Install of the Week Part 2.

Hey Guys . . .

I also know I'm in Florida, when I smell the salt air . . on the way to the Richardson's I detoured over the bridge for a minute to stick my feet in the sand . .  with the long day ahead of me I wanted to take 5 minutes and call the kids.   I walked past this funky seaside motel and thought . . . and those are my colors for Anna Scott's room . . . a designer mind I guess . . .

We installed Anna Scott's room while installing Ella's - just jumping between the two.  Steve was a trooper with my A.D.D. kicking in all over the place . . . I just couldn't wait to place certain things to see if they looked as good in person as they did in my head when I was designing it long distance.

Take a look . . .

Don't you love the bed !!!  Up against this amazing new paper.  With Anna Scott, it was all about the mix of metals, patterns, modern and vintage.  Anna Scott, a little more on the reserve side, now has a room to grow with, something special all hers !  

We did pretty good, everything worked as planned.  We did decided to move the mirror armoire out to give her a little more walk around room.

Great detail in the shape of the headboard and the pretty mirror chandelier was the perfect size.

Take a closer look of the paper (also available in several color combinations !)

We wall mounted a gold leaf side table with a vintage silver and glass lamp next to the bed, here's a close up.

And of course her big request - the cool bubble chair !  A fan favorite.  Love it, live in Charlotte ? come by our showroom and check it out in person !

This one fabric pulls it all together with the wall paper.  With such a graphic pattern on the walls and bedding, this more "organic" looks did the trick.

Crazy fun day . . . big install week with all the Richardson's.   Plan on hitting it tomorrow with Wryn's Room and giving you a preview of the great job Sunday did on the rest of the house . . .  she has great taste and with the help of Erin Dougherty of Isabella - she has created a special place to call home with all her girls and Jason !

Install of the Week, Part 1.

Hi There . . .

I know I'm in Florida when I start seeing the Hibiscus bushes growing like weeds, when I see the late afternoon skies fill with those sweeping black clouds, that do their 30 minute rain dance, and when my hair turns to a fuzzy mess that no smoothing treatment will cure.

I am here to install 3 rooms I have been working on for Sunday and Jason Richardson and their 3 daughters, Ella, Anna Scott and Wyrn.  This was another "long distance" job and I am here to tell you, it can be done.  A floor plan, pictures and a lot of trust will get it done.

Sunday spent a lot of phone and email time with me describing the personalities of her girls and their favorite colors, as well as their needs as far as the "function" of the room.  I started with Ella, who was described as

"wide open"

That description sent me in this direction . . I wanted to use a lot of pink and orange, but I didn't want to fill the walls with it.  I often feel using a clean "neutral" like white and or grey will make that color pop even more.  I wanted a room for an "artist."  An artistic thinker that is.. visual, energetic, and here's what I came up with . . 

I could not wait to use this paper . . it was clean and crisp.  A great accent wall paper - using a neutral grey on the remaining 3 walls.  My color comes in pops - here and there . . .

We installed today . .  as well as moved the family into the house - it was crazy fun.

I am in love with this room . . .

Take a good look at the Egg chair . .  at the last minute I decided to hand paint one instead of the solid orange, or should I say,  I decided to have Keith paint one !  

It was a fun weekend project we did in the driveway, with all our neighbors watching and wonder just what we were up to - they think we are crazy to begin with - but it made for good "driveway hanging out."  It turned out oh-so fab, and definitely one of a kind !!!

Great fabric . .  it was another great pop of color behind the vintage white dresser.

It was so fun hanging with Sunday today and helping with the craziness.  She found a great local installer for me - thanks Steve, great job.

Stay tuned for Part 2. -  Anna Scott's room !


Road Trip . . . Florida Bound

Hey there . . .

So I thought I was smart to plan an escape from the craziness of the upcoming DNC which is being held here in Charlotte. Trading in road closings, traffic jams and the overall frenzy for a fun out-of-town install in the tropics - sounded perfect.  I booked the trip . . . to Tampa.  Ok, I am a distracted idiot.  How did I not know the RNC was taking place in my escape city?   Because I have been work immersed, radio and TV turned out, install obsessed - That's been my focus as of late.  So let the Conventions begin and let the best man win - I will be tuned into the drama while unpacking lamps.   

