Install of the Day !

Hi There !

Dream client.  It's been a pleasure working on this home with this amazing client since 2015.  We did a huge install back then while they were on Summer vacation, yep.  They left town so we could do our thing while they were gone (see that post here and amazing images here).  But why such a dream?  Trust .. no. 1 and with that come a delightful design, and a perfect install.  This one was no exception.  While a lot smaller than the big install of 2015, we were in and out in about 2 hours.  Done.  Well thought out and with all the details prior of course.  This room we tweaked back then, but this couple decided they wanted new doors and more light coming though this space !  Yay... so while they were moving on that I begged to have the entire fireplace place wall reworked. 

Where did we start?  This sofa.  A Market find.  Had to have it.  Loved the pattern.  It worked well with what we had done prior.  It was fresh and light.  Comfort wise - pretty great too.

Flanking the old fireplace were two short wood cabinets with overhanging bookcases and the fireplace itself was you typical wood mantle type.  We took all that out.

Enter the new concrete tile fireplace, very sleek and simple and two new free standing, custom made cabinets.  I love working with Jacob of 2dash1.  He is so detail oriented and well, we just get each other.    He created these side cabinets and floating shelves for us.  With new Addison Weeks hardware and very simple styling, the look is clean and simple.

Enter the rug.  I have to admit I paused a bit on layering this pattern with the sofa, but it ended up perfect.  Atop a new coffee table with brass detail.

Simple pillows in the same color tones, yet another pattern, but it all worked.

These new doors were a game changer in this space.  The light is amazing now.

Just behind is the kitchen, nothing fancy but a new island with new top and a huge vintage dough bowl.  

Step through those big, new doors a new outdoor space.  

Such a pretty view from inside as well.

photos by Mekenzie Loli

I just love all the new intros to this house just as much as I love these clients !

Thanks all !!