Spotlight Artist: Lulu de Kwiatkowski

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This entire post is dedicated to my constant obsession . . Lulu de Kwiatkowski.  Artist, mother, wife, business owner, Parsons grad, textiles / wall paper / designer, world traveler, style icon, overall amazing.  My obsession started about a year ago with the purchase of her book   lulu - which I must say I bought it for the sheer fact I loved the cover and knew it would look pretty on my coffee table - and it does!  That was how it started.  Ashamed to say my knowledge stopped there, but that didn't last long.  I often curl up on that sofa and study each page.  While our differences are vast, our look, likes, and thought process are somewhat similar.

What I learned and what spoke to me the most was the mirror image of our backgrounds - not quite !  But what we did have in common was an art background, love of creating something from nothing as a child, starting our professional journey as wall artists before getting immersed in the design business, as well as building a business.

Lulu DK grew up in New York and the Bahamas.  Daughter of the larger-than-life tycoon, art collector, polo player, Henryk de Kwiatkowski.  Her mother, she described as stylish herself - filling their home with color and encouraging all of her 6 children to think outside the box.    She received her fine arts degree from Parsons and spent 5 years studying trompe l'oeil abroad.  A huge world traveler finding inspiration and celebrating the images of Peru, Tanzania, Myanmar, Morocco, India, Bolivia and New Zealand in her work of sumptuous collages.  In the late 1990's was anointed as the "it" girl by Vanity Fair, which makes her laugh - but knowing it's necessary and helpful when starting a business !  While being an "it" girl always fades, her dedication to the business paid off - successful and sold world wide  - but she admits to a lot of sleepless nights in the early days.

Read more in the The New York Social Diary featuring Lulu DK and her New York Apartment, background and start of her business.  The interview took place about a year ago prior to her move to LA.

But here are a few images of her NY Apartment.

The Frank Gehry "Power Play" club chair she found on a nearby sidewalk and carried home - totally something I would do - and what a find !

And what kind of cyber-stalker would I be without showing a glimpse into her current home in LA
featured in the Oct / Nov 2010 issue of Lonny

Her artwork is my love . . . being a bit of a collage junkie in some of the artwork I dabble in - it speaks to me.

Her new Fabric line being offered come this March.  While reading her blog, came across these images.  Of course, love.  Inspired by the birds, which are called "Dancers."  Lulu is showing us conception through collage to actual fabrics!

Take a look at other favorites of mine . . .

Mixed in with the fabrics are small interior drawings, which were sold on One Kings Lane.

Afternoon Delight, limited edition print on canvas 39 x 60
Hello Minerva, limited edition print on canvas 42 x 56

Summersault, giclee print on matte 32 x 24

Sensation, Giclee print on matte 32 x 24

Not too long ago Clic (in NYC) had a nice showing of her work.  Giclee prints available on their website.  Great bookstore and gallery in Soho (also East Hampton NY, Cannes.. that would be France and St. Barthelemy, FWI)

And take a mouse drive over the Neiman's site . . . for those salad plates to mix in with your good china, to make that table setting a little more special!  They would look pretty fab with my Wedgewood Colonnade Black.

So while our differences are as vast as the deep, blue sea, I do know our paths will cross and she will realize I am her long lost business partner and creative sole mate . . . we will collaborate and share vacation houses. . . sure . . . it can happen!

So . . in closing . . a quote from Lulu DK (re-typed by me) printed by Lonny . . . .
Gotta say . . . kind-a what's going on this this house . . 

- Beth


Highlights from Lonny March/April 2012

Hi There . . .

What was nice about this past weekend beside the fact it was a "long" one, was the sunny, warmer weather and the image through the window of Keith jump starting our garden, pulling weeds, cutting grass and bringing out the outdoor cushions.  It was quite . . a lot of people still on spring break with the kids.  We cooked on the grill, took a nap, watched a movie - all while I caught up on my favorite reads . . one of which is Lonny.  The March / April issue is out.

It's always good, doesn't disappoint . . . here are a few of my favorite images . . 

Amanda Nisbet's Upper East Side design office.  Nisbet's style has been described as warm, elegant and bright.  Love this look - maybe time to tweak my office !  Especially love the Adler screen - described as whimsical in structure, neutral in tone - that it is.

Love the lucite desk.

I laughed when I saw the Barbie Art (a collection of David Parise's Barbie and Ken photographs)
Only laughed . . . because I have a few of these myself and check out what's appeared in my office . . 

. . . because I am a freak, and in my other life I did dress like this on a regular basis.

There was a great piece on "Global Giving" featuring the efforts of Serena & Lily, Tory Burch, Proud Mary, West Elm, and more . . .  to help reduce economic dependence and showcase the talents of artisans and craftspeople.

Tobi Tobin's Malibu Beach retreat.

And .  . Sunset Boulevard shop . . 

A beautiful look inside the Upper East Side apartment of Laura and Diego Gracia.

And my favorite . . . a mid-century gem . .  in the L.A. neighborhood of Rustic Canyon.

There are so many things about this home I love . . . where to start !  But FYI, if you are loving those Pouf's as much as me, I can get them for you . . . any color !  Call me.

There's an article on creating a Cosmopolitan Home and how to get the look . . 

And lastly . . . the West Village apartment of Anna Burke, a designer at Kemble Interiors (that would be Celerie Kemble) - budget friendly and beautiful - a place that I am sure her boss would be proud of !

So find some time . .  it's a great issue !

- Beth