Install of the Day !

Hi . . .

Finley, sweet Finley, the youngest of the Crowder clan.  She was getting the shaft.  Her two brothers had a re-design to their rooms, Mom and Dad had a new bedroom, the house as a whole was completely re-done.  We had to give her a little something - something !

Finley scored a few showroom pieces I was looking to sell.  Yep, getting rid of it all to change things up.  We filtered in a navy dresser, upholstered chair, and tall bookcase... major pieces.  So wall paper, rug, windows and art were all we needed to pull a new look together !

Take a look at what we planned to do.

Mekenzie and Maggie spent the day installing and shooting.  Maggie did a great job with the layout and accessories.  This space was transformed from it's pink walls and crib to a new, more colorful and chic space for this cute toddler.  The plan is now in place to remove her crib and filter in a bed... she'll be ready to go !

A well styled bookcase !

With a new more interesting pull !

The bath just needed a new window treatment.

Now Finley is as pulled together as the rest of the clan.

photos by Mekenzie Loli

Happy Sunday !