Dear Diary {Chapter 6}

What a busy, whirlwind trip I have been on . . .  I think I need a vacation from my (work) vacation.  Looking forward to heading to the mountains with I get back.

This morning we all ventured over to Kravet's main offices - our Host for this fun event.  Now that I have spent a little time with the Kravet family I have a whole new appreciation for what they bring to the industry.  They were all so approachable, informative and inspiring actually!

   They are a fourth generation, family owned business founded in 1918 by Samuel Kravet
I found this video that says it all !

Their space was amazing.  The high ceilings, old windows, wood floors.  But beyond the beautiful work space was the talent.  We were shown from start to finish just all the detail involved in some of the fabrics I look at every day . . 

I enjoyed every minute talking with true creatives.

This whole week has been something I will never forget!

Back to reality.

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