Color in the Sunshine State!

i had the pleasure of taking a trip down to west palm beach not too long ago, and  surprise; i couldn't put my camera down. on a day like today in charlotte with 100% chance of rain, i pulled out my pictures to revisited my trip.  take a look, the colors were delicious. check out the peach, mint, blue and yellow, everywhere i turned.

(all photos by mekenzie france)

passez une bonne journée!

Channeling the 1920's

Hi . . .

I am jumping on the band wagon of Tiffany's, The Plaza, all things Deco inspired, glitter falling, cloche wearing, marble inlay ed, jazz playing, graphic patterned and DiCaprio gazing.  If you are following my drift, on May 10th you'll be in line to catch The Great Gatsby.  Now it's going to be a hard, hard thing to bump Robert Redford's 1974 Nick Carraway character from my Top 10 -  don't mess with a classic list - but I've always had a little crush on Mr. DiCaprio and I am a huge sucker for the look of the 1902's Deco style.  From the trailer's I have seen, F. Scott's Fitzgerald's classic looks to be a visual explosion of glamor, glitz, style and drama.  I plan to escape for an evening of inspiration, and mundane though diversion !  I have decided to get myself in the mood . . . and of course got carried away as usual.

Found inspiration from a few of my vendors for fabrics and wall papers as well a lighting and furniture.  Kelly Wearstler, of course, and various architecture favorites in Manhattan are also thrown in and don't forget  1st Dibs is also an amazing go-to for anything vintage.  This is what I do on a rainy Sunday . . .

Like I said.. got a little carried away !


High Point Spring 2013

Hi Everyone . . .

Having just gotten home from High Point Spring Market 2013 . . I couldn't wait to pull my pictures along with Mekenzie's and take a good look.   Bree, Betsy, Mekenzie and I headed up Monday along with Anne Marie of Urban Home Magazine to see what was new for Spring 2013.

I found purple made it into one of my favorite showrooms, Julian Chichester.  It was one of my favorite finds of the trip.  I love it !  That, and the Oly showroom . . . both gorgeous . . . take a look.

The Oly showroom never disappoints !

Back over at the main buildings, it was all about texture, gold, hides, and plenty of details.  Take a peek at the things I was drawn to !

I can't wait to incorporate some new finds and take some inspiration from the details I came across.

Photography by Mekenzie France

Great trip !