Escape to NY . . Day 1.

Hey There . . 

Mekenzie, Molly and I headed North the other day bound for the frozen tundra, Manhattan.  I have an install I've been looking forward to and we decided to add a day or two on the trip to go to the gift show (NYIGF) and run around a bit. But our first day was all about my client and their daughter's big girl room.

So we left our cozy room at the Carlton on Madison and caught a train, Scarborough bound . . . Mekenzie and I snapped a few on the way out the door . . 

This job is for a client who recently moved out of the Big City to the quiet, spacious, picturesque town of Scarborough on the Hudson River . . .  Well -  let me let her tell you . . .

“Having just moved to a house in the 'burbs (40 minutes north of NYC), my husband and I had never considered working with a designer/decorator not located in the NY Tri-State area, much less one that was a 10 hour drive away! But when I saw Beth's work on Houzz, one particular room "spoke to me", and served as our inspiration for Abby's room. From my initial conversations with Beth, the collaboration felt right. From the get-go, Beth and her team were awesome--taking the time to speak with me about the design, and just as importantly, respecting the budget we had to work with.

We really wanted a room that our 2 1/2 year old daughter could "grow into" -- one that felt child-like and whimsical, but also something that Abby would love just as much when she was 16 years old. Beth and her team nailed it. It made no difference that she and her team were in North Carolina, and I in NY.  We corresponded often (through many emails and phone calls!), and she made it easy for me by having many of the big pieces sent directly to our house. The best part was her willingness to come to New York, and do the full install. 

My only regret was that I didn't get to meet Beth and team on the day of the install (as I had to be at work), but what fun to come home and see this beautiful room - which started on a basic design board - come to life! 

I would highly recommend working with Lucy and Company - whether near or far.

I love that a room I created in the past spoke to her, but I didn't want to duplicate the look exactly.  I took inspiration from it and gave the room a uniqueness of it's own!  I wanted this little girl to have her own special room with similar colors my client loved, yet a little more eclectic and whimsical.

Our color scheme  . .  peachy orange and teal . . .
A classic graphic accent paper, new upholstered bed and a mixture of furniture styles to mix up the look.  I found this great side table and floating shelf  and paired it with a new headboard.  Attaching to a West Elm frame is a great way to go "skirt less."  These frames are also "platform" so when moving a young girl to her first big bed, leave off the box spring so the drop to the floor isn't so high.. just kidding!  Add a low profile box spring when you want to boost up the bed . . .  We chose a big, splashy rug and new curtain panels . . . 
 The large, mirror-topped dresser has big, deep drawers in a clean, white lacquer.  I offset the art and large lamp for some added interest.
 I love these random pillows I came across.  The colors pull in a little more whimsy and the touch of green and lavender to break up the consistent color palate a bit!
More unique textures in the bedside lamp (those would be paper bags!) and rug.  Remember this fabric on the windows?  I used it in a living space recently with a big chocolate sectional.    I love it can take on a whole new look when mixed with furniture and accessories in softer fabrics and colors.
 I even decided, at the last minute to hang the dresser mirror on a side wall at Abby height !

My thanks to a trusting, fun, long-distance client and Keith for driving up and helping with the install.  Spending a week in Jersey, he made a nice detour and was a big help.  Thanks too, Mekenzie for the great, story-telling photos, and Molly for helping me put all the new goods in place.   Turned out great and without a hitch (exempt maybe the excessively, massive chandelier I brought . . what was I thinking.. will be mailing something smaller !!)

All items available at www.lucyandcompany.com and feel free to contact us about your long-distance project, it can be done!

Stay tuned for other sights and stories . . we head to market tomorrow.

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  1. This is just fabulous! I am a new fan of your work, love the fun and whimsey in your designs and the fact that near or far you can make your clients happy, nice job!
    Cathy @ Room Rx