Dear Diary {Chapter Four} . . . Part Two.


Charlotte Moss
Imagine my surprise when I rounded the corner upstairs in the Kips Bay Show House only to run into Charlotte Moss.   As she leaned against the "wood paneling" I cornered her . .  no, just kidding, but not really . . .  the questions I had just started flying out of my mouth and she was great in indulging my queries.  She's a New Yorker by way of Virginia, and I once read a piece on her East Hampton home where she spoke of her garden within a garden, her screened-in porch being the most used room in the house, and the overall feel of the home as "Easy."


Her desire in this space was to create a conservatory look.

The "wood paneling" is actually paper from Sylvester & Co.  It lined the walls as you made your way down the hall.


This idea she used on the runner was just the perfect little detail.

Take a look at other papers available at Sylvester & Co.

You just want to touch this paper to make sure you really didn't get a splinter!

All the furniture pieces are from her collection for Century.

The detail in this room is over the top . . . notice the enlarged photos from a beautiful french garden framed as a triptych.  The moss covered wall is dried boxwoods with the rest of the walls and ceiling in a velvet from her collection with Fibricut.  Check out the peep hole in the hedge (which looks down into the living room.) . . maybe she got the inspiration for my second photo . . (this picture was from her bio in the Kips Bay Press book we received).  Now -  they made me take down the black wall paper we did on the ceiling at the Designer House here in Charlotte . . . I hope her labor-intensive walls will get to stay!

I did hear overhear her inspiration for the room came from this birdcage in the window . . maybe a kick back to her own space in the Hamptons.

Hand painted "Delft tiles"  as the baseboard detail, how impressive! That speaks back to the pottery on the dining table.
The space was so full of artistic detail, so unique, but the best part -  I loved that she was there and so open to question after question - she was engaging and a delight to meet.



Andrew Tedesco Studios, Inc.
No space was left out in this apartment  . . . the upstairs hallway - chalk board, one of my favorite applications . .

Lynne Scalo Design

I have been following Lynne Scalo for a while now.  Based out of Westport, CT, my old stomping ground, her work has always caught my eye and this was no exception.  I loved the clean white walls in this room - they are right up my alley.  I was also drawn to the gold accents . .

. .  and if you know me - huge Warhol and Jobs fan - think about that interpretation!


Little glitz . . . every room should have it.


Alexa Hampton
This bedroom with it's corner windows and amazing views was just one of those room you could just snooze in all afternoon.  The walls are a dark charcoal (Ben Moore's Dragon Breath) lacquer with a silver leaf wallpaper ceiling (from Maya Romanoff).  Some of the details I noticed were the types of things Alexa Hampton is known for. . .  Her traditional style is timeless, and as quoted in Habitually Chic "she wanted to create a room that would be a nod to the history of the Show House, but would also embrace the modern day."

The canopy fabric, her own design with our host . . Kravet



Coffinier Ku Design
I first became aware of Coffinier Ku Design back in 2008 when I went to that Kips Bay House.  I  will ALWAYS remember the foyer wall application.  It made such an impression with me.

Take a look back at 2008.


And again in 2010 when I saw their bath of glass bubbles.

This year I loved the detail of the simple clouds over the headboard in the Missoni fabric . .  love.

Etenne Coffinier, President of Coffinier Ku Design is responsible for the design of all client projects, and per his bio "french-trained architect with a Masters in Architecture from the University of Lille.

My question is this, the sheep.  Is it a real Lelanne?  I am sure - being that is came from Demisch Danant.  

What is that you ask?  A specialty gallery in Chelsea with some of the rarest pieces around.  Suzanne Demisch and Stephane Danant assemble the most unique selection of contemporary furniture and art.  It's a "field trip" type of place for me.  What I mean by that is just one of those beautiful places you want to walk about and be inspired by and learn a thing or two.

542 W. 22nd Street
New York, NY  10011

Now back to the sheep. .  collectors item and some sell for as high as $30,000 at auction.
Check out this image, circa 1967 Life Magazine "Group of Parisians in a room with sheep shaped chairs by Francois-Xavier Lalanne"

Parisians enjoying a drink while lounging in a "flock" of famous Lalanne sheep, I think I want one- but we all know the closest I will get is the Ikea sheepskin rug next to my bed (maybe I could wrap it around an ottoman?)

The late Francois-Xavier and his wife Claude (also an artist).

Sorry. . got side tracked, back to Etenne Coffinier, big fan !

Scott Sanders
I loved meeting Scott Sanders.  Wanted to take him out for a drink.  I just enjoyed speaking with him and seeing his energy and love for what he does, it's infectious.  His space was happy.   His space reminds me of a Palm Beach Cabana . .

 First of all the wall paper, by my friends at Phillip Jeffries - Color - Split Pea, pattern - Juicy Jute, which I have in our showroom and love.  And, are you kidding, this Scalamandre fabric on the sofa and romans, so pretty !

