Install of the Day.. Part 2

 Hey There !

I love "Photo Shoot" Friday's.  Today was particularly fun - beautiful weather, the light was perfect.  This client is just as Type A as myself.  The house is always perfect, exactly like I left.  

We all took a breather after building and installing the entire house, for the most part, a little over a year ago, now it was time to tackle the master bedroom, guest room and finish the upstairs landing.  I was excited to see these entire space come together and be so cohesive. 

With the colors in mind throughout the first floor, I brought some of the same into the master bedroom.  Soothing whites and light taupes with touches of coral.  

Take a look !

A new upholstered bed, side tables and a comfortable sitting area.  

We installed a subtle Phillip Jeffries wallpaper with a white washed wood grain and silver geometric pattern as a backdrop.

Simple white linen drapes and like colors in all the other pieces, with a pop on the pillows.
Love these Kelly Weastler patterns.

I have the same bedside tables,  perfect size and with the faux shagreen applied material, easily maintained.

Opposite the bed, a custom dresser with large lamps.  Shain Gallery and Kristen Blakeney .. large art !

I really love this pillow fabric, just the right amount of color.

Heading upstairs you are greeted by this amazing, large leather chandelier.  It's truly gorgeous.  From the road and lit at night it's quite the showstopper !

A large landing, large enough for a sofa with chaise, big TV and a wet bar.  Perfect lounging space to curl up in but still as "cool" as downstairs !

A little custom paper, custom metal shelf.  A little get-away for some family time.

In this phase 2 we did the guest bedroom as well.. what once was just your typical lack luster room, now a warm, inviting space ! Took a little convincing to paint dark, but I ended up getting my way !  

A lot of unique local finds add character !

Lastly a little peek in the office.  Home of a writer, this space filled with books and a little meeting corner.

all photos by mekenzie loli

Such a pleasure working on this project.  All pulled together filled with unique pieces.
To see the entire home... click here !


Install of the Day !

Morning all !

It's been a while since I posted anything... only one reason, the installation world is a mess.  Recently received this from one of our favorite vendors and it might help you all see what we are dealing with !

"I want to share an update on the challenges our industry continues to face.  The rapid spreading Delta Variant is causing significant problems with supply chains and production both domestically and globally.  Most factories in Vietnam are shut down due to stay-at-home mandates.  Similar conditions exist in the Philippines.  Factories in Indonesia and India are struggling due to staff shortages.  Industry experts are expecting "rolling factory closures" in Asia throughout the fall.  Port operations and container availability continues to be changed due to Covid related issues.  In addition, Hurricane Ida has disrupted the Louisiana petrochemical industry, which is critical in the manufacturing of foam, synthetic fabrics and plastics, all needed in the production of furniture. "

If I see another "pushed.... reselect?" email I might just lose my mind.  Anyone tried to order a new appliance?  My new fridge is coming in April - yes April such a drag.   I know I spend countless hours looking for pieces that are "in stock" without sacrificing the look.  Patience is running thin across the board, something we have never had to deal with before.  

But, it is what it is, we can't do anything about it and I beg you all to have patience.  There is nothing worse that settling for a piece that isn't right just for the sake of getting it.  I know we are doing our best to deal with constant changes in delivery dates as well a local vendors working around their own challenges, supply chains as well as lack of help which seems to be the biggest issue. 

But this project !!!! Luckily it started pre-"getting really bad." We started early at the time the client broke ground and started the build.  Tip - start early, the minute the plans are finalized.  I have several new clients that have done just that and excited we will have all their goods by the time they get their Certificate of Occupancy !!!!!!!!!

Take a look at this new build off Providence here in Charlotte.  Love this view of their dining room.  These colors actually started the whole design.  Neutrals with  a pop of navy... 

Comfortable dining chairs, a sticking rug (Stark) and a big splashy chandelier ! This is a dining room I could lounge in for a while.

Great details on the sideboard and the perfect little trim on the windows.

Love to be involved in the art selection... my client loved the work of Duy Huynk.  I went straight to Lark & Key as I knew they had his pieces... found the perfect one !

The goal was to seamlessly bring the dining area into the kitchen in this open floor plan.  We brought the stain color onto the cabinets and incorporated one of my favorite bar stools.  A little more brass in the pendants but in a bulkier shape as not to compete with the nearly chandelier.

When asking my client what was her favorite thing, she didn't hesitate on this backplash tile... Agree it's killer.  Thanks Palmeto Tile.

Also right in the kitchen to the side we incoporated a dry bar but made sure we had the style being completely different than the other cabinets.  

As well as the cabinet, we added a custom metal shelf wtih wallpaper back.  Thanks to 2Dash1.

With this simple open floor plan it was important to have all the colors jive from the living room into the kitchen and dining area being one big space all visible from the front door.  The goal was a calm soft look with a pop of navy !

Love the custom chandelier to anchor all the new pieces.

This powder room... the paper makes is ! Such a wow moment.

This entire space starts at the front door with a simple console, and lamp atop another amazing tile floor.  

The paper is actually textured in a simple raised pattern.

In the master bathroom we combined the silvers and brass.  

Picking this one paper did just that !

The master bedroom is coming soon as well as a great upstairs landing lounge - stay tuned !!

all photos by mekenzie loli