabinet to add just a touch of color.

I had emailed Lindsey design boards, and have to say, it looked exactly as I had imagined it in my head.  

To see what I had to work with on both the living room and nursery, take a look at my before pics and thoughts . . .

>  We changed the walls from cream to bright white
>  The placement of her furniture worked in this odd, open floor plan, but we tweaked it
>  We replaced two, uncomfortable, lack-luster chairs
> Added a new rug and coffee table
>  I moved her tall cabinet, and painted the back wall of it teal
>  Added art, which made the room
> Added that killer teal juju hat
>  Added a tall storage piece in the dining area
>  Added a gorgeous storage, console piece, visible from the front entrance
>  Switched out lamps, added lamps and styled accessories.

The nursery, which was once an office, turned out perfect.  A calm, bright, simple space. 
She wanted to incorporate some photos taken on trip with Emil.  We didn't want a literal "animal" theme, just a hint.  I wanted the colors transition into the living space, and we wanted an eclectic mix of furniture styles.  Lindsay really wanted wall paper, but with the textured wall it made it a little challenging.  I decided to create 3 large panels, trimmed out with a unique shaped frame.  We wall papered those panels instead of the wall itself.


I also wanted curtains to add pattern to the white walls, but we had odd windows to consider.  The solution was simple bamboo blinds with a "faux" flat curtain panel hung on the wall to the left of the sliding door, dipping into the door a bit.  Love how that turned out.    The room, which is long and narrow actually seems bigger than it did before.

It was quit the trip, full of unexpected events, but all went well, and all on time.  After we finished, we all stayed and helped prep for the party.  Bree was wrapping cotton candy pops, Mekenzie and I were styling food trays and party favors, Lindsay was a blur of blond running between rooms and  Keith and Emil were drinking beer shaking their head at all the activity.

By 1:00, it couldn't have looked more perfect.

all photos by mekenzie france

Whew . . . we took Saturday afternoon to catch our breath, had a fabulous dinner in South Beach and chilled a bit before we all headed home - looking forward to one thing when we get back . . . 70 degree weather.

Thanks Lindsay and Emil - great trip !