Install of the Day !

Hi Everyone . . 

Remember this?  The Caron install.  Loved doing this job - blank slate   Tricky a bit, in that my client wanted the look of a loft in their ranch style house.   I started with a color scheme, cool colors:   Whites, grays, black with a touch of teal.  Furnishings for this look are generally modern with straight lines, with a dose of metal and worn wood.  I chose a long grey sofa with a pair of white chairs.  These pieces were perfect for our “industrial” color palette, yet in keeping with the style of house.  The coffee table very “warehouse” with it’s wood top and metal wheels, low to the ground and the rug had the look of a concrete floor.   

It was a great install, and turned out exactly like I imagined in my head.

With happy clients, I got the green light to move onto the den, kitchen and breakfast room.
Again, a bit of a blank slate.  Take a look at my design board . . .

We wanted to continue the modern, industrial look, but had pickled kitchen cabinets and beaded board walls to contend with.  The walls I had no problem with, the color actually worked as did the texture. Rather than ripping out all the cabinets, a fresh coat of bright white paint did the trick with a contrast of black on the island.

We filtered in sleek and contemporary, yet comfortable furnishings - with a little fun and whimsy.

All Paula's amazing photography showcased beautifully in the new look.

The breakfast room received the biggest change.  The gold walls with white trim was transformed to white with black and we added a big splash of graphic color on the ceiling tying back to the colors of the front of the house.  

I found this great new light fixture at Modern Lighting's New Showroom on East Blvd (welcome new neighbors and thanks !)  Perfect . . 

Styling and accessories complete any look.  For the breakfast room, we had two new benches made for the existing table, and found these great inexpensive turquoise vases, who's pattern mimicked the ceiling pattern.  

The traditional brick fireplace was styled up with a vintage metal flower burst, and lots of strategically place artwork.

We chose these great white leather swivel chairs to flank the fireplace.  Very fun and perfect for the look we were going for.

Take a look at the other options that were on the table. . .

Coffee table winner was a nice large "tree" cut, but take a look at the other options . . .

The house - as a whole - is now very cohesive, and pulled together !!  The color palate works and all is well in the (Caron) world !!!

- Beth