Install of the Day !

Hi . . .

The Front Living Room.  It doesn't have to be a boring, formal space you never land in.  The Wagonner's have just that kind of space space that was partially finished but needed some styling up to make it a major focal point as you enter the home.    I was thrilled to have two gorgeous Bernhardt chairs to work with as well as a shimmery Phillip Jeffries grass cloth.  Past client, we worked with to create a bonus room fit for the whole family (here).  Since then, I have been working my way through the home.  Keith created a huge art piece for the family room we installed yesterday as well. Next up, Powder Room tweaking and blood giving to finance the dining room I want to do !!

Where to start, on this "lounge?"  A focal point.  The room needed something on those walls to give that paper even more attention and a rug to ground everything.  

Take a look at what we installed and shot yesterday.

I started with the rug.  This large Ikat grounded the space and added a little color and texture.  I chose it for it's blue, grey and emerald green (which for me goes with most everything).  The large, large 62" round mirror became quite the focal point and filled the walls.  Out of the box, it's all black iron. I chose to added the gold leaf  (of course at the last minute as Keith was hanging on the wall).   We love, love that mirror.  A new coffee table, shagreen with gold accents, pillows, more art (created by myself and Mekenzie), a new console behind the sofa and new large lamp.  It's pulled together now !

These chairs, thankfully, had great style and fabric.  Love the hammered iron legs in a warm gold.  Fabric is a soft, textured shaved sheepskin like.  New pillows with even more texture and tie back to the blue in the graphic window treatments.

The wall covering, a Phillip Jeffries gold and slate blue combination, shimmers when the light hits it and takes on various colors. 

The shagreen coffee table was a huge find at Slate.  Shagreen is big right now.  What is it?  A type of rawhide consisting of rough untanned skin commonly made of the skins of sharks and rays.  Mine, however a faux.  No animals harmed in this install, or any install.

Take a closer look at Shagreen.

The art was a fun project that Mekenzie and I created last week at the studio.  I knew I wanted a grouping and wanted them to all be similar.  I ordered these pretty gold, with linen mat frames, from West Elm and we got to work on the textured, simple art.  Washing Bristol boards with shades of blues, greens, gold and grey then overlapping hand made papers and washing them a little more.  Lastly, adding some gold leaf.  Simple and as a group, and perfect for this space.  That art major came in handy.

We off centered the art over a new console but to the left of a large lamp.

all photos by Mekenzie France

Happy clients,  happy us.  Fun install as always at the Wagonner household.

Busy month of installs ahead stay tuned !