The Marble Backsplash

Hi There.

I just wrote about the amazing details Lisa Sherry incorporated at a mutual client's Myers Park home. One of the things I noticed in the home was the kitchen back splash and the antique brass fixtures.  So pretty.  While I am in the process of re-doing both of the bathrooms in my home and looking for ideas, I came across this image.  This back splash design has a similar cut and style I saw in that home and I absolutely love it.  I am adding it to my memory bank. 

Another thing I am loving is marble, have for a while, and it's hugely popular right now.  While looking at slabs with a client recently I was educated on what is available these days. But Carrara and Calacatta are my favorite. What's the difference?

People often mix the two up.  Both of these Italian  marbles are very similar in appearance: white with grey veining.  To add to the confusion, much of Calacatta comes from Cararra Italy !  The main difference:  Cararra has more grey with softer veining and Calacatta is white with more dramatic veining.  A few more things to pay attention to . . .

Bianco Carrara - a white and grey (vary grey at the moment)
Statuary - a "sister" marble to Carrara (tends to have a brighter white background, with veining in grey
Calacatta (grey and subtle gold veining with a white background)
Calacatta Oro or Calacatta Gold) (large flakes, subtle goldish brown veins
Calacatta Gold Extra (white, greys and light gold ribbon veining)

In an all white kitchen or bath, Calacatta would be my marble of choice. I just like the sharper, more defined veining.   Can you tell the difference?

The biggest appeal to an all white (and of course a little black) kitchen would have to be the clean look. 

When working on your kitchen re-do think full slab on counter tops and back splash. 

Designer Sarah Sherman Samuels has been blogging about her kitchen update (here) I love the simplicity of this design and I love the antique brass hardware !

Another great option, as oppose to the slab are tiles.  My go to vendor for Calacatta tiles offer both grey and gold veining.  These tiles are 8 x 35 inches.  

 When tightly lined up with a narrow grout line, you get the beauty of a big ole slab.  Take a look at this project I completed last year with a new floor to ceiling Calacatta tile fireplace.  I love the sleekness.

photo by mekenzie france

So did you catch that mention of brass - all over the brass hardware and fixtures mixed with the Calcatta for both kitchens and baths.  Check it out.

While in NYC not too long ago, the Kips Bay Designer House had one of the most beautiful kitchens ever with all it's brass hardware glory.

If you want to jump on board . . . check out a few hardware options I came across.

Be happy to source both tile and hardware (or help with your kitchen for that matter), give us a call !