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Hi There . . 

This past week involved one fun road trip . . 6 hours, two men and a truck and one great client . . . I ended my week with the Kelly Frizzell install in Nashville, Tennessee.  Mekenzie and I packed it up and headed West ! 

My thanks to Shaun and Chris . . . while I was all prepared to drive that 14 footer myself,  I was happier when they jumped in and drove at the last minute (not to mention it was more fun honky tonk'n with 2 cute boys).

I love this room and it went off without a hitch, just like I like it.  Kelly was a dream client.  She called a while back wanting me to design her son's room and I was happy to help.  I sent her 3 design ideas and this was the winner . . .

Take a look !

I was so thrilled to see the finished product just as I imaged.  Kelly was game for most anything, I loved  that there was a high trust level !  She admitted she totally couldn't picture all this together but was thrilled at how mixing so many different patterns and colors worked !

The plan started with the most amazing Schumacher paper.  Love the black and white.  I filtered in color with the Liora Manne pillows and we made the bench at the foot of the bed in another pattern.  All of this pattern and color worked with the white walls.

Keith, once again, created a beautiful piece of art for me to play off the pillows and black and white "woodsy" look.  Thanks honey !  Love the large splash of color.

Shaun created these great shelves for me.  They have a modern sleek look, but in the rustic cedar.  I love the warmth of the wood and the whimsy of the design.

all photos by Mekenzie France

It was a fun day.  Kelly lined up Scott Marcha to be my installer, he was great and knew exactly what I needed.  Only in Nashville is your installer the former drummer for Toby Keith !

Great day with Kelly and her family.  Parker loved his room and Kelly was such fun to be around, showing us Nashville and all the local sights !  Thanks Kelly.

Stay tuned from our adventure around town!

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