Quickie Installs !

Happy Holiday Weekend... 

With a little time to kill (well not really) but taking a few minutes to post a few quickie installs !  Three little projects with big impact.  

This first house, in Myers Park had just gotten started with a dramatic entry wallpaper, and an even more dramatic front room.  I suggested a dark and moody painted sitting room with mis-matched chairs, amazing lighting, an anything but boring sideboard.  All helping bring their art to life !

Also ventured into the tiny tiny dining room ... my solution to enable 8 to fit around a table... 

A long banquette off center !  Not only does it allow for a lot more people .. it's a fabulous spot for office work when not being dined at !

I had just gotten started with this great place in Myers Park when my clients up and get engaged and decided to move for more room for a bunch of combined kids...  but will tell you what.. I think the new look helped with the 42 showings and 10 offers in 48 hours ... YAY !

No. 2 install and shoot... a bit of drama for a lack-luster side entry mud room.

Let's see.. new custom cabinets with bench, textured printed grass cloth, lighting and mirror.  Something a little more fun to walk into and more importantly ....

... this powder room is part of it all and well more inviting for guests...

New custom vanity, metallic cork paper and new plumbing.. where I once was oppose, I am totally all about the black potty in dark bathrooms so it doesn't stand out and just goes away !!

Another fun powder room with super splashy paper, new vanity and ... well new everything.

I love a good powder room, everyone sees it.

Happy Holiday weekend !


Install of the Day !

Happy Weekend !

Recently finished and Mekenzie shot of my casa in Charlotte.  Love that it's done and I am so happy with it all.  I have renovated many times over the years and my style has changed and evolved over time but one thing I have realized over the past decade is my never ending love of unique, nostalgic things.  Things that mean something to me.  When designing my weekend place in the mountains I went to town on just that idea.  I pulled out those sentimental pieces and worked the spaces around them.  I have always believed that your personal space should be collected over time.  The Brevard house has a neutral color theme as does the Charlotte place making it easy to move things between the two if I wanted to.  With such a crazy and hectic career of choice, coming home and to a finished, soothing collection of rooms always relaxes and recharges me.

So with all that said . .  I'll give you a little walk though . . .

The living space sets the tone and the first thing you see when you enter my little circa 1921 Dutch Colonial.  Most recently I updated the traditional fireplace, removing the mantle (and changed all the furniture).     I opted for a larger bump out and plaster treatment on the entire fireplace

Before . . .

After !

With a new sunroom and an existing family room I decided this space did not need a sofa but rather 4 swivel chairs, a lot more conversational around the fire.

Full of things I love in this space.

I mixed in a small frame TV with an art grouping.... my favorite TV's

A vintage writing desk that I have coveted forever.

I have been collecting art over the years and have found the perfect homes for all of them.  Art really finishes a space.  This piece I adore, the detail and talent of Mary Calengor - she's amazing !  From a design perspective the contrast I love as well as the scale.

Another piece I had to have was a piece by J. Louis (both of these pieces through Shain Gallery here in Charlotte). That little touch of color in my all neutral house works for me.

From the living space you walk into the new sunroom.  What once was a deck is now a light-filled multi window "listening room," one once said to me.  With a bar & turntable, reading and another frame TV.  I adore this room and use it often !

A mix of textures - hide, a nubby (Romo fabric) Ralph Lauren sofa, and a little boucle all sit on a jute rug and surrounded by chocolate grasscloth walls.

A Man Ray chess set is the coolest.

A long narrow space with custom build in on the right, both floating for books and turntable and tall for bar and a little more storage.   I continued the grasscloth on the doors of this tall piece.

Just a great collection of textiles I think !

From the sunroom you round into the den off the kitchen.  A huge leather sofa (for George).  A lot of floppy comfortable pieces that can handle people and a drooling dog.

Super casual.

I loved by wood kitchen in Brevard I brought it back to Charlotte. No uppers and a lot of black tile for a good transition to the wood.

Added a ribbed wood detail to one wall that wraps around the fridge wall, both walls housing "invisible doors" to the old 1921 basement and front living room.

The new pantry is shallow with large hidden side doors for the "not so pretty" and black metal doors for the more decorative.

Popped in more Art, this piece by Kim Testone (from Hidell Brook's here in Charlotte)

Back in the day this dining space had a wall and swinging door to the kitchen.  During one of my many renovations I took that wall out.  Now opens directly into the kitchen.

With no upper kitchen cabinets I had these made for the dining space for dishes, glasses and serving pieces.

A tiny hall to the stairwell and powder room with artwork by Virginia Scotchie

And one of my all-time favorite powder rooms !!  It's super tiny with a bitty brass sink, wall mount fixture, marble backsplash and a ribbed marble base.  All of this yummy is surrounded by Schmacher snakes !

At the top of the stairs I created a bit of a gallery with several art pieces I love by Mel Rea,  Lori Love and Scott Kerr.   Papered the ceiling with a little more Schmacher and all new hardware !

My guest room is a retreat for sure.  I hop between it and my master all the time depending on my mood !

It all started with a Burberry plaid I was in love with.  I had it made into a grass cloth and filled all the walls.

Loaded with more memorable pieces, my dad's West point jacket, another favorite art piece by Karen Hollingsworth, and a jacket from the Henley Regatta from a memorable trip to the UK with Kate.

I loved this chandelier so much but way too big to center in the room, so I off centered it in a corner by a side chair and console.

It's dark, moody vibe is a space I love to curl up in on a rainy day !

Both the bathroom off this room and the closet have new pivot doors which I papered for a little something different.   Major overhaul for this bathroom with all new everything !

Now . . . at the end of the hall I had a lounge for the girls when they were younger - well one's out of the house now and the other soon to be.. decided I wanted this space all to myself... so I repurposed some of the pieces and . . . . 

turned it into my master.  Ok so no a closet or bathroom in this space  but I didn't care, I turned the second bedroom upstairs into my full walk in closet... 

All white with a mix of Era's and styles and another invisible door.  This one with a wallpaper art pieces framed out.

Another frame TV.. they are the best visually.

The new master bathroom .. just outside the door from the new master bedroom !

And here's that walk in closet I was mentioning... once was one of the kid's bedrooms !  All new built ins and paper... 

I had to say goodbye to Kate's old room for this closet ... I loved it so much.. but she took over Lucy's room.. and yeah not shooting that .. you get it she's 18 (yikes)

I love my 100 year old house !
Happy Sunday !!!

all photos by mekenzie loli (well most of them !)