Penthouse - More Than the View !

Happy Sunday.

It's rainy, but kinda happy about that.  I have been running so much that a weekend at home is pretty appealing.  Played around yesterday with my new kitchen in progress.   I am dangerously close to finishing, hallelujah . . . just like the rest of you, I have to wait and wait.... but it will be worth it !  I hung art, placed new pottery pieces and set up my "coffee bar" which is already getting major use. 

While staging my kitchen and binge watching Gotham (to catch up for Lucy) I checked on and geared up for three big, whole house installs this fall.  Made sure all the accessories were shopped for, all the pieces were in route and the game plan was set.  They are big and don't want to miss anything - that is really Bree's forte and she's great at getting it all together for us !

I am in that zone though -  of working on what will be next or what we can install in the interim.  I have this project and new client I am pretty excited about.  A penthouse here in Charlotte, newly built and ready to style !  Love this image, the views are gorgeous up there in the clouds.  Lauren did a great job with they key pieces, wall color, kitchen counters, and lighting but called us in on helping with the rest.

Take a look at the Fahrenheit.

The lobby is mighty pretty too !

I was asked to help with what can be the hard part.  Fabrics, accessories, those unique pieces that help make a unique living space basically bringing it all together.

Take a look at the colors I want to incorporate in this gorgeous space for Lauren.

The first thing we want to do is add non-functional curtain panels below to soften.  Now, I am all about the very modern, clean lines and in most cases I would opt not to do curtains panels, but with the furniture, mill work and overall feel of this home, I think it really calls for it.

We need a few occasional chairs, pillows, accessories and a little furniture shifting in this great room.

I am starting, however, in the large front foyer and smaller sitting area.  With an exposed brick wall more views of the city with it's own terrace, Lauren had chosen a sofa, lighting and rug.  I worked on a design board to give her a good visual to incorporate two new chairs, one in a caramel leather, the other in a cream.  Mixing our metals and shapes and adding pillows and accessories. 

 I chose this particular pillow as Lauren is an artist and it just seemed perfect.
Along the side, exposed bring wall, a console cabinet Lauren found.  I chose a Stark carpet pattern to compliment the living space rug she had - but can have made very long to fit the space.  

I chose tall, unique sculptures in both metal, marble and stone to add texture, mixed with one of her own pieces.  Another idea is to mix is a piece we have both been admiring at Shain Gallery !  I have been eyeballing these pieces by artist Estella Fransbergen hoping to find the perfect client to show. (stay tuned on an additional post spotlighting Estella)

Ok, so back to the large front foyer and smaller living space.

I really want an eclectic mix of metals, glass, wood, and brick and to compliment that - textural fabrics and rugs.

The two I have chosen are full of texture and have a bit of "traveled" vibe which I love.

Moving down the open, window filled hallway to the two story great room, my plan is to add unique pieces for personality.  The big stores - Crate and Barrel, West Elm, Room & Board - all great for sectionals and such, but mixing in other pieces found keep things from looking a little "catalog."  I love this particular fabric for the windows that I think will soften the space with a little organic touch.

Along with the big curtains, a pair of new chairs, why these . . . mainly the backs and the mix of wood with all the metal going on.  The back of these chairs will be visible as you walk into the space from the kitchen.

I want to mix in two long window side benches and new pillows on the chairs and sofa  - but one of my favorites pieces is this taller storage cabinet.  It will help balance the very tall bookcase opposite it but it's upholstered front and antique brass hinge detail makes it very unique.

And don't forget lighting.  The overhead glass bubble chandelier is gorgeous and to continue the eclectic mix of wood, glass and metal - a pair of lamps with a very organic feel, love these.

With a huge bookcase opposite the windows I cannot wait to get my hands on it and style it all up.  Take a look at a few of the pieces I found and love.

Lauren's studio is right over top of the great room - jealous !  Maggie and I enjoyed snooping a bit at Lauren's work !

Lastly, the master bedroom.  With a full wall of windows, curtains asap are a must!  Want to add an accent paper, this one a strie navy lacquer to add a little weigh and texture to the space.  Love their bed, sides and dresser.  New benches and rug are in the plan as well.

That's the plan.  Heading over to measure those windows this week and can't wait to get it going in between those big installs !

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