I am leaving town tomorrow for an install I have been looking forward to for months !! Sunday Richardson.  Name sound familiar . . . Sunday Richardson is Dawn Richardson's sister-in-law from yesterday's post !   It has been amazing working with this family (check out where it all started  . . . with their mother-in-law, Judy's project (here) and their other sister-in-law, Rebecca's project.  I have been busy with the Richardson's !  Each project has been unique, special and simply a joy !

So bag's are packed . . . The truck is packed and I am heading south . .

Stay tuned and let's hope I don't arrive at the airport to this . . 

Install of the Day Part 3.

. . . where was Case?  My third install for the day . . . in part, I should say.

Case, the oldest of the Dawn Richardsons . . . scored the king size bed and the TV.  I played around with a few designs.  This first option incorporated a green / grey overall wall color.  This color contrasted well with  the big brown leather headboard.  The rug in this option was a mixture of green and grey as well, almost "mossy-stone" like - and the cool furniture was all metal and industrial.  Good start . . .

After a little tweaking, we chose a more traditional "boy" approach with blues . . . We kept the furniture choices and switched out the rug and chair . . . It still has the industrial vibe !

We installed the rug, tables, and lighting today, but alas . . . it was almost 7:00 pm and I had no light for pictures - so stay tuned to get a good look at Case's reaction and the finished product !

I am off early in the morning for Part Two of Richardson Week  - Florida bound.

Stay tuned and cross your fingers the truck makes it without a problem !!

Install of the Day Part 2.

 . . . . after we pulled together Elon and Harper's room, we headed down the hallway to Camden and Case's rooms.  I really think Dawn was thrilled that I handled it all for her - she had enough on her plate with the demo going on downstairs in the kitchen at the same time!

Now Camden (described as her "trendy" one) - I originally designed a look like this . . . Modern with the chevron wall paper and crazy circle rug.  It was strong and graphic and "boy."

 . . . but after we got together and Dawn wanted to "edge" it up even more.  She loved the idea of a strong punch color,  I loved the idea of a graphic black wall paper on an accent wall.  She was game which was great !  So idea no. 2 went into place !

. . . and take a look !  Don't be afraid of a strong accent wall.  With all the natural light and remaining walls being white - it works!  We also painted a side wall in the room the acid green found in the window treatments - all fun!

Camden's favorite element - his new metal back and black leather Egg Chair !!  Loves it.   It spins and it's just plain cool !   Available at www.lucyandcompany.com  of course ! 

It was great . . running from room to room transforming them . . . and calling the kid's upstairs for the "reveal,"  but where's Case?

Install of the Day Part 1.

Happy Wednesday !

I started my day packing up a big 'ole truck heading to Florida tomorrow, filled with three rooms of good things for the Sunday Richardson's . . . but today it was all about the Dawn Richardson's - coincidence  - nope, sisters-in-law.  I am so excited to be helping out these two, (or should I say 10 - kids and parents combined).  Thanks to the introduction by their mom-in-law Judy, a client, and friend I have gotten to know this past year.  Judy was kind enough to sing my praises and one thing lead to another . .  new houses, new construction.  I  was asked to help with 6 kids rooms in Mooresville NC and Clearwater FL.

Today I tackled the North Carolina crew and the cutest girl in the world, Elon Richardson.  Her infectious laughter and enthusiasm rubbed off on me and totally captured the attention of Molly, my new assistant.  We created not 1, but about 6 design boards for her to chose from when creating her new room to share with her new sister, Harper - soon to arrive from China. 

 Here's the winner.

We didn't change much from the original design board, just pumped up the color of the beds !

Now Dawn (mom) is more of a graphic kind of girl, not frilly and flowery and Elon is a lover of pink. I chose a bold graphic stripe wall paper which is sold vertically, but we chose to run it horizontally- we added other geometric elements in the pillows and accessories.

Molly, on her own, had this custom watermelon pillow made for Elon.  During our first meeting, Elon taught Molly how to play Angry Birds, while describing her love of watermelons.  Molly was so thoughtful when she found, and customized this pillow to surprise us all with.  That personal touch was of course the first thing she noticed when she ran in the room !

I found this great vintage side table, the perfect size for this tight space.  My favorite part of the room has to be the window nook.  A perfect place for reading.  I came across this great (vintage as well) swivel, rocker and quickly handed it over to Erin to recover.  She pulled it off for me in 2 days!  A little pouf, side stoop and the perfect windows.  New from Designer's Guild, it combined the pinks and navy as well as a grounding grey.  Dawn loved the fabric - even though it took her out of her comfort zone a bit !

