Hey Hey . . .

Say it isn't so !

No girls... Shrek doesn't sing that song !!! - That would be Micky Dolenz, but we all know Davy was the cute one.

Wanna join me and travel back to the rooms of our youth - we were so cool. . .

Ok yes... I believe I just did a room like this . . . the table, the hide, the chair, the console, the color, yep, sure did !!!

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't think twice about bringing some of these choice items back into my house !!!

Ahh. . . .

- Beth


A Day with Grizzel and Mann . . . Part Two.

As promised last week . . we just received our new books from Grizzel and Mann so to continue my preview of the "Newest !"  Part Two is a little more on the serious . . . the luxurious side.  These offerings from Osborne and Little and Lorca are all that . .   Rich, deep colors - textures and patterns.  This new line offers wall coverings that are  "quilted" "croc-ed" and "shimmering."  The fabric introductions of stunning jewel tones and eye catching embroideries.  I am taken a-back!!!

What is so amazing .  . is this quilted backdrop is wall paper as is the croc on the box . . 

Here's a closer look straight from my new book !  Yum

The Croc comes in a variety of colors . . .

Onto the fabrics . .  luxurious textures and colors !

A little more shimmer in wall paper . . .

I love the rich new colors from Lorca.

An onto Designers Guild . . .

Showing off the neutrals . .  the colors we are all use to are up coming in another post !

And lets not forget a little sheer !

All our books are in . .  so call for an appointment, and come take a look !

- Beth


NASCAR Meet Oscar . .

Happy Sunday . . .

What does the Daytona 500 and The Oscars have in common . . NOTHING . . except they are both on TV today . . . at the moment it's raining so no checkered flag has even dropped, the commentators  have "stalled" (excuse the pun) trying to think of 3 hours of filler. . . so I have switched over The Countdown to the Red Carpet.

I am a fan of both - so I will be channel changing ('cause a DVR, is something we have never gotten around to getting, go figure)  Anyway. . . why you ask - the attraction . . well the NASCAR thing comes from my resent design work with two of the men that will be circling the track, and I want them to do well !  Shawna Robinson is also a friend of mine - former driver turned designer - who, until recently, held the title of "Only Woman to Win the Pole in a Nationwide, Formerly Busch Series Race" and that was back in '94 and a "really big deal!" - my husband keeps reminding me !! Danica Patrick has now joined Shawna as a woman making history in NASCAR  . .   So, needless to say . . I know more about NASCAR than I ever did.  The Oscars . . . well, what girl doesn't like to watch a little red carpet walk of amazing fashion, shoes, jewels and hot men?!

So back and forth I go . .  waiting and watching back stories . .  might as well pull out the lap top . . . 

the artist

I am still pondering a common thread. . . and it's hard to find one. . 
hum . . . checkered flag - black and white - the little black dress?

I think I'll go Black and White  . . . no rhyme or reason here . . just pretty images I love and came across today that I though I would share while waiting for the rain to stop at Daytona . . .  and Billy Crystal to come on . . . 

loving b/w tweed, and a good gingham . .  the boutique hotel "the club" in Singapore

The next time I'm in Singapore, it's a must . . 

a dress I wish I could pull off

my favorites of red carpet past

i have no idea where I found this . .  but I love it,

graham and brown wall paper, used it in past . . love it.

love the floor, love the dog, love the natural light

love the headboard

love the mix of pieces, love the bike in the room, makes it real

it appeals to my "I could have lived in the 50's" side

want in my powder room 

just a great shot - 

amazing images (above 6) compliments of www.acoustic-garden.tumblr.com

would love fluttering around my master

Ok . .  now for a little wallpaper Throwdown  black and white style . . .

abigail edwards



osborne and little

and last but not least . . .

a little dragon . . .

In spirit of the Oscars . . . 

oops . . wrong girl . . .

No Daytona . . .  but the dresses are now a' strolling - Signing off. . . 

- Beth