How We Love Purple !

Morning . . 

As of late we have had several requests for purple!  In my opinion is one of those colors that can be tricky and come off tacky if you aren't careful !  I typically use it sparingly because even just one purple piece has an impact.  Falling in love with Pinterest again lately, I went through several of my files and picked a few of my favorite images that inspired me and may you as well on just how to design with purple.

I particularly like the "heather" shade of purple when mixed into a seemingly European, dare I say Parisian, inspired look.  A statement piece here and there like this sofa when mixed with warm vanilla walls.  The heavy moldings and light, distressed chevron wood floor and neutral rug make it work.  The clean, not overly accessorized look is gorgeous !

Not too long ago I designed a dining room for a client who loves purple.  My goal was to give it a slight aged look, but keep it modern and sophisticated, and only used a slight bit of dirty, dark heather.  Take a look at my design board for her to visualize.

I particularly love the chandelier in this space and the suede walls give it the richness I love !

Mixing modern and traditional always feels so collected and unforgettable, soothing and cozy.  Perfect example - the moldings and fireplace here with the graphic rug and streamlined sconces.

Or how about Elle Decor's pop of purple in this modern coffee table, and pillow.  Just a touch of it does the trick and say "purple" to me even though the majority is shades of grey and white.

I think of my trip to France when I look at these images (all stored up in my Pinterest files).  Pretty dreamy.

Love the mix of old and new.

Take a peek at a few images that would fill my inspiration boards for an aged, collected "European" inspired look with touches of purple . . .

Purple in warm and cool tones.


I feel purple really starts taking on a punch when mixed with out warm tones and when mixed with crisp black and white. 

Perfect example . . . plum and peach done right.  What makes this work in my eye is no white trim.. not white at all... all deep earthy tones.  Pretty yummy.

With this look, I feel it's all about the rug - these beauties compliments of ABC, New York.

I do love this combination of plum and peach . . .

And Schumacher sure did capture it here . . .  This one fabric could jump start and entire color scheme for sure...

Peach and purple not your thing... my other favorite look is the all black and white with a little bit of color,  like this one plum chair . . .

. . . .  this one purple rug . . . .

or like my office on East Blvd . . . the one lavender pillow accent pillow and killer rug I found at ABC last year.

Working with a new client in Philly we are going in the more crisp direction with big pops of color.   My first design board for their dining room included primarily black, white and grey.  Adding these killer chairs in purple with a contrast fabric on the back bring it up a big notch !  With the addition of paper on the ceiling adds a sophisticated whimsy.

After talking a bit more on the flow of this room, we have decided to do a banquette against the long wall and off center the chandelier.  Love this look as well ! (Stay tuned !!)

To carry the colors back through the house, the plan is to keep the neutrals going but add a big pop in these pillows (by my friend Windy O'Connor)

Pretty fabulous right !

So happy purple . .  a little does go a long way, and is truly gorgeous !!!