It was a fun and crazy install day - in that we also brought in things for Elon's two brother's (stay tuned !)  I love working with these Richardson's.  I even loved creating a bunch of design boards for them to choose from - I tend to get carried away with that.  Take a look at my second favorite . . .

Stay tuned and I will give you a look at Camden's Room


Wythe Not for the Love of Colonial Blue . . .

Hey There . . .

I'm back . . . thought I'd show you the second of two installs from my Tuesday. .

Loving the red. . 

Let me give you the back story . . . 

Historical Williamsburg . . . the Wythe House, unfamiliar?  I was, until I met Jen Dyer.  The Dyer's recently purchased a home in the Sedgewood Circle neighborhood.  This Charlotte home was built by Eric W. McComb and Architect Sam W. Greeson of Meyer, Greeson - who were inspired by the design of Virginia's George Wythe Home.  Now George, a prominent attorney and (my favorite...) "thinker," by that I mean took part in discussions about the ideas that shaped the Revolution.  He was Thomas Jefferson's teacher and mentor.  He was the first signer of the Declaration of Independence from Virginia.  His home served as General George Washington's headquarters just before the British siege of Yorktown.  He liked brick.

It is believed the house was built and designed in the mid 1750's by his father-in-law Richard Tallaferro and the Wythe's, Elizabeth and George, lived in the home for more than thirty years.

So, I wonder if the Dyer's - Jen, Cam, Luke, Finn,  Ivy Greer and their dog Ranger will make their new home a place of 30 years !

Now I am all about the historical preservation of architecture (I live next door to Architect, Don Duffy - Charlotte's Best in my opinion, and my go-to for any questions with my 1921 home) but the interior of this home, while gorgeous in it's detail, size and layout, needed a little of 2012 updating !

The Dyer's pulled in a contractor to help with some renovation that needed to be done.  The kitchen and master bathroom mainly.  They also painted right away.   All the trim was blue - colonial yes, but not the look they (or I) wanted - so I was thrilled with the trim being done when I got there.

Take a look at a traditional Williamsburg look . . .

We met the week after they moved in, boxes and all.

I am thrilled to help Jen and the family create a beautiful new place to call home.  I put together a game plan for the first floor to include the Dining Room, Living Room, Family Room, and Sunporch.  We started in July with a Thanksgiving completion goal.  With the help of my installers, vendors and great new assistant Molly - we finished the Sitting Room early and in September plan on finishing the details in the other three.

Take a look at where I started.

With the house, came the rug.  It was to stayed - and was the start of the color scheme we chose.

In the front sitting room, typically formal, we chose to go a little more casual and livable.  It lead to the main family room which makes for great "overflow."  Perfect for gatherings between the two rooms and a great visual between both.

Another part of my plan was to repurpose and keep as much as I could rather than starting over.  At our first meeting I wandered around taking pictures of all their existing furniture.  I took one of their sofas and reupholstered it for this room.  I also took two existing tufted chairs to use in that room (the color and style worked).  With the colors of the Dining Room rug, across the hall, I chose a deep red grass cloth,  mixed with new pillows and great new graphic rug (welcome 2012).

Notice the fab artwork . . chose to do a large grouping of the sea fans and shells, framed in glass with distress metal frames.  Fills the wall and looks amazing.

An oversized drum chandelier added a modern touch and tied back to the existing fixtures in the adjoining Family Room.

On to the Dining Room across the hall . . . here's the plan.

This room, as well as all the other rooms in the house got a fresh coat of gold paint before moving in.  They picked a pretty gold color, but I wanted to break it up just a bit.  I chose to change the Dining Room to grey and wall paper the Sitting Room - they were game.

This room also need almost everything.

We were lucky and received the dining table, chairs, chandeliers and window treatments in record time!  So we are off to a good start to complete for the holidays - just waiting for the sideboard.

The Sunporch  is next . . .  Big and empty with lots of windows . . .  When working on the design plan for the front of the house - I wanted a complete plan for this room.  We are half way there and can't wait for those amazing windows!

Stay tuned . . . we are installing that room in a few weeks.

So Wythe not stay true to the architectural detail, while creating something modern, comfortable and inspirational to you . .  on the inside !