For the Love of the Over-dyed

Hi There . . 

I love over-dyed rugs, I love their worn appearance, their saturated colors.  They are the ultimate in re-purposing.  No one offers more than ABC Carpet & Home.  Their Color Reform Spectrum combines traditional with design innovation working hand in hand with local artisans in the remote mountains of the Pakistan region using centuries old techniques.  These rugs are laid to dry neutralizing their original color then individually over-dyed and washed.  Each rug is a canvas in which these artists create these color saturated beauties while retaining the essence of the original design.

On a rainy, grey day like today I could use a little color burst !

My love affair started about 3 years ago when I noticed several at market and purchased one for the showroom.  I have since offered up a few to clients who fell in love with them as well and both chose to use them in their entry foyer.  

I want to go on one of these magic carpet rides !