Bring on 2017 !

Hi !

It was time to update the studio.  My love of boho and saturated colors is still there, but wanted a more soothing feeling, something clean and well.. simply neutral.  What started all this was the need for space - storage space.  I have always had a huge "showroom" in the front of the office with it's big tall walls and ceilings and we worked and stored things in the back.  With all that gorgeous light up front we all decided we should be up there and spread out... so I got rid of everything and created much needed storage in the back.  All the girls were moved up front, as well as all our fabric and wall paper samples.  I have a happy crew now.  The space turned out so light and airy and we all love it.

Take a look at our new digs !

So back in the back is a small office, mine.  I had to give that a facelift as well.  I love my space.  It's filled with the things I love and I figured if I am spending all those hours working, I need to be looking at inspiring things...

yes, that would be joan jett... she is one of my favorites and was commissioned and created by
Lori Love - one of my favorite Charlotte artists !!

With the new digs, came the the website !! It's up and live, take a look.  And stay tuned... busy working on a new site for Keith !!

all photos by mekenzie loli