Finding Inspiration

Hey !

I am constantly saving Instagram images for inspiration.  Taking bits and pieces and filing away to revisit.  Vacation ideas, food ideas, and just images that make me feel good.  I will find the simplest of things to help spark inspiration on projects.  Couple of favorites I thought I'd share today, a few of which are really helping me with an upcoming project !

Ca' Pietra Tile

I adore this one - pattern:  Spitalfields Ceramic Retro Star in Black.  It's aged finish would be the perfect choice for a little project I have in mind to create that look of aged old Paris.  Sign me up too for the copper pipes and brass plumbing.  Adore this.

Ca' Pietra (here) and (here)

O'Brien Harris Cabinetry

This jumped out at me as a great visual to show my client with regards to the cabinet color and materials I want to incorporate in their new kitchen, paired with the floor color planned.  We are also using metal doors and windows as well and a gorgeous brass mesh on the pantry doors.

 O'Brian Harris (here)

While I like to think my design boards give a pretty good visual - It really helps to have a photo to show as well.  Pretty excited about this installation with one of my favorite long time clients.

She mentioned wanting this kind of hood.. great image to show the cabinet color, metal windows and amazing hood all together.

This brass shelving too is something I want to bring into their Scullery.

There is a great, large scullery from the dining room to the kitchen.  We are doing slightly darker cabinets, flat front with a custom brass shelf to the ceiling.  Super moody and dramatic.

And the back splash something new I came across and in love with !

The powder room will be pretty yummy.  I started off by wanting this gorgeous Hermes wall paper.. but alas, they discontinued the colorway.  Then I came across this one by Clay McLaurin Studio

This pattern is pretty perfect for this house and paired with a marble and brass sink.. hello.

Clay McLaurin Studio

Clay McLaurin was established in 2013 many of his beautiful patterns are nature, travel and history inspired.  Vintage fabrics are also sourced from travels world wide.
 I love his interpretations !

This project is coming up at the end of the year and it should be a beauty from the 1st floor to the 3rd!

Oly Studio

Huge fan.  Have been for a long time.  Follow their page regularly.  Love everything I see.  Saw this image and realized I have both elements in this upcoming install.  The paper, by the fabulous Kelly Wearstler (here) and this fixture we used in their original foyer which I plan on swiping and moving to the new house in the sitting room. 

Recreating the master bedroom and . . .

Moving the Oly Fixture to the new sitting room.

This should be a cozy space to get away from the huge family room, just a little corner to relax.

But follow Oly, there's so much to love.

This project is coming up at the end of the year and it should be a 
beauty from the 1st floor to the 3rd!