Install of the Day !

Hi !

I love that Maggie has been on such a roll as of late !  This ongoing project for John and Olga Karagounis is coming together so beautifully.  She has been working with these two on the look for the first floor of their new home in South Charlotte.  With the architecture having such a big presence it was important not to have the decor fight it.  She chose neutrals with a slight pop of navy and kelly green.  The bigger pieces a more subtle grey to blend in with the stone and horizontal trim.  Take a look at the design board she created and how beautifully it came together.

I love this image, it really captures the size of the room and all the details.  She chose three gorgeous Bobo pendants to drop from the ceiling, matching cabinets flanking the huge fireplace, all in similar colors.  We had the sofa recovered and placed on a larger rug.  The pop came in with the back of the new swivel chair and art.  Just the perfect amount of color.

Great job Maggie !

Perfect styling job in the bookcase as well !

From the great room into the kitchen just a touch of paper for a little wow factor.

All this ties back to the dining room she installed in the fall.  Love it !

photos by mekenzie loli


Install of the Day !

Hi There

Quick install before Spring Break !  Maggie took the lead on this project for the Little's in Dilworth, transforming their Master Bedroom into a soothing retreat.  I love the color choices and the carefully thought out details in this space.

A very symmetrical space with matching side tables, and lamps.  The fabric choice for the windows add a softness to all the hard edges and being "non functional" you get the look without all the excess fabric to purchase !  

I love the rug choice.  A bit of an old world look to contrast the graphics

Another great choice was the more modern side chest.  It's lacquer finish brightens the room, keeping it young and fresh.  A great spot for a wall grouping as well.  Try to mix photos, art and "objects" in this case a mirror for the collected look. 

The perfect last minute find at Slate Interiors, these two hide benches.  With their new end of bed sofa, these are perfect for kicking your feet up and getting away.

photos by Mekenzie Loli

What's next for the Little's?  A front entry re-design and main living space - stay tuned !!


For the Love of Black and White !

Hey There . . .

This upcoming project is all about the black and white.  My client knows what she likes.  With my latest black and white obsession, this project was in my wheelhouse and was delighted to get it going !  Installing shortly with all the bells and whistles.  

With a dining room, office, family room and kitchen area, I was called in to help pull it all together.  I started up front and worked my way through.

Having the dining table and chairs I added a black to white ombre wall paper, new curtain panels and a few accessories to complete the look.

I then stepped back into the foyer, which didn't need much except new chandeliers.  My client fell in love with my black and grey wall paper and had to have it... so in the powder room it goes.  I am pondering a few art pieces and area rug to bring over for the install - we'll see how she feels about that on install day !

The office off the foyer has the biggest change going on.  Adding molding to the walls and painting the entire space dark charcoal.

New chairs, bookcases, sconces and side tables.  I cannot wait to play in this space with accessories and art !

The back family room gets a dose of wall paper, and more accessories plus a new console, coffee tables and lamps.  Are you seeing a look here?  She loves her black and white !

Now, I always like to give clients another option when designing their space, ya know, push them out of their comfort zone a bit.  I decided to show them what a little color could do.  For me, green is a neutral.  It goes with anything.  Take a look at the same spaces with a dose of color!

A touch of green in the wall paper, popping the chairs with green velvet . . . 

. . .  and the office going dark kelly green as oppose to charcoal.

The family room would have a bigger paint change and little dose of green malachite wall paper on one wall - way dramatic.

True to her love of black and white - green was out . .  but options are always good !

Installing this Spring - stay tuned !!!!  So excited.

How a Single Pillow Can Inspire a Plan

Hi There !

It has been crazy busy, realizing I haven't posted anything in almost a month and I love to write on the blog!  Even gotten a few emails from a few followers wondering what the deal was with me ! Whole house projects have consumed our time, the details are unreal . . . So excited about these biggies and cannot wait to install and shoot !!!  With not a lot of down time to investigate some of my favorite new findings, thought post a bit on some of these big jobs coming up this Spring as a little teaser, and promise to give a glimpse into the upcoming High Point Market best of.. (in April).  

Take a look at a project with the green light, goods ordered and just waiting for our ever so busy wall paper installer to get the ball rolling !  It was all inspired by a single pillow, piece of art and gorgeous runner my client already had in the foyer . . .

The colors:  charcoal, coral, teal.  I started in the foyer and popped a ceiling wall paper for a little drama.  Changing the front door from white to black, it give this space a little weight.  This runner, loved and was thrilled to work everything around it.

This front office, already complete by my client gave me a great example of their style.  Love when my client's have such good taste !!

The dinning room has some what of a blank slate.  With just the table and chairs, my client really wanted to give it a little drama.  I went two directions for them, one with a big dose of color, the second more subtle.. what would you do ?!!

Love both . . . .

The back family room was the main reason I got the call.  With a great grey sectional, I was asked to finish the room, and pull it all together with a little style.

I started by adding the pillows into this room that I used as my color inspiration.  Curtain panels, chandelier and art to start.

A blank wall now filled with art, and a simple bookcase with brass accents.  Loving the worn leather chair look and this particular style is still sleek enough for a modern look.  Visible to the front door, all the colors now are pulled in.  Fun, eclectic look for this young family.

As with many clients, the fireplace / tv wall is their biggest struggle.  The typical built in doesn't have to be the only go to.  I found these metal side consoles.  The perfect size and with the wire mess doors - all the accessing of remotes and equipment - not a problem.

Also added a big seagrass rug with a great shaggy moroccan over top.  Layer layer is the keep.

So stay tuned for this install - loving the color combination !!