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Slippery Slope No. 1.  Something is in the water.  I am working with several clients who want to turn their front living rooms into home offices, pretty ones, comfortable ones.  It's a great idea for a space that doesn't get much attention as a "formal" living room.  Recently contacted by the Crowder's to do just that, but all of a sudden, the foyer needed some attention, then the dining room needed an update, then the kitchen was looking a little . .  dated . . . and while we were at it, let's tackle the great room and give the powder room a new look.  Hum . . love it.  While we are done with the original job, I am waiting to take Mekenzie over to photography all of it after it's all completed, for a full vision.   Working to give the first floor a cohesive, fresh look.  My colors, grey, gold, teal and a touch of purple. A am so looking forward to seeing it all done.  

When cutting through your front living room to the rest of the house, why not make it a space you can actually live in.  With a computer in there, TV maybe, some comfortable chairs.  The days of the "desk built into the kitchen cabinets" is over.  I don't know about you, but I could get more done in a room that wasn't the busiest in the house !  This space is pretty enough to entertain party overflow, sit with a book and a fire, or play on the Internet in quite, peaceful surroundings.  Take a look for what we designed. 

New grass cloth on all the walls for texture, new window treatments to soften, more updated furniture, mixing a little traditional with a little urban vibe, and new lighting.

Art was key to in this space, and any space !  Found this amazing triptych piece at market.  Up close you will see how the elephant ear leaves are actually raised textiles, hand-dyed and etched.  I have always been a fan of Aviva Stanoff's work and how she celebrates botanicals.  All one of a kind, all different.  Amazing (and stay tuned for a spotlight with more of her beautiful work)

The slippery slope I was taking about . . . the view into the foyer and powder room, really need to be updated and jive color wise . .  

I love the mix of gold, brown, purple and a little teal.

So in the new powder room we added wall paper, a new sink base and sconces, continuing to tie the colors together.

And while we were at it, we wall papered the front foyer and stairwell with a very graphic, yet tone on tone paper.  With the intro of that paper, I wanted a splash piece of art to introduce you to all the colors were were incorporating on the first floor.  Score with this piece from Hidell Brooks, by Windy O'Connor.

The adjacent dining space was already painted chocolate brown with these graphic curtains.  I just added new furniture, lighting  and a rug.

We all loved this new fabric from Harlequin.  A delicious cut velvet with taupe and purple.  We are using it on the back of two new head chairs.

And this fixture . . . gorgeous.  With a new rectangular dining table, this rectangular fixture suited the space much better and the light color of the oyster shells will stand out from the chocolate walls.

On to the great room, why not, we were on a roll.  It needed it.  I continued with my palette of grey, gold, teal and purple in this more lively combination.  A new sectional for Dad (to really get comfortable watching that new TV), in a neutral grey.  I know, I know . . my sofa color of choice, it just goes with everything.  A large, large 15 foot area rug from a new vendor of ours, a teal upholstered 36" ottoman, and simple, comfortable chairs

We loved this fabric.  It's an embroidered pattern in a large, large scale.  Adds a little fun and whimsy to a big vaulted wall.

Pillows with a touch of gold to bring the front of the house colors to the back.

And a few more pillows for that large sectional which combines all our colors.

Kitchen . . .  The cabinets, appliances and layout were all fine, but the dated gold-ish, glazed cabinets and fixtures, we weren't loving.  Faux finished kitchen cabinets had their day, but they should go away now !  A fresh coat of white on all the cabinets.  New white subway pattern tile on the back splash and new clean, chrome lighting.  I drew my inspiration from this functional, clean kitchen image in my pinterest files.

The last element we want to add is a new banquet, table and chairs in the breakfast area.  Much like this look, I am having my fabulous upholster make for me and Josh Utsey is working on a new custom table, so it fits the space perfectly !

I love a banquet.  Comfortable, streamlined and clean.  Just getting all your measurements correct is the most important part.  You don't want to have to shimmy into it or bump your knees on the legs.  We are doing a metal, pedestal base to avoid that issue completely.

Lastly, new lighting to add to the clean, white and stainless kitchen look.

Wow, how this came about so fast . .  like I said, slippery slope.  I am just as guilty.

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