Road Trip . . . Florida Bound

Hey there . . .

So I thought I was smart to plan an escape from the craziness of the upcoming DNC which is being held here in Charlotte. Trading in road closings, traffic jams and the overall frenzy for a fun out-of-town install in the tropics - sounded perfect.  I booked the trip . . . to Tampa.  Ok, I am a distracted idiot.  How did I not know the RNC was taking place in my escape city?   Because I have been work immersed, radio and TV turned out, install obsessed - That's been my focus as of late.  So let the Conventions begin and let the best man win - I will be tuned into the drama while unpacking lamps.   

I am leaving town tomorrow for an install I have been looking forward to for months !! Sunday Richardson.  Name sound familiar . . . Sunday Richardson is Dawn Richardson's sister-in-law from yesterday's post !   It has been amazing working with this family (check out where it all started  . . . with their mother-in-law, Judy's project (here) and their other sister-in-law, Rebecca's project.  I have been busy with the Richardson's !  Each project has been unique, special and simply a joy !

So bag's are packed . . . The truck is packed and I am heading south . .

Stay tuned and let's hope I don't arrive at the airport to this . .