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The Powder Room.  Go nuts, it's your perfect opportunity.  Afraid of wall paper (why?!) - it a small enough space so the commitment isn't huge.  When we installed Mary Frances Parker's killer dining room (here) we also installed her Powder Room down the hall.  Such a nice tie back.  She loves saturation and pattern and this paper by Matthew Williamson did the trick.  Busy, rich in color and whimsical, just like her home.  I feel it's quite sophisticated.  Take a look !

A few things about this space . . .  we worked around these simple sconces and - well, interesting sink.  Fans we were not, but didn't want to ripe it all out, so I was challenged to make it look better.  We both fell in love with the paper, and now it's what you see, not the weird sink.

I searched for a mirror that was both oval, "organic" in lines, silver . . but distressed and inexpensive.  I found this piece, but the finish was not my favorite.  Out came the paint brush.  We painted it kelly green first, then overlaid a silver leaf for a more antique finish.  

Window, one small one.  With the wall paper being our complete budget, I was driven to do something cool, yet free, yes free !  I found, at my studio, this left over custom paper.  Love, love the texture !  With privacy not being a big concern I simply cut it, rolled it at the top to have the feel of a roman shade and staple gunned it on the molding !  Voila, done.

The colors of our dining room now make another appearance across the hall and it's company ready !

Matthew Williamson's paper is the showstopper.  Available in several color ways, it's fun and light.

His fabrics are rich with a Moroccan and Indian vibe.

He's coming out with a new collection in the fall, Nature inspired as well.  

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