A Whole House . . . A Whole Design Part Two.

Hi There . . . 

During my past two week design mode immersion, I also worked on the downstairs plan for a client whose new construction home needed some unique and interesting pieces and some pulling together.  While new construction can be pretty "cookie cutter," this particular home has some great architectural details.  The builder and architect created a open floor plan with tall, vaulted ceilings in both the front office and great room but used heavy moldings and coffer ceilings to give these spaces some character.    My client also chose a great neutral grey color palette in most of the open spaces.  It's the perfect base to get the house built and when the time comes, you can add a paper here and there to keep it from looking too vast and uniform.

With the neutral grey she is drawn to the idea of a splashy pop here and there.  I suggested bringing in large scale art in several of the rooms, and papering the dining room.  The dining room is the one space, if you do any, that should have some drama and paper can do that !  She is crushing on Kelly green, and I certainly wasn't oppose to that.

My friend Windy O'Connor is now showing at Hidell Brooks Gallery and I am thrilled for her . . . I checked out her recent work on Friday and this is the type of piece I am suggesting in the foyer to set the tone !

With the neutral walls, clean graphic lines, bright white trim, I can just picture the gorgeous punch of color at the base of the stairs.  An interesting occasional chair at the stair's base and a large graphic area rug.

The small and cozy office right at the front of the house has vaulted, coffer ceilings.  A dark charcoal was the perfect choice for the walls.  I'd like to bring in a graphic linen curtain panel and an old over dye rug in a crisp Kelly green.

Using their existing desk and leather chair, I'd like to filter in a metal, horizontal bookcase on the side wall.

I chose the green rug in the library to tie back to the green grass cloth for the dining room.   This dining space will be the one room with a big splash of wall color . .  

The great room needs a sectional.  I want to keep the pieces and the walls all in a neutral with another great mix of textures and unique pieces.  One of the challenges is a necessary yet annoying speaker in the wall directly over their beautiful console.  That big wall space is screaming for art so Keith and I have come up with a way to create a piece that will still filter the sound straight through it !  Most excited about that.
I found these lamps at market this year and fell in love.  Chose the silver version for this install and the gold for another !  LOVE LOVE.

The kitchen space and breakfast room are open to the great room.  I want to again add a pop of color in the art, yet leave the walls and big pieces of furniture in a neutral.  At the last minute I filtered in a splashy chair or two to mix with the custom banquet.  Yum . . 

Coming up with a game plan for the entire space is key for visualizing (husbands like that too !)

Stay tuned !