Oh . . to be a kid again . . .

Hey there . . .

Summer isn't summer without doing those memorable, familiar things you did as a kid.  The family trips to those places close to your heart.  The sights and smells that calm you and make you want to just turn it all off for a bit . . . I felt that way yesterday.  Dropped off my 8 year old for her first of what I am sure will be years to come of summer bliss ... camp.  I went to Rockbrook, and so did my mom.  "In the Heart of the Wooded Mountains" and it is.  Old school.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, has changed, that's what is so special about it.  The old wood cabins - smelling a bit mildewed, the green dining hall chairs, the mountain laurel everywhere, the creeks winding around the rock steps up to "Deeducky" (a.k.a the bathroom), stacked canoes and the archery bullseye.  I was killing me to leave . . . and I don't mean her, I mean leave. . . I wanted to stay myself.   She's the kind of kid that will eat it all up and love every minute, wondering why I didn't sign her up for a month (maybe next year).

There is something special about the mountains.  We stayed in Brevard the night before the drop off (of course she wanted to be early to get that top bunk!) Brevard is that kind of mountain town where everything slows down.  Main Street is filled with galleries, sofa shops, and oddities, the White Squirrel Festival and Brevard College.

 The Sunset Motel was my choice for something close and quirky to stay.  A classic "roadside" motel, newly saved and renovated back to it's 50's glory.  It was filled with new campers coming in for the drop off and people just wanting to get away to hike the mountains.  With a drive thru fried chicken joint across the street, and walking distance to real milkshakes and pickled green tomatoes who could ask for anything more.

Had the day to visit DuPont State Park.  If you haven't been, it's worth the trip.  Home to Hooker Falls, Triple Falls and High Falls (and for you Hunger Game fans - it was filmed there -  Lucy was into that)  Take a look at the pretty sights . .

In the morning the drop off was made . . . one happy girl!

Have fun my little camper . . you are made for this . . .

Unlike some . . . taken from the NY Times . .  (so funny)
See you in two weeks !

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  1. Hi, Owner of The Sunset Motel here - my sister happened across this while looking at your site and I was so pleased to read your post and see your photos. Went to market (HighPoint) after you were here and now have some of the great style represented on your site in the motel rooms. We hope to see you this year when you drop Kate off at Rockbrook, Cheers Lori Roberts