One of my favorite details were the metal chairs - remind you of the ones your grandmother might have had - yet amped up!  (side note ... Francois A. Carre filed a patent for these in 1866 !  Extremely popular in the 20's and manufactured into the 40's in the US and France.)  

These however, were compliments of Craft Fabricators and quite fab!

Another favorite detail was the table lamp, Artist Sean Mellyn  was on hand to chat a bit on the paint application.    

. . .  his work goes far beyond lamps !
Be sure and check out his site, I did and was very wow'ed! See . . .

Back to Scott . . beautiful romans, beautiful view.

Scott's book, "Picture Perfect" is filled with other inspiring designs !

And featured in several publications . . . this being my favorite !

Scott, next time in the city, drinks ?


Neal Beckstedt
Neal Beckstedt made his debut at this year's Show House.  After speaking with him, he pointed out several little details in the room I just loved.   But two things caught my eye right as I entered.  In the small "foyer" area before you entered the actual room, he created almost a "tent" feel with the canvas rollers.  The room reminded me of a urban pool side cabana - safari style (as the window view was that of this apartment's roof top pool!)

And . . I love the door stop, two little details that that just made all the difference to me.

The walls he called "Weimaraner" gray and they were perfect, but the show stopper and focal point was the Le Corbusier chaise taking center stage.  

I love the large art piece hung in the window by Kioshi Otsuka.

Chuck Fischer
Chuck Fischer Studio (and talented artist Bob Dombrowski) created this chinoiserie mural that I loved.  Subtle, with the most beautiful color of warm peach.  I felt transformed across the Pacific to an Oriental writing room (and the fact he's an author of pop up books was fitting).

 The room was warm and filled with memories, art, and pieces I could enjoy while I sit, write (or type!) or just be !

Laura Bohn
Laura Bohn Design Associates created this kid's room filled with so many clever ideas . . . 
The room wasn't huge -  and what kid wouldn't want a lot of floor space?! Her use of the space-saving twin that converts from bed to desk was perfect.

This piece is from Resource Furniture

Check out their site and all the other clever ideas they have to offer . . . like this "Circe Sofa."

A few of my favorite details in the room beyond the bed was the wall application were the hooks, chalk board and window treatments . . 
The walls, which I have seen at past markets, but haven't had an opportunity to use are 3 D tiles which are available in several colors and patterns . . . great texture !  What I love is the clean and sharp of the tiles and bed, along side the seemingly "rumpled" feel of the window treatments.  I like the contrast !  I looked into those window treatments from ElasticCo and fell in love.

These are called "Eyelashes" and "Crazy Eyelashes" - cool.

And how about "Felt Dot" and "Felt Stripes"

And "Felt Floral"

What a happy space!

James Rixner
Because this show house was actually two apartments, the second kitchen was also a corner room overlooking the most beautiful outdoor space . . 

I had the chance to speak with James Rixner and my first compliment was the rug !!!

Love the pattern !

When I checked out other patterns offered, I came across others to love . . . Take a look.

Orley Shabahang
Contemporary Persian Carpets

241 East 58th Street
New York, NY  10022

His space will filled with wonderful texture and was so bright and airy.

Along with the rug . . . the Art . . . a large piece (84 x 60, etched aluminum with oil, entitled "How it is")
I absolutely loved it.
The artist is Karim Ghidinelli

to see other pieces of work by Karim Ghidinelli check out
Cheryl Hazan Gallery in NY or click here 

The overall room was so inviting, I snagged a picture from his site . . .


Shawn Henderson

Have to admit, I noticed the room after I noticed Shawn Henderson. 

This lounge, in it's sophisticated style, included the whimsy of the swing !  And who wouldn't want to swing while looking out over the Hudson River.  A quite, peaceful room, impeccably put together.

The art really caught my eye



Charles Pavarini II Design

The Red Room, as I remember it.  Forward thinking, you could say that.  As you entered the room the OLED lighting system caught my eye to say the least.  I hear he flew in several engineers from Germany to install.  This interactive wall sensed your body as you approached it.  Cool.

His quote "Lighting in the next decade is going to take a great turn . .  You won't be turning on a lamp; you'll be turning on a lampshade !"

This glam bedroom definitely had a European flair with the mirrored backdrop to the bed and lacquered furniture. Being that the bed wall was reflecting about a dozen people, I found this in the Art Observer for a clean look.


Photo credits mostly me, with the exception of those numbered.  Photographers: 1. Eric Striffler for Hamptons Magazine; 2 and 3 Nicole Gibbons for So Haute; 4. Trevor Tondiro for the New York Times, 5. Heather Clawson for Habitually Chic; 6. Website of Coffinier Ku Design (photographer unknown) 7. Born's Randoms (photographer unknown) 8. Website home page of James Rixner (photographer unknown) 9. Website of Shawn Henderson (photographer unknown) 10. The Art Observer (photographer unknown)

For most and the best pictures around of this year's Kips Bay Show House, check out

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