Install of the Day !

 Hi There !

At the end of 2022 we worked on a project with the most handy of clients.  We had our own "in house" carpenter who was able to do all the painting, trim work and tile.  That happens rarely and it was nice !

This project including creating a front room, perfect for entertaining a close group of friends or just finding a serene place to escape.   I wanted to re-do the fireplace and paint the room dark.  That's where I started.  My homeowner pulled off the mantle and we boxed out the entire fireplace to then add a dark, vertically stacked tile.  From there it came to paint, a darker grey, Ben Moore Iron Mountain.  With the base work done, it was game on to filter in all the goods.  Some new, some collected.  The goal was a layered, warm, cozy spot with artistic, sentimental pieces and comfortable velvet swivels next to the fire.  

Take a look at the finished front room !

From that point it was onto the dining room, which needed a much needed redo in that it was virtually empty and just wanting for all the goods !

A dark, F. Schmacher wall paper from chair rail up in like colors from across the hallway.  A touch of mid-century in the chandelier vibe, and a warm, easy dining table and chairs perfect for everyday dining.  I wanted a dining space that was used more often than not !

Filtered in a geometric pattern wool rug and unique mirror and lamps with a lot of texture and warmth.

Moving back into the family room, which was done for the most part, all by the homeowner !  We simple added a little more wall paper.  

To finish out the project we vamped up the powder room with a buffalo plaid wall paper, designed and created by the homeowner's brother himself !  Filtered in a new vanity, mirror and and lighting - done.  All now in the colors used throughout the house.

Having a client to help with all the details was a treat !

all photos by Mekenzie Loli