Spotlight: Young House Love

Morning . . .

I stopped by Paper Skyscraper yesterday, one of my business neighbors on East Boulevard.  Needed a brief break and wanted to parooz their vast and fab selection of books.  Talked to co-owner Ron for a bit about the market and how business was going . .  Not only does my Kate love wandering the aisles, I could spend some major time in there, great finds (voted "Best" by Creative Loafing, Charlotte Magazine and the Charlotte Observer).  Grabbed a few new books including John and Sherry Petersik's (Young House Love) recent book (get your copy here) .

It wasn't that long ago they ventured in my studio and we had the pleasure of meeting. (see their full post here.)  Thanks to them for the kind words . . 

 ". . . . “New we stopped at one of the most amazing and inspiring decor places I’ve ever stepped foot in.  And it just happened to be geared towards kids rooms and nurseries.  But there was nothing cheesy or unsophisticated about it.  Lucy & Co.  was founded by a woman named Beth who adopted her daughter (named Lucy) and was so inspired by children’s spaces that she decided to start her own little design boutique.

And let me tell you, the woman is a genius.  We actually got to hang out with her (and swoon over some photos of her daughter Lucy) and we just couldn’t believe how creative she is.  See the window treatment on the right in the photo on the left behind that amazing butterfly mobile”  It’s actually a simple wooden cornice box that Beth completely covered with rows and rows of white pom-pom trim (you know, the kind you can put on lamps or pillows?).  And she did it all by hand with a regular old glue gun.  Amazing, right?  And let’s turn our attention back to that yellow mobile with that we’re actually going to adapt it in our nursery (using thin floral wire and small blossoms) so stay tuned for that.

We also couldn’t deny that Beth’s bond fabric pairings and murals were pretty darn fantastic.  Check out this painted wall that she created after being inspired by some fabric that she found for that long pillow that rests on the foot of the bed.

And speaking of that long pillow, Beth confessed that she didn’t want to spend a ton of money on that fabric to create a real duvet that she could fold at the foot of the bed so she just made a long plush pillow to act as sort of a faux-duvet.  We actually love this “accident” because we can picture many a child loving that giant pillow (for sitting on the floor and reading, pillow fights, snuggling in bed, etc.)  She’s amazing I tall ya.  Head over to her site to check out more stunning spaces.”

We are also in the same issue of Southern Flourish together

I would love to invite this dynamic due back to the studio.  It has changed a lot.  I started my business focusing on upscale kid's spaces, it was an untapped market and I filled the entire space with color, fun and kid happy ideas.  While the studio has changed it's look, I still love to design kid's spaces.  I generally have the freedom to go a little nuts on color and fun pieces.  

I spend some time reading their book last night . . . I reminded me so much of growing up in a family that flipped houses, and the most crafty cousins ever.  Get your copy, the ideas are endless!