Hot off the Press - Home of the Year 2021 !

 Hey There ....

Charlotte Agenda, now Axios, has revealed this Year's Home of the Year.  We won last this and this year it's Maggie's turn !  Big congrats !  Maggie worked along side me at Lucy and Company for years and I have watched her style and creative talents grow and evolve. Very proud her !   

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Another winner !!  Arcadia Homes for Best Architecture.  One of my long-time clients, I was thrilled to do all the interior design in this home.  Arcadia was amazing to work with.  Their attention to detail, site managers and overall process was one of the most well orchestrated I have seen.  Big congrats to them as well !

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Take a look at some of my favorite images from our shoot.  (more here - click on)

Happy Momday !


Install of the day !

Hey There !

We had a much awaited install this week, but once we had it all... installing is my favorite part !  We had a dining room to tweak, an empty breakfast room, family room and most fun.. two little boys, one of which needed a big boy room.  Take a look at how it all turned out !

This dining room was already off to a good start .. we just needed custom window treatments, amazing lamps and an eye-catching table centerpiece.  I wanted something big.  Luckily we had gorgeous things to work with, a stunning mirror and really fun chairs.

Moving into the heart of the house and just off the kitchen, the family room.   I kid you not, there was a blow up sofa in there when I first met my client !  Lover of whites and being quite girly at heart, my biggest push, after looking at every fixture under the sun, was this gorgeous large brass and natural crystal chandelier.. it was my starting point.  I love it's scale - wide but not too long that it blocks a TV.

We chose the rug, chairs and sofas first and come install day filtering in all those accessories to bring the spacec to life.  Thanks to several vendors of mine as well as local shops, BJ Jeffries and (to the Trade) Darnell and Company we combined ordered and local.  Lastly three Stephen Wilson pieces of art to chose from... wonder which or how many will make the cut !

Last minute great find.. this gorgeous pot .. perfect !

We turned into the breafast room with a long custom banquette, with acrylic chairs, hide ottomans and a new chandelier.  Dinner for ten at this spot !

Just off the kitchen.. a now dramatic guest room with a large scale, custom to fit Ane Wall paper !

Big surprise for Hudson ... a new room with an industrial meet surfer vibe !  

New queen bed with wood and metal horizontal slats, fun ombre bedding and matching sides.  I then decided to mix in two pendant lights wiith a loft feel.  

How about this wave.. printed large scale by one of my favorite vendors then tweaked by Keith to add a few extra hand painted bubbles and spray.  A wood hand chair and new dresser. 

So fun to see his face when he came home and saw his new digs !!
(and yes.. the blinds didn't make it in time) but they will be a great natural texture in a straw color to finish off the look !

photos by Mekenzie Loli

Fun (long) day ... pulling it all together.. love love love...


Install of the Week !

Hey All !

I am behind.  I love taking a lazy Sunday posting a recent install, but I am behind !!!  Thank goodness I have a new assistant designer in house (stay tuned for a little intro).  

 Arcadia Builders.  Designed by Smith Slovik Design Group, this home is a showstopper for sure !

There were so many details in this build and I loved being a part of it from the very beginning.   I will say Arcadia's site managers were amazing.  Clean, organized and on the ball, making this project one of my favorites.   An on-site manager is a must, schedules were met and even visiting the site was without headache !  Daily clean up and always someone there to answer questions.  There's nothing worse than a dirty, chaotic job site and this was never the case.   

I am pretty methodical about the design process.   Starting at the front door and working my way through room by room. This home, grand to say the least, was to incorporate the client's love of a french feel, with very tall ceilings, distressed brick, rock, beams and metal.   I was brought on board once the plans were finished to help with all the selections.  I am often asked when a designer should jump in, and I say from the very beginning.  Our job is to help a client visual all the details, which finishes to select, tile, colors, cabinet style, counter tops and especially lighting placement.  To do this a design plan must be in place.  

I worked on design boards incorporating all the furniture selections and placement which allowed us to pull the perfect lighting and colors.

Lighting was a huge part of this project.  Wanting unique and different in each space yet all jiving with each other.  Take a look at ALL this fun lighting we used.

Let the design process begin...  A very open floor plan in the center of this house.  Large open arches and hallways where each space was visible to the next.  A very grand kitchen for sure with so much storage it was mind blowing.. yeah I was jealous !

Having worked with this client in the past on their previous home we brought over a few pieces to incorporate in this home.

I worked closely with the client, contractor and their cabinet contractor, Distinctive Cabinets to choose just the style,  stain, paint colors and details.  Then we met to pick all the right plumbing.   It's a collaborative dance.

Mekenzie was there recently with me for our big shoot !  All styled up and fresh flowers for a party to follow shortly thereafter !

Take a look and the end results . . . 

This stairwell turned out amazing !! We chose one chandelier, ordered three and rewire it to create a triple.

Gorgeous ceilings accented by even more lighting.

You immediately enter the main living space with views into the kitchen, back porch, side hallways and dining room.   A grand fireplace.   We opted to forgo the typical side "built ins" and filter in two side cabinets with a custom antique mirrored wall.

The rock accents walls were carefully faux painted to achieve the perfect color palette.  An artist friend from way back, Janet Marsh, did such an amazing job on these as well as the barrel kitchen ceiling !

I love how this main living space turned out !!

The colors are perfectly tied into the floors, beams, walls, brick kitchen ceiling and all the cabinets !

One of my favorite shots captured the gorgeous kitchen, hood, brick ceiling and ... that scullery... that killer scullery.

How great did this turn out.  I love everything about this space.  All the "pretty" is styled on the open shelves with the more utilitarian behind doors.  Really jealous over this one !!!

The dining room is quite simple and clean with a hide rug, upholstered end chairs and brass metal side chairs.

Fun powder room with a full wall of tile behind sink .. cement looking, custom vanity by Jacob Wolfe and rock vessel sink. 

The master bedroom is just off the living space.  Our client found and incorporated this gorgeous carved wood door.

In the master bedroom we filled the focal wall with an edge to edge hunter green velvet headboard (and frame to match).  Dropped two crystal pendants and distressed the wall with layers of plaster.

The huge master bathroom mixed painted and stain cabinets both his and hers on the opposite side.

A shower... a really big one and fancy tub !

all photos by mekenzie loli

Seriously fun project with one of my favorite clients... uber laid back and so so willing and easy.  It was a delight... Big thanks to Arcadia for such an amazing build process !!